Suspects in Murder of Senior Police Officer Gunned Down by Police in Davao City, Philippines

Suspects in Murder of Senior Police Officer Gunned Down by Police in Davao City, Philippines

Two suspects in the murder of a Senior Police Officer (identified as an SPO1) in the Toril District of Davao City, Philippines, were gunned down by police on October 6th, 2015. The two had been spotted by police who had been searching for the pair for several hours. When cornered, the still armed men were shot down in the street where they stood. A little irresponsible, perhaps, but there was an obvious display of skill and proper gun training on the part of the Filipino Police as no bystanders were injured, only the dangerous targets. Unlike their American counterparts who would have emptied an entire 17 round magazine into a paraplegic man simply because he sneezed.

Two dangerous assholes off the streets and we get a nice death stare and some pools of blood, so it’s all good.

Mad props to Best Gore member, Kay P., for the hookup.

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          1. 82% of the Filipino population is comprised of Filipino Catholics. About 5% is Iglesia Ni Cristo or Church of Christ, another 3% percent is Aglipayan Church (another Christian church), 3% are Muslims, 1% are Atheists and Agnostics and the smaller numbers are of different religions and faiths. 😀

          2. That should be ‘Roman’ Catholics…not Filipino Catholics lol. In fact, Pope Francis ‘graced’ the streets of Manila earlier this year by his four day visit in which 6-7 million Filipinos attended just to take a glance at the Pope. Just sayin’ lol. 🙂

          3. Well…they’re Catholics hahaha and most Catholics are against the idea of birth control. To back that claim up, we’re about 100 million in the Philippines solely, not counting Filipino immigrants from virtually around the globe. 60% of the population is comprised of youth, aged 16 and below.

      1. He died in a state of trance
        May be he wanted this said ……..
        I awoke with a rough start.
        Hearing cops voices like only dogs Bark.
        And shook more so often from within,
        Than that which came upon the wind.
        Then, with a flare and a flash.
        I hid my head and awaited the crash.
        What is it that shook my body so ?
        And made me leave me looking forever way down tjhis low?

      1. @SAVOR
        Keep savoring life !! fella ….Don’t ya worry as long your time hasn’t come you ain’t going anywhere
        .but its sad to know that one of the accused did stab you twice ….but may I know what caused the altercation and why were you only targeted and your house burgled .

    1. lo and behold @Little Foot !!
      You see … it just might come visiting that neighborhood one of these days. some one’s gonna be in deep shit.
      But hell ! I nearly forgot asking you..
      as to who’s that asshole by the way ? is it a man or a woman ! who’s been yearning for a payback?

  1. What kind of vehicle is that in the third pic? Looks like a bus but with a crowd gathered at the side window it could be a good truck…but then again there are seats inside that indicate it’s a passenger vehicle of some kind. Anyone have any idea what it could be?

      1. That’s a jeepney, @Brokeback. It’s a kind of a modified public transportation vehicle than can fit from 18-20 passengers at the same time.

        It’s made from old car parts and motor that the Americans have left from the Second World War.

      1. @tas
        If you look sharp you’ll find that there’s even a little red flag hoisted around that boulder with a nylon rope .
        My guess is It could be the filipino way of cardoning off the crime scene .

        1. I have lived in this country long enough to say that I have no fucking idea hahaha people do weird shit around here.

          My best guess would be that that huge rock is used to stop a car from rolling back. People, in there at least, place big stones under a wheel to prevent parked cars from rolllng back. And the nylon cord seems to be attached to the pole so I guess that’s a parking space where the jeepney is at.

      2. The rope holds up the bamboo pole where a canvas is attached, so basically it’s a tent. You can see its shadow partly covering the dead man’s head on the ground.

        I’ve been a lurker for years(5 maybe?). I just logged in to reply. lol

          1. Happy Birthday @Nextie !!!
            Me Mikey and Amnyc are commin over in our super hero underoos to jump on the furniture mess your place up and empty out your fridge. 😛

          2. You know I can’t keep a secret @nextie, you’re barely legal. Strippergram is on the way to your house, he should be there before midnight and wearing skinny jeans of course. He’s gay and under the impression you’re a lesbian. You know, just so things don’t get awkward between you two when he rubs up on you…and stuff.

          3. Happy Birthday @Nextie…

            I guess these guys that wear skinny jeans actually think that walking like penguin is sexy… I don’t get it…

  2. Seems like the guy in the middle pic had something profound to share with the world at his moment of passing but found his mind was empty when it was time to spit it out. Perma-derp stare to be remembered by. And the other dude in the red shirt was probably like, “Later world! Smell my ass!”

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