Syrian Bus Driver Shot After Killing Four Jewhadists Due to Technical Failure

Syrian Bus Driver Shot After Killing Four Jewhadists Due to Technical Failure

Syrian Bus Driver Shot After Killing Four Jewhadists Due to Technical Failure

The ever improving situation in Syria produced a new video in which a bus runs over a group of Jewhadists who were preparing to evacuate themselves as well as some civilians under their siege from Quneitra to the Idlib Province. The fortunate situation killed four of the desert mongrels.

The bus driver, named Abu Hadi Hazem Abu Asali was then shot and killed by the Jewhadists.

It’s later become clear that the bus was not running when it apparently lost hydraulics for the brakes and uncontrollably rolled down the sloped area. Jewhadists reacted by shoot the driver.

Best Gore member @terminator_g added his two shekels:

Never ever stand behind or in front a heavy and large vehicle/bus like this one, on a non-asphalted road, especially if there’s a sloped embankment of any kind. RIP bus driver, and good riddance of 4 jewly employed goat rimmers.

Israel has already began the evacuation of Jewhadists from Syria. Granted, not a single one of them will be settled in the land of the six million chosenites.

Thanks a lot for the video, @terminator_g:

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  1. i would just like to drop this in and recommend Bitchute as an alternative to the zionist owned Youtube. Youtube has now garnered itself a reputation for a massive censoring campaign so its time to stop uploading content there and use new platforms.
    Voltaire – “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

        1. @haydolf_hittler i wish i new more about this stuff. The hidden jew. Jack the ripper or someone unknown scrawled on a wall “the jewes are the men who will not be blamed for nothing” Goulston street , whitechapel. sept 1888.
          Now, whoever wrote that new something, new more than i do now in 1888. It was either “the jewes are the men” or “the jewes are the ones” It was copied onto to paper by the copper as “the jewes are the ones” i digress.
          Would you open a topic on this subject of jewes? I’d like to learn more. I have begun to hate muslims but all the while knowing they’re just pawns in a wider game. I still hate them

          1. If I let a bunch of rabid dogs run loose through your city, sure you’d hate the dogs, but would you hate me more?

            And would the problem be solved if said dog handler was expelled?

            It surely would be a good start, wouldn’t you think?

          2. I didn’t ask for the handler or the dogs. Both were uninvited. The dogs are untrained, they’re filthy and they shit everywhere. They’re not like us.

          3. What I’m saying is, it’s more efficient and effective to go after the handler versus the creature.

            The creature has no direction, other than the master’s.

            Once the master’s dead, then you can easily deal with said creatures.

          4. In an ideal world non-Whites would of course be in their homelands, not Europe.However as long as they are there, I am glad that they are Muslim. From a genetic preservation standpoint (which is the primary reason I am against non-White immigration) anything to increase polarization, separation, and otherness is a good thing. Assimilation always leads to miscegenation

            On a positive note, I see the White GENOCIDE message getting really big online. The UKIPers and neo-Cons are desperately trying to sell the message that “multiculturalism works fine if it wasn’t for those evil moooslims” but far more people are getting wise and voting up our White GENOCIDE comments.

            Get the message of White GENOCIDE big enough in the population and these charlatans will have nowhere to hide.

          5. .. In an “ideal world”.. Whites would’ve stayed their lazy asses in Europe, instead of building ships to sail around the world terrorizing, raping, and pillaging other societies.. Then you would all be living in the white utopia you all so wish for.. So before you go shittin on other races, remember it was our race that started this shit show…

          6. Don’t deny the truth brother, I don’t hate myself, I don’t hate fellow whites, but I can’t deny truths about our race… Besides where the fuk do y’all live, that is ALL white and EVERYONE gets along.. I lived in an all white community until early adulthood and I didn’t see this fukn white pride and greatness… I saw white muthafckrs doin the same things as our black counterparts, we just don’t share the same mannerisms.. That and skin color is the only difference between us all…

      1. @xsookiex This one’s getting silly sookie. let’s keep out of it and let them get on. Once people start saying muslims are here to improve our genetics i can’t be wasting my finger energy typing : )

      2. Yeah.. But they’re not goin around braggin and carrying on about how great their race is and how it should rule over other races or be THE only race on this planet.. We did what we did over two centuries ago and we’re still toutin that shit to this day!.. Wtf?… Get over yourselves… I mean.. You guys even brag about draggin other races kickin and screamin into the “civilized world?” As if we’re doin them some type of favor?… Here, let me pose a question.. If, let’s say, Muslims came from outta nowhere and started forcing you to convert to Islam by threats of violence or death and let’s say you do go through with it, cause obviously you want to live… Would you be a happy Muslim?… Would you be grateful and say it’s the best thing that happened to you?.. I very much fukn doubt it!.. Some of you are Sooo diluted you even go as far as to say we’re more evolved humans? How?.. How the fuk are we more evolved?… We haven’t grown wings to fly or gills to breath underwater… So how exactly are we MORE evolved?… Explain… And don’t hand me some bullshit some other white muthafukr wrote!… And Polluted, dude I know you’re not tryin to say that Muslims are a race and I know you’re not tryin to say that white people improve peoples genetics.. How far do you know your own genealogy big guy.?

        1. What race goes around bragging that they should rule over everyone and that they’re better than everyone else?


          Maybe we should’ve kept the non-White races uncivilized?

          Is that what you’re asking?

          If you don’t like your English/Westernized nation, then leave it.

          I wish you the best of luck.

          Don’t look a gifted horse in the mouth.

        2. Africa is the richest continent when it comes to natural resources.

          Why did it take a bunch of crackers to tell them how to mine the wealth of their land?

          Do you think they would’ve figured it out themselves?

          Ask yourself, why are the Chinese in Africa?

          They’re surely not there to steal any natural resources, are they? 🙄

          Africa is “supposedly” the oldest civilization on the planet.

          So what’s the fucking holdup?

          1. @bubbaray that’s right Bubba, the chinese have pratically taken over jamiaca, i triggered a jamaican fellow who is in england when i told him that then he didn’t like it when i said they have the right to go to jamaica the same right as you have to be here in england , he had no argument for that he looked like he’d been sucking on a lemon, silly cunt, immigration works all ways and those that leave their homeland to come to the west don’t like it when they’re
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          2. .. The Chinese didn’t do it by force of arms or by some other shady means as far as I know ..!

            .. The Bunch of crackers didn’t TELL them!.. They forced them to mine those very minerals..

            .. Yes… I think they would’ve figured it out, that’s why the crackers made sure to exploit them first…

            .. The holdup?.. One word… Apartheid.. 100yrs worth give r take..

            My turn…

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          3. Apartheid?

            Africans have enslaved more Africans than anyone.

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            You should start a White Apology tour.

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        2. Whites in our society that we aren’t even able to organize as White people, advocate for our interests, and have pride in ourselves without being called racists, bigots, Neo-nazis, white supremacists, haters, and a slew of other pejoratives intended to discredit us.

          Not such a thing as a white supremacist. there is no white around the world wanting to subjugate other races. The OBEJECTIVE is precisely the opposite: release the white race of the subjugation of other races (one in particular)

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          Ps: the alternative media, Western nationalism were all infiltrated and subverted by the Zionists. I do not know a single political party or “nationalist” organization that is legitimate.

  2. Well I consider this bus driver a martyr because he killed four Jews. That is a good thing. We need to eliminate all Jews because Jews are filthy lying animals. So he gave up his life and in the process he killed four Jews. We need to give him the Congressional medal of honor.

  3. Minor technicality. That bus would’ve had air brakes, not hydraulics. You can hear a short hiss as the bus begins to roll backwards. In all probability, in the confusion, the driver forgot to set them, allowing the bus to roll backwards. I did something similar with my 2018 International semi tractor last November resulting in $18,000 damage when it rolled forward and into a semi trailer parked across from me.

    1. I believe you are correct. I drove a similar vehicle like this bus for a living at one point and it is easy to see how one could make this mistake. However, mindfulness should be exercised, and there is simply no excuse when your in control of the bus surrounded by ppl. But hey, at least it happened over there and squashed a few of those deplorable insects.

  4. Fucking trigger happy, retarded Jewadists-Scumbags. Too fucking stupid to realize what a simple mechanical malfunction looks like. As if the driver would reverse to kill people, duhh!

    1. @bubbaray
      My advise is to send them over to one of those oldskool camps, you know the ones they have in Germany, Poland…. damn i forgot how these were called…. my memory fails me!

      – They were very popular during the period from 1939 to 1945.
      – Always easy accessible via premium railway services.
      – They also were easily recognisable by their chimneys, and an odd burnt/baked smell in the air….

  5. Mmmm I love the site of squashed Khazars. :^)
    Exterminating Khazar Kikes is equivalent to providing a public service, this hero deserves a Nobel Peace prize.

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