Syrian Army Outpost Bombed by Rebels, Bodies Seen Flying

Syrian Army Outpost Bombed by Rebels, Bodies Seen Flying

A video capturing a massive explosion hitting a Syrian building, presumed to me an army outpost, was released by rebels with the Free Syrian Army. During the explosion, multiple bodies are clearly viewable being thrown into the air.

It would appear that the outpost was hit by a Konkurs missile – an ex-Soviet wire guided rocket rebel troops seem to be well stocked with (used at longer ranges, when the RPG-7 would be ineffective), courtesy of fellow Jihadists from the Caucasus.

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  1. That’s some enthusiastic “Allah Ackbar-ing”, going on in the background. Beginning to think some of these guys are beating off and timing out the climax to both the explosions and the “Allah Ackbar-ing”.

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  3. Typical setup by the FSA.

    Who’s to say they’re bodies flying ?……….. I doubt that a body within any radius of a bomb like that would be hurled that high.

    Could be a vacant patch of real estate for usual propaganda ?

  4. Sorry off topic but wanted to share:

    A young Arab boy asks his father, “What is that weird hat you are wearing?”

    The father said, “Why, it’s a ‘chechia’ because in the desert it protects our heads from the sun.”

    “And what is this type of clothing that you are wearing?” asked the young man.

    “It’s a ‘djbellah’ because in the desert it is very hot and it protects the body.” said the father.

    The son asked, “And what about those ugly shoes on your feet?

    His father replied, “These are ‘babouches”, which keep us from burning our feet in the desert.”

    “Tell me,” added the boy.

    “Yes, my son?”

    “Why are you living in Toms River , New Jersey and still wearing all this shit?”

      1. Sigh..religions just a joke anyways..well in my opinion..but who or what am i but a meer meat puppet in this fucked up game called life..right…please pardon me..went to a party last night and i think I’m still drunk..i know not what i say….maybe..

          1. @YourNextEx ..yeah sleep deprivation Is a bitch try going to work at 3 in the morning and lifting 50 pound bags for 13 hours then go home do shit around house which no one else does because they are too lazy to do and afterwards weight lift, the most sleep that I get is 2 hours -.- I also volunteered to clean up a bloody crime scene as well but the assholes didnt let me Dx the bastards kept bitching and claimed that by seeing the horrific crime scene I would get emotionally crippled and have the smell of blood in my nose for 3 days..

          2. @misfit You need to slow it down a bit. You work too hard. You’re too handsome and too sweet to be doin’ all that. And you should’ve told them you’ve seen worse on BG. But that’s true about the smell of blood sticking with you. Yuck.

          3. @YourNextEx I know -.-at the rate that I’m going 1.suffers from sleep depravition 2.isnt afraid to die 3.likes being used 4.emotionally broken down to the point were one is mentally hardened, I might as well join the army I’m better off over there, and if I get killed I deserve to get buried in an unmarked grave where no one will find me that’s how worthless and easily replaceable I am. Well look on the right side at least I won’t get to see the whore of my mom crying and telling everyone that she was a good mom and other bullshit like where did she go wrong by having and ungrateful little shit >.> yeah ill take that option stopped caring about my self along time ago.

    1. That’s the problem Obli, they have shit for brains and possess a fuck witted form of reasoning.

      When things are going bad they say it is because God is testing them and when things are going good it is because God is rewarding them.

      When their friends and family die, even if it is by way of a bullet in the face, they say that it was fate and that God had decided to take them from this world to be at his side.

      Also dieing is not a bad thing because the men get lot’s of virgins and the women, well, Islam seems to conveniently leave that part out but I don’t suppose it is written somewhere that they get fifty well hung hunks in the after life or something.

      Anyhow, that is why you cannot ever win an argument against Islam or any other religion for that matter because they do not operate on any form of logic, they operate on emotion and rote information, it’s like trying to get a robot to go against it’s programming, it’s an almost impossible task.

      1. They are at war with the so called Infidels, to them they’re god is real….people are weak most humans need some type of encouragement, for example why are we here? who am I? whats my purpose in life? all bullshit questions lost people ask…….The choice we have and always forget is to evolve by finding peace with one ‘s self and enlighten our aura….cosmic energy. Denounce false ideas and teachings programmed into our brains since birth, open your mind into freedom and follow only one true path…..your own!!

  5. It’s the snackbarist’s Muhammad approved version of angry birds. That was definitely good enough to progress to level 4; snackbarists in space. I’d love to see snackbarists on the moon in spacesuits fighting each other, the Allah ackbars jamming the headsets. The three guys here would have made it off the moon no problem with that rocket. Amazing last moments as rocket launches you 60f in the air

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