Syria – Human Remains Scattered in the Street After Attack on Civilians by Terrorists

Syria - Human Remains Scattered in the Street After Attack on Civilians by Terrorists

Turns out I was right when I started doubting the obvious propaganda we have been bombed with in regards to the 2011 uprising in Syria. All those videos of alleged unarmed protesters slaughtered by alleged crazed Alawite soldiers of president Bashar al-Assad were in fact videos of civilians slaughtered by terrorists who kill people left and right in order to have propaganda videos to falsely accuse Alawites of crimes against humanity. The terrorists are funded, supported and armed by the United States (CIA), Israel, and Turkey – which means whatever propaganda they created will be supported by the western media to brainwash the public.

Video below is a good example. Random people were bombed by the terrorists using heavy weaponry provided by the CIA. After the massacre, the video of it was recorded and passed around falsely accusing president al-Assad’s Alawites to have been behind it. The terrorists showcase themselves as placard-waving, unarmed civilians, but that’s not who they really are. This is the realistic picture of Free Syria Army:

Free Syria Army

The image was obtained by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, after Emile Hokayem, Senior Fellow for Regional Security met with both al-Assad loyalists and their opponents in Lebanon. Free Syrian Army commanders boasted that they were able to use the CIA funds to recruit 17,000 soldiers and arm them with latest weapons sneaked silently into the country behind media’s backs from Turkey and Lebanon.

The propaganda we are fed on a daily basis via the corporate-media and the foreign ministers of the western countries portrays Syrian violence as one sided, making it look as though Alawites are gunning down peaceful, unarmed protesters. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’d seen the same thing happen in Libya. Groups of heavily armed Muslim terrorists supported by NATO unleashed their genocide on black Africans in Libya, mercifully slaughtering tens of thousands of them and filmed videos of it claiming that they were hired mercenaries. And the public fell for it.

Anyway, you believe what you choose to believe. Below is the video of the attack by the terrorists on civilians in Khaladiya street, Homs, Syria. After the attack, the terrorists filmed the aftermath, as body parts lay scattered in the street and used the video to blame al-Assad for it:

If you want, I am also including a video in which a respected journalist and political analyst from France, who traveled to Syria to see what really is going on with his own eyes, talks about the situation. His words are not corporate propaganda because he’s not paid by any corporate entity. Independent sources all confirm that, but are trampled by the big boys. The reality is vastly different from what corporate media feed us.

Thierry Meyssan is a founder of Voltairenet. The video is 13 minutes of truth nobody wants to know cause it contradicts what we’re fed by the mainstream media. If you can be bothered, watch it. Otherwise just stick with the video of body parts above. I have no doubt that this is all done to gain support for military intervention the same way it happened in Libya:

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20 thoughts on “Syria – Human Remains Scattered in the Street After Attack on Civilians by Terrorists”

  1. It amazes me that with all the body parts lying around on the sidewalks and streets with bombed out cars, life goes on as usual. People stroll by, some taking photos with their cell phones as if they were in some type of gallery, and cars drive by honking their horns and kids on their bikes like it was just another day. I admit that I’m ignorant of what goes on around the world, with civilians being killed by terrorists, who’s the good guy, who’s the bad guy, etc., such as in the Middle East and Africa.

      1. No Shit!!!!!!! It is terrible. The American People don’t want to get involved in every countries problems. We need to take care of our people first then and only then should we help countries beyond our boarders. I am sick of all the NATO bull shit. Isolation is what we need. There are too many Americans out of work. Too many children going to bed hungry. And too many elderly going without. Fix our country first then help those other people. All the aid we give and we just get shit on. Fuck them all. I have had it.

  2. the Earth needs a good colonic/enema. just start the floodwaters as in the days of Noah and wash away the shit and filth that is the human race once and for all. exsistence and the universe would not miss us at all. God must clean house once and for all.

  3. You have to take the stand that you really don’t know what is the truth and what is not.
    There is no way to know unless you were actually there and seen it all for yourself. AND, that is if they are not Agents that infiltrated and are posing as some other group…

  4. This is where the USA is really stupid, they should have left them alone to kill themselves off and we would not have any problems with it.
    BUT NOOOOoooooo Our country thinks it is better to be the human rights defender and save the poor people from tyrants that torture, rob, and kill for fun, like Hussain and his sons.

    Just let them killl each other off.
    They have been at it for more than 2000 years and it will not stop until one group kills off the rest.

    1. Really? I’m pretty sure once one group is dead, they will figure out another way to separate themselves into more groups. Then the killing goes on and on forever. Tolerance is the key, peace is necessary for our survival as a species. If we don’t learn to live with one another, you’re right, we’re all going to kill each other off, hopefully we won’t take the planet with us.

      1. if we all learn to live together, combined with modern medical science, the world would quickly become over populated, war is a necessity, just like natural selection is, we’ve stopped the natural selection by adapting too much, but war is the only way to thin the herd.

  5. Excellent post on the Syria situation. There’s so much we are deliberately not told about, I guess it’s no surprise that most Americans just buy what the “authorities” and the MSM sell them constantly. Here’s a little more about what’s really going on there by an ex-CIA guy…
    OK, back to the gore…

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