Suspected Thieves Killed, Their Dicks Cut Off and Stuffed in Their Mouth

Suspected Thieves Killed, Their Dicks Cut Off and Stuffed in Their Mouth

Suspected Thieves Killed, Their Dicks Cut Off and Stuffed in Their Mouth

I don’t know where the video is from. It alleges to show five suspected thieves who were killed, got their dicks cut off and stuffed them in their mouths.

There’s a guy attempting to decapitate a corpse with a machete, and another one appearing to want to either open a dead guy’s abdomen, or awkwardly amputate another penis.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video. It came without audio from source:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. @blucon
          Lol, lol. brother. Did i ever tell you that you truly are a good man?
          I Say this cause you have always been a good B G Brother, and friend to me, and never taking sides when The Sheeple Sometimes attack me from all sides. You Rock Man, you truly do. 🙂

          1. Seriously bro @thedre who even cares a fuck about a breed
            of sheeple whom we find in on here ruining the pages of the BG lately. .Some fucking fly by night “Trolls ” with their run of the mill comments. The ones that are seen for a short spell of time and then gone for good;merely lurking/hanging out in the background with their limited mindset and with nothing much to offer in terms of intellectuality except to come up with diarrheal shit .
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          2. @{Guro Girl}
            Yes Girl, we are indeed making friends on this site. Blucon & I Have been good friends for quite a few years,,, and we go way back as far as being on This Site is concerned. 🙂

          3. I kinda remember seeing something about Idi Amin doing this cut of the dick and put in the mouth thing (on Ugandan TV) back in the 70’s to one of his ministers or somebody!

            Must be a quaint old African tradition of some kind or perhaps crimes of a sexual nature?

    1. I have a VERY strong feeling that BLM does NOT fucking apply to ANYWHERE in the whole fuckin’ continent of Africa. In fact. If one Nation in Africa where to ADOPT that false Nigger-loving movement, then the entire world would be ABLE TO just sit the fuck BACK and watch ANOTHER civil war break out in that fucking Toto-singing hit land! Like Hey! Let every fuckin’ Muslim, Kanuri, and nigger-congo related Boon just fuckin’ WIPE each other off the face of the fuckin’ planet! Then WE’D have less freeloading assholes trying to take advantage of the world.

    1. The next time I get robbed by one. I’ll be sure to give him a FREE ticket to this fucked up hell hole. Then the Jig will encounter his half-breed ancestors and be like. “Holy fuck! My nigger gangsta-like attitude ain’t got shit on these REAL Niggas!” And then they DICE him for taking a free nation for granted…

    1. That’s not only disrespectful, but disgustingly disturbing that you think that way. I know they were thiefs, but just because they’re black, doesn’t give you the right to be fucking racist.

          1. Aw, stereotyping. Well since you want to assume:
            I’ve never been arrested
            I did graduated high school top of my class
            I’m currently a CNA in college to become a Registered Nurse

            So since you want to assume, I’ll make the assumption that you’re a close minded 30 something year old white dude having a mid life crisis.

    2. What? You think they didn’t fuckin’ PRACTICE “Oral Torture” before this shit? I’m MORE than certain that this is HOW they fuckin’ TRAINED for it HAD they been captured and THEN subjected to it. I’m surprised they didn’t use a fuckin’ dildo to dismember the corpse RATHER than USE a dull-ass machete. …only in low budget-Africa can I smell the shitty power of Rebellious Coons.

    1. Guess what? I’ve heard that there’s this one very INTERESTING species call “Africans.” They live AMONGST many of the exotic creatures in Africa and (unfortunately) MOST parts of the god damn world! They look human and can EVEN fuckin’ talk like one! They make different JIVE-sounding noises, but…I’d need a fuckin’ English translator JUST to make out whatever the FUCK it is they’re saying. Yet, sometimes…they HUNT each other. Cool huh?

      1. @hollyeat
        Yes i know sweetheart, i just thought that it looked better for what i was trying to write, lol.
        And you, how have you been Girl??
        Are you are keeping safe, and away from others, or are you still working through this pandemic? I Hope that you are remaining a happy go lucky Girl through this bullshit time.
        Andre. 🙂

        1. i m not a girl .. never been XD ( i stated it many times.. i fucked up while writting the nickname)
          and i m not working anymore.. retired from army now :P, enjoying good time while still young HAH !

          1. Sorry man, with your name i was sure/positive that you were a girl. Good you are retired with a government pension, enjoy your retirement B G Brother. 🙂

          1. naah, its good like this.
            its too old for be changed now XD , beside, it remember people that i m super bad at english (in case they didnt guessed that already when reading me).

            the original plan was holyeat (like, divine food, you see ?…) but i put too much L.
            its not problem, most people know me and only a few call me girl,i m not in troubles to clarify after.

            at least, i m not a dude who pretend to be a girl hidden behind my pc and asking for money XD

          2. @hollyeat
            That’s what I thought your original nickname would be, @Holyeat.

            I was also thinking it could’ve been @Wholewheat, but that would’ve been too many mistakes to make, but Hollyeat is good. 🙂

  1. Why the fuck should I be surprised? This looks NOTHING short of a Nigger picnic to me. I’m sure this how they would LOVE to celebrate Black-coon history month EVERY fuckin’ year where the RULES and LAWS do NOT apply in a NON-self governed nation. I realize the hood-niggers in North America are nothing more than just a bunch of little Niglets WITH super soaker guns compared these Chimps! I can even hear Nelson Fuckin’ Mandela ROLLING in his grave while watching his legacy get SHAT away! Mandela is probably saying, “Hey! I’m proud to be black! Yet have fuckin’ ruined my future heritage by letting THESE niggers KILL and neuter one another!”

    If that does NOT sum up this culture…then call me Mr. White Martine Luther King!

    1. Jesus Christ man! I always read your comments like a Sam Kinisin bit. You start by hating on niggers like normal people do and then progress into a full scale blow out. Slamming your fist on a table, dribbling Natural Light foam into your beard while screaming about them goddamn black niggers!
      I feel like you operate a lathe in a large machine shop.
      Good stuff.

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            My sweet nectarine ovarian tubuals are craving some attention….what’s up with you…hehehe…can we lock the kid in the basement for a few hours?

        1. A few hours? Hell, I’ve had him locked down there since mid March.
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          We’ll stop occasionally to spit on a photo of Nems while laughing.

          Ha. I’m on fire. Nems is gonna learn something today.

      1. Hmm…I was thinking more like Chris Farley. But you nailed Sam Kinisin RIGHT on the spot. Fabulous comparison there. I guess it’s FAIR to say Farley was NOT really a controversial hater. Sam Kinison was MORE of a ranter toward controversial subjects while giving himself a damn stroke on every show he did! Little to no humor….just SCREAM and RANT as if someone really GAVE a fuck! But of course people laughed! If I’d chose to go either route. I’d end up DEAD just like the both of them. Either OD (I don’t do drugs) or a vehicle accident (I’m NOT a reckless driver). If this is NOT the website for expressing FREE SPEECH while being in “Sam Kinison mode”…then I don’t KNOW what is.

  2. While the gore is interesting, this shit says a lot more about their society than could be written in a book

    The same source of mentality that thinks raping a baby will cure them of AIDS for instance

    3/5ths of a person?

  3. That’s got to be the worst way possible of departing this Earth… shame of a crime and with your dick cut off and stuffed into your mouth and the whole thing filmed. Dammit man, I’d rather not have existed in the first place than to go out that way.

  4. They aren’t cock of the walk anymore, are they? The guys who caught them must be cock-a-hoop about taking these cocky bastards out. In fact they’ll probably be celebrating with a cocktail or two later. So, a message to thieves, don’t be so cock sure about your abilities, keep your guns cocked and loaded and cock one eye to your surroundings. You never know, you may end up cold cocked, then you’ll know that you’ve cocked-up.

    Okay, I ran out of cock jokes.

  5. I wouldn’t go there on holiday. Got mine booked. Hebridean island, clean air, mountains, fly fishing, cooking great food, archaeology, stone circles, tombs… I don’t know how folks live like these machete-ists and thieves. Everything looks broken, worn-out and shit.

  6. Why is everybody here so racist? Lmao. We’re all the same. We’re all watching people die on our lil computers or whatever. What does it matter who is what color? Everyone is a piece of shit in the end, white black oriental or not. Just enjoy the gore, damn.

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