Syrian MIG Jet Fighter Plane Shot Down, Ejected Pilot Seen Parachuting

Syrian MIG Jet Fighter Plane Shot Down, Ejected Pilot Seen Parachuting

New videos from Syria appear to show a MiG-21 jet fighter aircraft crashing, presumably because it was shot down by the rebels. Neither video shows that it was shot, but one shows pilot parachuting down so I think it’s safe to assume that the plane was taken down by some means.

The incident happened near Dumayr air base in Syria. Hopefully the pilot was able to get to safety before the terrorists could catch him.

First video is of crappy quality, but you can discern the parachuting pilot as he’s being shot at by the rebels:

Clarity of the second video is much better, but it just shows a jet flying overhead and then it cuts to a pummel of smoke:

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