Supporter of President Mohamed Morsi Shot and Killed by Army in Egypt

Supporter of President Mohamed Morsi Shot and Killed by Army in Egypt

According to the Egyptian Health Ministry, at least twelve supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi were killed in Alexandria and eight more in two separate clashes in Cairo during Friday’s violence that erupted after the military overthrow of the president. An anonymous source told me this:

A military coup in Egypt resulted in the ousting and imprisonment of the democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi, closure of media outlets sympathetic to the president, house arrest of his advisors, and suspension of the constitution. The military that overthrew Mohamed Morsi is the main recipient of the $1.3 billion yearly US aid package to Egypt. You could say that the US “owns” the Egyptian military that just overthrew its first democratically elected leader.

Video below appears to show the army shooting a protester cowardly in the back from an armored vehicle. It is not very clear from the video who fired the shot, but you can tell from reaction of witnesses, especially the guy with bag across his shoulders that it came from inside the vehicle. The guy freezes for a second and then ducks. The bullet however takes out a guy who is just calmly walking and not doing anything.

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29 thoughts on “Supporter of President Mohamed Morsi Shot and Killed by Army in Egypt”

  1. Well if the US is paying someone you know they are up to no good. Although from the little I read at first it was the people who went out to the street to protest but its really hard to get an accurate picture of these kinds of events nowadays.

    1. im now confused, morsi is a member of the egyptian brotherhood, who are on the syrian rebels side, egypt is a major asset to them, yet the egytpian army is also on the US payroll and are the ones who just took the asset from the brotherhood, weakening them considerably, destabalising the middle east further (it looks like egypt might fall into a civil war…hopefully) and weakening the rebels, who america funds and supports…

          1. It’s like this. At some point in the 70s, we said we would pay for Egypt to not attack Israel every five years. So, all was fairly good for a time (as good as it can be). Then, H. Bama comes into office and decides that muslims need a place in all foreign countries. So he holds riots in Egypt and they are taken over by Morsi. Funny enough, I don’t remember the US congress going into a session as to whether or not we should continue funding the country when this happened.

            Now, it is happening again, but it was not Mr. O’s intent. So, they go to the congress to see if we should stop the funding of Egypt. They can’t just stop it all willy-nilly.

            That’s about what I remember. Not so much a conspiracy (as the fact that no one talks about the US Embassy in Egypt being attacked on the last 9/11).

  2. I was under the impression that the ousted Mohamed Morsi and his followers were the Muslim Brotherhood and that they wanted to bring Islamic law and punishments to Egypt, that being the case any Egyptian not wishing to live under such a regime will have no doubt tried to seek home elsewhere, therefore, for the sake of no more sodding Muslims heading towards my country I fully respect that they chose not to leave and to fight instead.

    If only all the other populations of the shitholes around the world chose to fight for and strengthen their own countries instead of coming to ours and turning ours into shitpiles as well the world would be a better place.

    Now if only our own armies would turn against our own dictators here as well, nah, not fucking likely.

    1. Morsi made 3 mistakes.
      1. He talked with Israel to give land in Shina to establish there the new Palestinian country
      2. He tryed to bring the sharia law to Egypt.
      3. He was ready to sell Suez to Katar.
      When he asked Egyptians to reinforce FSA the army just opened the green light to the protestors to begin what we see last 6 days. Egyptian soldiers NEVER have been send somewhere outside the country. Morsi was ready to change that.
      The two who loose at the moment are Turkey and Katar. Those 3 countries wanted to share the oil and gas in eastern Meditteranean. Now they have probs…
      Sorry for my English. I hope that u understand the basics.
      Greets from Greece.

  3. At first glance, it would appear someone from the armored car shot him, but after watching it a few times, I think he may have been accidentally shot by someone else in the crowd. The guy right behind him is holding something that looks to be wrapped in a towel. He wants to conceal something he is carrying and a firearm is plausible. Also, he doesn’t look startled and doesn’t run away after the shot. That he was the source of the shot could explain why he wasn’t frightened by it. Also, the guy fell forward, as if the shot hit him from behind. The dude with the towel was behind him.

    I don’t support either side, they can wipe each other out for all I care, but I am sensing this video is not what it appears to be.

  4. are you all blind ??!! …he got shot from the back !! ….and you can see the killer who is wearing Jelbah giving the weapon to another man and walking away ..muslium brotherhood dosn`t mind killing some of their people to stick that to egyptian army .and believe me we are all happy for finally getting raid of them ….

  5. It’s a shame that countries that offer such beautiful scenery, and interesting history, are inhabited by such ugly animals! Total coward, to strike or shoot an unexpecting person! Moran was part of the Muslim brotherhood correct? I’m not 100% up to date on foreign affairs! Doesn’t the US supply Egypt with arms? And funds? It’s sad that people are so barbaric. If we killed everyone person who doesn’t share the same morals and wants as us, we’d all be dead! Maybe the earth would be a better place, if humans were extinct? Just animals roaming all over. If we were extinct, I guess there would be no way to tell how things were.
    Imagine if when we got pissed off we smoked women and innocent children! It’s sick, sad and selfish! I agree with fighting for what you believe in, but I wouldn’t kill a child and mother over it! Even killing someone’s father is messed up! Especially if they are just bystanders. IDK, it’ll never not come down to killing one another!

  6. egyptians are probably one of the filthiest people on this earth. they’re crazy, illitirate and most of the time high. they need military rule to stay in place, like in the mubarak era.

    1. Have you been there? Lived there? Where do you draw your conclusions from? CNN? One thing you failed at mentioning, Egyptians do have balls the size of pyramids to know when a president is no good and when it’s time to get him out. America should take note.

  7. You cant call the election of the Muslim Brotherhood as democratic, because just a tiny portion of the voters went to the polling booths in the first place.
    I?m not a fan of the corrupt egyptian military, but Mursi was the bigger threat to the country and a temporary ally of the Zionist agenda in the middle east. Sponsored by the Oil monarchies and the Erdogan dictatorship through US funds with estimated 10 billion U$ Dollar per anno, he is now thankfully a basket case, but for Washington its a win-win situation because they also fund the military. The losers are again the people, fighting against each other for eternity, divide et impera, a never ending story.

  8. Egyptians have no desire to be oppressed by a religious dictator which is all Morsi was. This is simply the Islamic extremist carrying out their usual mission. You either believe 100% in what they do or you have no place in this world. The rise in violent and sexual crimes against women is clearly a sign of an extremist religious state in the making.

  9. Morsi was democratically elected by the people who were tired of being ruled by CIA (Controlling Israeli Agents) and Israeli puppet Mubarack. Obama does not support Morsi that is just republican propaganda Obama made a deal with Morsi (there is a difference) that he would accept him as president because he won the election as long as he promised to keep the peace treaty with Israel. A condition of the deal and to show his loyalty to the USA and Israel Morsi had to supply arms to CIA controlled FSA in Syria Morsi a sunni had no problem betraying Assad a shia in order to stay in power.

    Morsi was allowed to be president but with no actual powers because the CIA didn’t trust him but once he began taking actual power away from the supreme court and the military the CIA betrayed him and got rid of him. Western media is lying saying that the Egyptian people do not want Morsi and that they are happy with the coup in fact the day after the coup the media covered up the second battle of the camel in which the CIA controlled military killed 20 and wounded 380 pro-Morsi supporters instead CNN and BBC showed us egyption military helicopters making heart shape clouds in the skies over Cairo lol.

    Morsi made a big mistake trying to make a deal with the devil in order to stay in power. He needed to ally himself with Assad. With Assad in the north and Egypt to the south both could had attack Israel. But the CIA masterly was able to exploit the Sunni/Shia differences as they have done in Iraq, plus Assad is a secular bathists and Morsi is a fundamental Muslim brotherhood sunni fundamentalist.

    Its ironic that the main goal of the baath party of Assad and Saddam Hussein is the destruction of Israel but they believe in Socialism and are not fundamentalist muslims while the main goal of the Muslim brotherhood is also the destruction of Israel but they believe only in allah. Instead of uniting in their common goal the CIA has been manipulating both groups to kill each other first in Iraq and now in Syria. I don’t like Morsi for betraying Assad but he is still better than the CIA/Israeli controlled military of Egypt.

  10. The Money we sent to Egypt went to Morsi to distribute to the military, I would venture to say it never got to the military. It probably went to the Muslim brotherhood to purchase arms. Morsi was not doing Egypt any good he got rid of all governors and placed Muslim brotherhood people in their place. He got rid of the constitution and was writing a new one so he could become a dictator. He got caught and the people revolted against him. Obama is not backing the people he wanted morsi in place as a puppet.

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