Surprise Explosion Kills Jihadists During Recording of Video in Idlib, Syria

Surprise Explosion Kills Jihadists During Recording of Video in Idlib, Syria

A group of jihadists was recording a video on a battlefield in Idlib, Syria, when they were interrupted by a surprise explosion. It undoubtedly takes some balls to film a video when there’s active fighting in progress all around you, but these are just killers hired to plunge Syria into chaos, and there’s nothing brave about that.

Apparently, they were recognized as jihadists, and the Syrian Arab Army sent a “get the fuck out of our country” farewell present their way. That’s OK though. They can always go back to Israel for treatment and resupplies. Some were probably killed, but a few survived. That one guy’s squeal is quite precious.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

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        1. No don’t aim the missile at that building…no not the jeep full of armed soldiers…him , you see that gobshite holding a bright yellow microphone ? There in the distance , him who thinks because he’s filming we’ll leave him alone…fire it at that soft cunt and let’s blow the smug grin off his face

  1. I wish I didn’t hear his squeal or his buddies….I wish there was only silence. What a dream it would be to have every single Al Nusra, ISIS, FSA, and every other Islamist savage barbarian piece of shit in Syrian Army custody.

  2. I’d like to see the aftermath of this.
    Oh, and by the way, how do I chance my profile picture? I was away from BestGore for a long while and suddely my profile picture is this weird thing again lol.

      1. Indeed @bobcat. When the time came he really didn’t fancy it by the sounds of it. Those fabled promises must have suddenly seemed like a real crock of shite once his leg was hanging off !

  3. This must be the Jihadi version of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

    “This video was sent in by Ahmed who says his cousin; Mohammed, was running across a war zone for reasons relating to Jihad when something rather amusing took place. I bet the viewers at home just can’t wait to see what happens next”.

  4. What the bloody hell, this is an SAA reporter. The emblem that you see here is a clear Syrian Army coat of arms. Those are most definitely not jihadis or any other FSA branch. It’s the usual practice of Syrian combat reporters to go with camera crews in the thick of the battle. They’re following an example of a rather famous Abkhazinan Network News Agency which often reported and helped the SAA in battle. To my knowledge FSA has no professional reporters.

    1. If the OP is reading this i would like the source of the video, is it an SAA website that slapped the logo after it captured them? We can’t really tell if someone is a jihadi by “takbir” alone. A lot of Iranians and Alawites also use it.

      1. I’ll take your word, although it’s strange to see a reporter with a microphone from the FSA side, I know SANA and ANNA often appear in that style. Also that “takbir” means nothing to me. I know for a fact that this expression is so common in the Middle East that even Christians during the Lebanon Civil War used it often.

  5. imagine the boss..
    -wtf happen ?
    – they took a mortar
    – is ok ?
    – both journalist died
    – the camera ?
    – camera is safe
    – allahuuuuu snackbar bring me the movie….ba-dum-tiss

  6. Ill translate for everyone. . Arrrrrrrrhhhhh my balls are blown off! Where are my balls? There they are muhammad!!!! You’re standing on my fucking balls…. get off my fucking balls!. Get the camera and film me dying. God is great.

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