Suicidal Georgia Tech Student Shot Dead by Police on Campus

Suicidal Georgia Tech Student Shot Dead by Police on Campus

On Best Gore, we have a bunch of bootlicking degenerates who worship the police state because the programming on the TV tells them to, but I’ve been telling them the whole time that they are worshiping their own doom, for in a police state, the cops don’t care whom they execute. They execute for the thrill of it and because they know they will get away with it each and every time. And specifically because this is the way cops are, nobody, including the bootlickers and the SJWs, are safe from the terror of police.

Turns out, the fact that the cops don’t discriminate and kill everything that moves at the drop of the hat can be useful at times. This is one of those times.

The degenerate freak you see in the pic above is one 21 year old named Scout Schultz, who identified as neither male nor female. The freak was a computer engineering student at Georgia Tech where it was the president of the Georgia Tech Pride Alliance. I mean, you don’t get any more degenerate than that. That thing probably got accepted to the school because a white heterosexual male with superior skills and abilities was turned down to give the freak preferential treatment.

On the evening of Saturday, September 17, 2017, Scout Schultz was shot dead in a parking lot outside the dorms by Georgia Tech police. The incident was caught on video by another GA Tech student. Scout Schultz was reportedly walking around with a knife.

Other GA Tech students said the freak had a history of mental illness – no shit. I mean, on the Pride Alliance website, the freak states in the bio that “I’m bisexual, nonbinary, and intersex“. That’s a textbook example of mental illness right there.

Scout Schultz also reportedly had suicidal thoughts and what better way to make do on your thoughts than by crossing path with police. In a police state, if cops find out you’re suicidal, you’re as good as dead. They won’t let you take the joy of killing you away from them. Things like compassion, encouragement and support for a person with suicidal thoughts are only for sane nations.

For comparison, I’m including a video from the city of Dias D’Ávila, in the metropolitan region of Salvador, Brazil. The CCTV footage shows a somewhat similar confrontation between police and a man brandishing a blade.

The differences are that in America, the thing was brandishing a pinkie sized knife, whereas in Brazil the man was brandishing a full size machete. In America the thing was acting slowly and never made any threatening moves, whereas in Brazil the man got in the policeman’s face very quickly and rapidly, and was ready to strike. The rest of the differences I’ll let you see for yourself:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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295 thoughts on “Suicidal Georgia Tech Student Shot Dead by Police on Campus”

  1. Quit with your anti-cop bullshit Mark. This is clearly a liberal nutcase who needed to go down.

    THREE attempted suicides in this guy’s past, along with multiple arrests for violence.

    It’s about time this asshat was given the bullet he wanted so bad.

  2. You’ve gotta love this community: you call him degenerate, batshit crazy, etc., yet you regularly browse the site with videos of people being tortured, etc… Also, what’s with the constant conspiracy narrative…? It’s kind of disturbing.
    I guess it’s true when they say that crazy do not see themselves as such.

    I wonder why the fuck they couldn’t shoot into his legs or something to stop him moving? Don’t know how they do it in US, but that’s kind of what should be done: you fire warning shot (if there’s time for it), and then try to immobilize (once again, if there’s time for it), and only then you kill the person.

    1. BTW, I browse this site primarily because it’s interesting to see how fragile human life can be, and to appriciate my own life a bit more. And of course to avoid mistakes some of these poor bastards made…

    2. There’s the saying that if you ask a fish about water they won’t know what the fuck you’re talking about and will think that you’re crazy…
      That for your first paragraph.

      And the second paragraph.
      We have this overpopulation problem going on not just in America but in the world.
      It is the best choice to let the stupid eliminate themselves by whatever means, good solution to the problem.
      Approach police officers with a knife in your hand and do the world a favor… Specially if you are in America.
      Like Mark says no better way to commit suicide.

  3. Poor bastard.. . why fucking kill him? Yeah he may of had like a small knife
    but wasn’t a threat.. Why diddnt this wanker of a cop just shoot him in leg or arm etc?? (That’s if he had to shoot him at all) I fucking hate Yankee cops…

  4. Do people on here have a problem with transgender people??You shouldn’t be so quick to judge suicidual people this guy obviously had severe mental problems and wanted to die no sane person would carry on walking towards a police officer with a knife unless they had a death wish I read the knife was so tiny it wouldn’t done any real damage

  5. Again the American cops were justified in killing the suspect. Besides, a pinky size knife is more dangerous then a machete. A machete is much more visible, and it is actually easier to defend against it. It is good that the cops killed this idiot. Besides, God Yahweh condemns homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestites, and transgenders. He needed to turn his life over to Jesus Christ before he got stupid.

  6. White Lives Matter!! I think need protest he was a good kid and didn’t deserve to be shot. Police are out of control. Who do they think they Are? Shoot someone who repeatedly refuses to obey commands to drop a knife. Maybe some asshole super glued the knife handle and when he grabbed it to cut his sandwich he couldn’t release the knife. He was a wonderful kid. I need to see if they have a Go Fund Me page for him.

  7. This wasn’t police brutality! It’s Just another fuckin entitled queer who believes they were owed something. The question I have is, when the fuck did the straight guy become the fuckin red headed step child? If we dont play nice and accept these fuckin queers (which is a pure mockery) then we are labeled a homaphobe.. really?? Well then, fuck em all! I will be a homaphobe until I die. Don’t be fooled, these queers weren’t “born” this way, it’s a learned behavior just like prejudgism and racism.

  8. Why put a label on you when it just shows that you are just overentitled with too much time on your hands and think you are above your own identity?

    Just identify yourself as you are born, not with made up stupid bullshit such as weird things that is just something you have coined.

  9. Kudos to the LE in San Salvador – very restrained reaction to what would certainly have been a veritable “crimson tide” if left in the hands of US law enforcement. Anecdotally, I live in a city in the Central Valley of California. On December 15, 2009, a 50 year-old woman who had a long history of mental illness “escaped” the custody of her elderly parents and strolled over to a nearby elementary school; she was carrying a “meat cleaver” and was cutting herself, bleeding profusely. This incident unfolded while the children were outside in the playground. Quite reasonably, the school’s staff contacted police.
    Two officers arrived shortly thereafter and confronted the obviously distraught woman. At one point, the woman appears to have rushed towards the officers who had weapons drawn. One officer shot the woman a number of times, and she expired on the scene. I have a nephew who actually witnessed this traumatic event. He was 10 years old at the time, but so far, hasn’t manifested any long term PTSD type symptoms.
    Here’s what distresses me – why did the officers elect to approach this woman with firearms drawn, particularly when the incident took place at an elementary school in session? Further, I’m no hero, but I’m almost certain that given the fact that this was a middle-aged woman, and the officer who is credited with firing the fatal shots was accompanied by at least one other trained officer, that less than lethal means of resolving the situation could have been deployed.
    Vincit Omnia Veritas, thank you for this thought provoking post, and I am in total agreement with your assertions that law enforcement is operating with mindless, unchecked brutality that is actually being applauded by the blinded masses who peer out their windows and see only terrorists, drug cartels, gangs, and dark-skinned people. Since 911, this country has bent over and been injected with fear-fueled falsehoods and desperation enhanced infringements of our basic civil liberties. What level of opposition can we hope to seek, however, if the laws, created in this vortex of fear, become ever more oppressive and neutralizing?

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