Sunni Terrorists Used Boy as Human Shield – Still Good for Propaganda Video

Sunni Terrorists Used Boy as Human Shield - Still Good for Propaganda Video

I’m surprised this Sunni hasn’t performed the nervous breakdown trick they’re famed for. Must not be working out well so they’re testing different tactics. They’re also recycling old videos more often than ever. Using children as human shields never fails, though.

This boy, I’m guessing died in an explosion. He was most probably used as a human shield, but may have just as easily been killed by a Sunni firing an RPG. The terrorists are well armed and new supplies keep coming cause Turkey just loves shared border with Syria so Fake Syrian Army doesn’t have to worry about ever running out of ammo or firepower. Ahh well.

Video is pretty graphic. Poor boy. Killed before he could fully understand what was going on. Unfortunately for him and thousands of other children, there can only be peace if both sides of the conflict show intentions to lay down weapons and talk. Syrian government did show that intention and initiated planned withdrawals of artillery from areas liberated from terrorists, however the Sunni showed they’re not gonna accept peace in any form and continue to wage war on everyone who doesn’t support their genocide.

Many thanks to my Norwegian gore friend FEED ME! for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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58 thoughts on “Sunni Terrorists Used Boy as Human Shield – Still Good for Propaganda Video”

          1. The religion of peace and the sunnis break the mould for hardcore savagery. The kids crime? He probably told his mom he didnt want to blow himself up for the sunni cause. Can these illiterate fuckwit savages from the pedo fan club of islam get any worse?

  1. it’s obvious.
    russia, syrian gov, iran, north korea vs israel, u.s/nato, then pakistan joins, france says fuck it, u.s nukes korea, china joins in, u.s stops all trade deals, china goes broke, the horns of the u.s grow’s.
    im moving to canada, port hardy, im joining the kwawkakwa indian tribe

    1. Jesus, You truely are FUCKING STUPID.
      Would you consider it worse if you look outside your door and these assholes are where you live, coming to kill you?

      THAT is what the grown ups are talking about.
      It’s called CIVIL WAR you dumbass, and it is more than likely coming……

      FUCK dude, you just say some shit sometimes that makes my EYES bleed and my brain hurt from the stupidness

      1. gotta disagree @stench. the 70’s were the bomb. disco/sat nite fever ruled and Travolta was a God. i spent many a night in da club wearing my white suit and picking up honeys. bring back the 70’s with the superfly pimp mobiles.

        1. I was only sperm up until ’78, so I wouldn’t know from life experiance.
          It’s just that looking back, it just seems like a gay time to be around.
          However, a better time, like you said….mid-70’s through the 80’s was basicaly a time of “peace”
          so, sounds like YOUR time was basically a time of “peice”

    1. Off hand, did you experience the IRA wars?

      I know it’s a fairly stupid question, but, seeing as you are the only person I have ever “talked” to from Ireland I figured I’d ask of your life experience of living in a war-zone environment

      1. @RS….the thing about the IRA…even though it stands for The Irish Republican Army and im from the republic of ireland….most of the fighting is based in northern ireland so we dont have much trouble in dublin…..but if any northern ireland orders come to dublin the IRA wont think twice about bombing the shit out of dublin….they are not even a proper army….just a bunch of guys that think ireland should be united…..they do have a habit of kneecapping joyriders though

          1. I know it would be, but just saying, they don’t deserve life if this is all they do. I can’t help to think about what goes through their heads when they do things like this. How does a person find this as a good thing to do?

  2. Fuck em. Fuck em, fuck em! Fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck em! Although I have to say, this boy is absolutely destroyed, and for some reason his head region is really creepy with that half blown off jaw thing he’s got goin on.

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