Sunni Man Is Clubbed, Axed and Stoned to Death by Shia Militias in Iraq

Sunni Man Is Clubbed, Axed and Stoned to Death by Shia Militias in Iraq

While the public is repeatedly spoon-fed the atrocities on Shia Muslims by their Sunni brethren, the fact that the Sunni suffer just as badly in the clutches of Shia militias is conveniently unreported on by the mainstream press. Here at Best Gore we get a much more complete picture, having previously seen many examples of Shi’ite militias committing atrocities on people of Sunni faith.

This video from Iraq shows Shi’ite militias clubbing, axing and stoning an alleged Sunni man to death, as Iraqi army once again stands by and does little to nothing to stop it.

Friedrich Nietzsche said it best:

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.

For whatever reason, video is slowed down, while audio carries on at normal rate, thus ending before the picture does.

Coalition airstrikes, financed by your tax dollars, make atrocities like this possible:

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    1. See kids, that’s what happens when you go clubbing, you get clubbed to death and wake up sore the next day. Fucking Islam terrorists, only if I can send a cock rocket to their areas and drown them with cum

        1. Let’s see .. it depends, give them to the nearest female and take her home for a good time and then go to jail and get anally raped by fellow mates. Now for a professional advice, I recommend you save the pills till until we get invaded by China or isis. Life is precious. But if were to chose between a knife or pills. Drug me up

    2. i’m not racist at all but i think the very only solution is a cheesy nuclear bomb over there. Is actually a popular culture wich is too affected by blind religion and extreme ignorance. Even the new generations are mostly like fucked up by their father and their cultural background.
      Yes, love is potentially inside every human being but when a people still live in a kind of medieval age in actual 2015 there is no solution except mass extermination.
      they are just irremediably spoiled.
      wiping the ignorance off the planet for a new people reborn.

      1. Mohail i know that youre a shia Maybe a alawite or some other sect in shia, but let me tell you prophet pbuh warned muslim nation about kind of sects like yours, you and that scum maliki and bashar all the minafiq Will burn in hell, you say that isis is terrorist look at maliki and assad thats the real terrorists backed up by USA and zion, its a shame that shia militia cant beat isis by themselves and calls for help from USA and 13 other countries like airstrikes and weapons, im not for all isis does but when It comes to shaytans like you assad and other devils I im isis with a smile on My face, without airstrikes ISIS would take all of iraq in 1 months your shia goverment is bunch of pussies and remember that IF imam Ali may Allahs blessings be upon him would be Alive there would be no shia, the prophet pbuh clearly said: quran and my sunnah

        1. @alexander11 you are mixing alot of elements to something that makes no sense. The sunni sect has 82 other sects. Shia is only one. The wahabi lies say the shia has alawite and so on so on but these names are made up by the wahabi to differentiate between the only one sect Shia. When it comes to sunni its the sect that has over 60 other sects wich was said before by the prophet, all goes to hell, but only one sect.

          1. Just to see how you write shows that youre lost like the other shias trust me IF imam ali and the orhers were alive shias wouldnt exist, pathetic losers who worships humans before God go make sigha and feel proud youre all children of bastards fucking alawite assad cocksucking shaytans

  1. Interesting quote from nietche. Is it possible to fight monsters without becoming one? Personally I think everyone is born a monster.. The entire species. Some of us are just more restrained in our monstrosity.

  2. “Coalition airstrikes, financed by your tax dollars, make atrocities like this possible”

    First, you just love to fucking moan, don’t you? Would you rather it was ISIS executing Shias?
    Second. this would be happening regardless of the ineffective coalition airstrikes. Shia muslims didn’t just wake up in the morning, hear the sound of bombs and decide they were going to brutally murder a sunni man.

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  3. Misleading title and overall a very disappointing effort I’m afraid.
    Yes, the victim was a Sunni but I suspect that he is Daesh or ISIS member otherwise why would Shia Muslims go looking for victims in Tikirit when they have plenty of Sunnis to kill in the south?

    ISIS scum deserve everything they get.
    Not all Sunnis are ISIS but all ISIS are Sunnis. This is a fact.

    Long live Iraq and death to ISIS scum and their supporters.

    1. Listen you uneducated thing,
      First of all sunnis are minority in iraq and syria, the fact is that shia is a sect and is supported by west and zion Israel, IF you have a braincell left you Will understand this, what maliki and assad did and does to sunnis in iraq and syria are much much worse than what isis does to peshmerga and iraqi militia shia, sunnis has enough thats why isis nusra front and other mujaheddin groups are so brutal, just because media doesnt report on what assad and maliki does to sunnis dont mean that shias are innocent, i hope isis wipes out Every fuck like maliki and assad

      1. @alexander11 Nice fucking sentences of nothing. We Shia will take back what you stole from us 1400 years ago. We certainly will wipe your faces on your allies Israhell’s ass then make you regret for every word you long bearded nasty scums said. Its about time, just wait for it!

        1. Well the day you take anything Will never come you people are cursed Every fucking one of you, maliki sold his ass to USA and all other shia leaders, Iran is allied with jews also iraq shia goverment with USA, just look what happens in tikrit right now 70 isis fighters against 9000 shia militia with weapons from USA only yesterday shia militia got 8000 g36 rifles from USA, IF you cant beat 70 isis in tiikrit porly equiped you got serius problems, also shia militia takes help from sunnis and Iran and paper rambos peshmerga nice parade isis did with them by the way im not for injustice but what I hate most is asslickers like most shias, dawlat islamiya FI iraq wa sham, wa ana qaribin insallah donya Mia FI Mia

    2. IF the shias and the iraqi militia peshmerga paper rambos are that Brave and righteous, why dont they help People in syria oppressed by assad??? And why is IT only sunni groups mujaheddin fighting the shaytan assad and his allies USA and zion??? I know, because sunnis have more heart and are far brave and fight for Allah, when shia militia and hezbollah pedhmerga paper rambos fight with air strike support and free g36 rifles haha its a shame imam Ali mat Allahs blessings be upon him, have a special place in My heart i Love him like My own body but trust me he wouldnt be proud over what shia have Done and still does like i Said SHIAS GO FIGHT ASSAD

      1. @alexander11 shut your whore ass wahabi mouth you scum. You know pretty well you wahabi sunnis got your ass handed and will see more of videos like these in the future. I pee and shit on omar, abu bakr, othman, muawya, aisha, hafsa and the rest of the omari religion of camel piss drinking and jihad al nikah!

        1. Haha handed?? You call that handed when you got airstrikes from USA and 8000 g36 rifles money from 12 countries still you cant defeat isis like i Said paper rambos all the iraqi regime yeah we Will see plenty of isis rifle blow your brians out the war just begun and insallah we Make IT to Israel and we all know that youre sect is sucking Israels Dick and gets fucked from behind by USA, i Love imam Ali otman abu bakr all the prophets companions and mother of the belivers aisha piece be on her, now go Make sighe to your sister mother or daughter its ok in shaism by the way dont forget to call airstrikes from us IF isis comes hahahahahha

  4. I was under no illusion that one side of the muslim believers were less violent, ruthless, cowardly, barbaric than the other. There ALL a problem! Just as bad as eachother. The only thing they have in common is an inability to accept blame. Sneaky fucking sand rats, the lot of em.

          1. @ranman

            LOL, nicely put! Ever the eloquent being you are!


            Brownies are good! Cherry? Hmm not one of my favourites!! But feel free to upload a picture of yourself that you’ve kept me waiting for……ever!!

  5. Man these cave dwellers have better tech than the amish….mejico can’t capture shit on HD, and ‘merica wants to start WWlll. A one way Mars trip with a couple of bitches and a life supply of buzz juice keeps looking better and better.

  6. What a load of shot poster. He was likely an ISIS supporter. Shia’s were brutally oppressed by Sunnis under Saddam for decades and all the car bombs and suicide attacks during Iraq war against civilians were by Sunnis. Sunnis form all the main terrorist groups. ISIS, al Nusra, Islamic front, Al Qaeda etc. Shias are all good. Its the salafi and wahhabi sunnis that give Islam the bad look.

    1. First of all there is no sects in sunni, wahabi is compared to ortodox and salafi to ultra ortodox, and when you say that shias are good then look what assad does to sunni minorities in syria and what maliki did to sunnis in iraq, shias curse prophets pbuh wife and caliphs If the prophet pbuh was alive today do you reallly think that he would like It or would shias exist?? No so before you say something get some info about the subject then speak dont listen to BBC CNN or FOX news

  7. Sunni motherfuckers always provoke a war. For example, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram etc.. They can’t live peacefully with other religions. I agree with Friedrich Nietzsche said but since we have nothing to do with it, it’s nice to see them tortured to death. War could not be human or polite and civilized. It’s just impossible.

      1. At least the guy filming wasn’t all shaky and shit. We just as easily could have ended up with the footage the seizure-havin’ vertical-phone-holding clown that was in the way at the beginning was shooting. Maybe his audio would have synced up though…but yeah, shitty phones. Savages. Oh, and that beating was pretty brutal too.

  8. Those guys are taking the planet over….they are….. We are finished
    When chickens will grow teeth..!!!!!!
    We should “Templar ” them asap………
    To the very last of the very last individual……….
    I have no hate at all in my heart saying that…
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    I dislike Everyone equally (humans)……..
    Ps:not addressed to my fucked up buddies from BG
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  9. Why do these lynch mobs always go straight away for the head shot?!?! My man dies all too quickly that way. For all of us voyeurs here at bestgore, please begin your brutalizing starting from the lower extremities and working your way up!

  10. Those who believe it’s Sunni against Shia are fools.
    The fact is, that this does not matter, only the stupid ones believe that.
    It’s just about money and power and if you support the one group or the other.
    I support Bashar Al Assad.

  11. Fuck these shia mother fuckers and who told you that shia militias are funding by the USA are you crazy? USA had nothing to do with these shia morons they are funded and control by that bastard muktada al sadr this scumbag is responsible for the violations of humanity by the hands of shi militias death to shia militias these are the worst people on earth

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