Syrian Combatants Killed in Damascus, One with Epic Headshot

Syrian Combatants Killed in Damascus, One with Epic Headshot

Syrian combatants filmed their fellow combatants who took mortal fire for propaganda purposes. I’m sure they call them martyrs or some other holy names and blame the government for their death, but that’s to be expected from terrorists.

One of the combatants is covered in blood, another one took nasty headshot which cracked his skull open and revealed the brain. Epic headshot is epic. The video is from the Mo’adameyeh suburb of Damascus.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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76 thoughts on “Syrian Combatants Killed in Damascus, One with Epic Headshot”

  1. I like how they hold up the ID above the dead snackbar and are most likely saying about how this poor chap was merely trying to buy some Halal meat or something when the evil Syrian government decided to terminate him.

    You Americans have got Hillary Clinton and we in Britain have got a gay bald man call William Hague, what they both have in common is that they are always trying to inform us about how evil the Syrian government is and how good and righteous the freedom fighters are and that we must arm and support these people, thanks to BG we need not swallow the shit our Jew owned media outlets serve us..

    1. Too late for bodyguards….

      Maybe it was just their time to go from this place we call earth….

      I mean some people leave this earth in a peaceful manner (dying in sleep) and some leave in horrific ways (be headings etc) but are these ways of death already pre determined before our birth? I get we are born to later die and what we do in between that time we exit this life is what matters, but can we change how we die? Is the dice already rolled and only God and Death know our times

      It depresses me as a mother that one day I won’t be around for my daughter I know she will do well but it’s always in the back of my head, me dying before she is old enough to be an adult

      Sorry for rambling

        1. I try not to worry, before I had my daughter I really did not think about my mortal coil, I was a bit selfish and just lived for the moment, don’t get me wrong, I still am a wee bit selfish, I have my own life outside of my home, but bringing a little version of yourself into a world of chaos really makes you think deep thoughts and with those thoughts, death thoughts float on…but I know what will happen will happen in its own time

          Btw nice avatar 😉

  2. I thought this was from the other side. There are no Snackbarists snackbarring. Plus this is about the common everyday brutality we see and always expect from the Snackbarists. This crime scene has got “Snackbarist Woz Ere” written all over it.

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