Supposed Leaked Image of Dead Body of Richard Matt (One of Two Escaped New York Prisoners)

Supposed Leaked Image of Dead Body of Richard Matt (One of Two Escaped New York Prisoners)

This is a supposed leaked image of the body of escaped New York prisoner, Richard Matt. Matt, along with another convict by the name of David Sweat had escaped from a New York prison earlier in June. They were aided by a fat piece of white trash who worked at the prison and who was initially helping them escape so that they could kill her husband. They had begun digging out of the prison back in January by stealing tools from construction crew that was working inside. How the fuck this is even possible is beyond me. They are that lax and incompetent in American prisons?

Anyway, the two broke out through the hole in their cell but the fat bitch got cold feet at the last minute and never showed at the “extraction point”, leaving the two to fend for themselves. The two split up at one point and Matt was discovered in Malone, New York at a camper. He fired at police who then returned fire, killing him. Sweat has also since been captured in Upstate New York. Shot in the legs and put in the hospital. The white trash bitch has also been arrested on numerous charges, and she squealed like a pig to authorities when caught. Typical.

But what do you guys think? You make the call. Real or fugazi?

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  1. Fake
    Can’t see the face.!!!!! How I’m I suppose to believe that….

    Shit it could ‘ve Jimmy Hoffa ….!!!
    Or even better a Fucking deer with a fucking human head attached to it..

    1. Okay, lets dispell the weight debate right here. Guys been on the run for how long ? I’m sure he’s not having 3 meals etc daily. Call it a starvation diet, what ever you want but, my money says it’s him and he lost some weight between mug shots and the final shot

  2. From everything I can see in the pictures ( granted not a lot shown) and with the placement of the injury on the top of the head I think I’ll call fugazi on this one. The dead man? In the picture appears to be stripped and half rolled in what looks like a boat tarp. Matt was reported to be wearing camouflage clothing taken from the cabin they broke into. Also this man? Appears to be lighter built than Matt and has less hair it looks like ;P but the top of head injury is what’s getting me the most if the police killed him in “return fire” that just a very odd spot. But who knows what really went on out there can’t say for sure fugazi is just me call based on what I can see.

    1. Even a rape hound druggy piece of shit?! Wow! Good fucking thing your not president lol.anyways I have to go to work in about 3 hours to pay taxes for custy cunts like this p.c goof and the pedophilesin jails and crummy crackheads ect
      So really I don’t give a fiddler’s flying fuck if the cops shot him fair and square in return fire or not coz as long as he’s dead then its one less useless eater’s ass I have to wipe with hard earned tax dollar

      1. the cops shot an unarmed man in the back, contrary to the law, and you don’t care, because the cop might have saved you one half of one cent, you estimate, wrongly. After the state pays the inmate for shooting him in the back, many more of your tax pennies will be in danger of ending up in the inmates cash account. You are probably a lesser man than these inmates, who at least accomplished something that no one else ever did.

  3. I actually found out I had been to a few parties with the son of Richard Matt and didn’t even realize…small world…but anyway the injuries seem to coincide with the report of gunshots to the head. A few people I know have also seen the photo and I don’t see any reason why they would be a hoax

  4. Is he in a sleeping bag? Doesn’t look like results from a fire fight. Looks more like a bum that got executed. Although the cops engaged him in wooded area. Knowing American cops, they very well may have came across him, and just went ahead and killed him while sleeping. While giving the public a fabricated story. It’s a toss up for me, can’t see his face.

  5. First I’ve heard of this, maybe it wasn’t covered so much over here in the UK!

    If I was locked away and had the chance to escape I’d rather serve the time than be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life.

    1. Depends on the sentence man, if I’m doing life that’s something I’d be willing to deal with looking over my shoulder but if I had the chance a halfway decent existence after the sentence I’d tough it out.

  6. I’ve been to an Australian prison once. Half the time they never bothered searching us and a third of the time they never searched us properly. I see it isn’t much different in the good ‘ol U.S lol

      1. What’s going on brother @danielray?… Glad to hear your doing good… Glad to have you back… But no beer!?… I feel for you… But I bet your liver and kidneys love it… LOL… 😛

        I had my first grandchild this past Father’s Day…
        My son and daughter in law are gonna be visiting us this weekend… They live in Montana… I can’t fucking wait to finally hold my grandson!… I’m so happy I could ‘cut a rug’!…

        Cheers brother!…

      1. You’ve probably taken a few on the way home from the bar….dirt…sidewalk…curb….middle of the fuckin street…back of a squadrol…yea your an AUTHORITY on NAPPIN !!!
        Hope your well Brother @danielray. 🙂

        1. [email protected]
          I’ve had too many of them damn naps,its no wonder I’m still kicking ,haha too many to count FUCK! I miss getting fucked up Now! Im setting here just scratching my nuts.I go through a can of snuff a day now! My girl won’t let me touch one damn beer.I think I need a hit man or a cop to get rid of her like mr matt.

  7. Eh, I don’t think it’s him, Like one person says his hair is thinner and he looks skinnier than matt,,so
    I think it’s not real this guy does look different from Matt I think somebody just pranked us..CNN supposedly had ” Exclusive Rights” to this photo, so they probably faked it.. You know CNN…: 0

  8. They were helped by prison guards. The main one was a woman that they penised her into giving them power tools. She was ugly and fat so it wouldn’t have been hard to do. Then they got out of that place Shawshank style, and came out a manhole a block away.

    I guess 11 other guards are on leave over this.

  9. Heard about this. I didn’t realise the guy opened fire on the cops as it wasn’t mentioned in the report I saw. If it is him and he did open fire ( where did he obtain a gun !? ), he deserved his fate. Wouldn’t be surprised if they just blew him away though, which, escaped convict or not, is never warranted.
    The bitch scuppered their plans and then some.

    1. Yes. The police say he fired at them, so…we know how that goes…

      the images are CNN-approved at this moment, but that actually doesnt mean much. CNN also promotes the idea that Osama bin Laden is dead and that the Boston Marathon bombing was an actual terror attack instead of a government terror test.

      1. Did anyone else happen to catch the 7 minute piece CNN did last weekend on the gay pride parade in London? They even brought in terrorism experts to analyze why some marchers were parading around with an ISIS flag. Turns out it was a black flag with white symbols that were butt plugs and dildos, not an ISIS flag. This isn’t a joke, just search cnn isis flag fiasco.

  10. I think the BG comments section often seems to be crammed With unproven and often preposterous fugazi accusations, Err so anyway…. I’m Deffo thinking Fugazi here. Maybe BG is having an unhealthy influence on me?

  11. “They had begun digging out of the prison back in January by stealing tools from construction crew that was working inside. How the fuck this is even possible is beyond me. They are that lax and incompetent in American prisons?”

    I’m curious Canadians, why is that so out of the realm of possibility?

    1. Also they said he had a 20 guage shotgun. I don’t see a gun in here and I very much doubt he had a gun. It sounds to me like the police are just shooting to stop him at all cost but had to justify it some way. Just look at the other dude tried to make a run and was shot multiple times.

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