Syrian Man with Back of His Head Blasted Off

Syrian Man with Back of His Head Blasted Off

This video also comes with complimentary fake emotional rant. Al Jazeera casting team is finding some real talent among the Snackbarists. Good acting, if a little too melodramatic.

Looks like this Syrian fellow took a headshot from an HP rifle. There are several victims shown in the video – all of them males in what you could call a “fighting” age. I think it’s fair to assume that they are mercenaries gunned down while fighting the Syrian army. The epic headshot guy along with the whiner own this video.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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59 thoughts on “Syrian Man with Back of His Head Blasted Off”

  1. Fucking FSA twats.

    There are people right here in the western world saying shit like “Assad’s days are numbered.”

    Might as well be “Bahhhh! Bahhhhh Bahhhhh!”
    Fucking retards who are thinking Assad is the evil force here are sorely mistaken.

    1. @rammfan 1, agree with what you say but…do you or Hawk know why? I mean forgive me for being ignorant, but what is the strategic value of Syria? Why let these FSA “soliders” or merc’s run rampant, what will that accomplish…? what is the ultimate goal? If Assad falls, won’t Syria become another extremist stronghold??

      1. Strategically Syria has Russia’s only Mediterranean sea access naval base. Also Isolates further Iran, as the majority in Syria are Sunni and Iran even though they back Assad (who is an Shia) are majority Shia also. Syria provides access to the region for overland pipelines and oil infrastructure, and has capability to exploit them. Syria is just a step on the road to Iran and these sponsored muppets are doing the bidding of the UK/US/EU and NATO

          1. @d.i.y., will do, and thank you very much! I do look to this site for unbiased news, and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about world events. Sometimes I feel stupid asking, but if I don’t, I’ll certainly never know. We have so many people with so much knowledge, on a vast spectrum of topics…it’s dumb not to ask!

  2. They looked like they were following a script.

    Could it be possible that they are told what to say and how to act by the people doing the killing, or they would end up dead themselves?

    Just wondering as we hear the Allahu Akbaring so much and it’s practically the same old rant each time.

  3. All the FSA are Extremist or Foreign Mercenary. They are not ‘Rebels’ rebelling against anything. Fucking Turds are getting Armed by Zog forces through all of Syria’s neighbors especially Turkey.
    I hope Assad hangs in there, I have to assume that his Forces are dwindling and the FSAturds are holding strong with new mercenary and new weapons and the constantly Pro-FSA dribble from the US media.

    1. As long as assad holds the majority of Syrian cities he can continue to hold power but if he pulls a Gaddafi and let’s his cities complete fall into the hand of the FSA then he can kiss Syria good bye and start looking for a place that will take exiled ass which shouldn’t be to hard, I’m sure Iran will take him in with open arms since they seem to be supporting him and his efforts in Syria.

        1. LOL!!! Wash the gay off, that’s hilarious. Sorry to disappoint. The illusion of the pic is supposed to make others guess, so I’m assuming I succeeded lol. Didn’t mean to make you guys feel gay for a moment. We can stick with “space station” for now 😀

          1. @musicman, I’m a female, so you didn’t make me feel “gay”, I just don’t pay enough attention to avatars I guess. Well, cats out of the bag, no more illusions. Now, everybody knows what it is.

  4. Seven billion people populating the planet, and here we have the Minty Fresh-colored Shirt Guy who’s able to achieve the voice pitch that is usually only achieved by teenage boys who’re mad because they can’t get a ride to the mall to see their almost-bearded clam teeny bopper girlfriends. I’ll just check ’em off my list of People to Know Exist, and move on to the next category.

  5. I was listening to some trip-hop while watching the clip and I swear the only damn second I turned on the sound in the clip weiner guy shouted “Allah Achbar”. FFS say something new like penisclicker or something.

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