Syrian Rebels Blow Up Carlton Hotel in Aleppo with Underground Tunnel Bomb

Syrian Rebels Blow Up Carlton Hotel in Aleppo with Underground Tunnel Bomb

Aleppo is the largest city in Syria. There is thousands of years of history in it, thousands of years of architecture, which foreign invaders took just a few years to destroy.

Apparently, thanks to the western intelligence that provides the rebels with guidance, the rebels learned that the government troops were in the Carlton Hotel in Aleppo. They were provided with a map of underground tunnels previously used as mines and equipment needed to drill their way immediately under the hotel. Then they rigged the spot with explosives and remotely set it off, blowing the hotel up with a huge explosion.

First video shows the massive explosion the tunnel bomb caused:

Second video shows the underground prep work and a different angle of the explosion:

50 thoughts on “Syrian Rebels Blow Up Carlton Hotel in Aleppo with Underground Tunnel Bomb”

      1. I could be wrong , but I doubt they had access to tunnels like these for that job .

        What I want to know is , who the fuck , how the fuck do they obtain vast amounts of explosive like that ?
        Guy was Wheeling a fucking barrow full !

        Thank fuck it’s Friday .

          1. Most likely is @rayf . They certainly got their hands on lots of that volatile stuff

            Awful chemical Ammonia , and to think millions of folks cover their hair with that shit for aesthetic purposes !

    1. This lot shouldv’e taught Guido fawkes a few things. Why the fuck don’t we ever succeed in anything, can’t blow up parliament, can’t depose the royals…well not without bringing them back. That’s why the English are fucked.

      1. …and a view of the once beautiful citadel of aleppo – which now looks pounded to fuck.

        what a shame. this was one of the places i planned to visit after my retirement , along with a lot of other silk route towns and cities that have been crushed and corrupted by zionist policy

    1. I’ve been thinking about opening a sandwich shop . I’m gunna call it Alans Snack bar .

      That term , that stupid fucking rant , has lost all of it’s meaning , lost it’s mojo . Silly muzzies have worn it out .

  1. Allah loves snackbars?

    Bearded man looked like former brazil’s president Luiz Inacio LULA da Silva…

    Yes,,,we had a Da Silva president…

    I wanna show my respect for Syria and I hope syrians get peace asap….

    May the God be with you in this dark century…

      1. @PD Good morning bro. Glad your back and hope your health is well. Would have wished you well yesterday but you were busy fending off attacks. Just want to tell you I appreciate all you do for this site, contributing your time and effort. Also at this time I would like to apologize about our disagreement when I said you might not have taken your meds or the thing about the tin foil hat. Bro I was only trying to be funny. Did not mean for it to come off as a personal attack. I know when you put yourself out there some people will attack you. Again I apologize it WAS NOT my intent to do so. Have a great day PD and can’t wait to see further contributions from you.

        1. It’s ok man. Waters of the past.

          I’m doing better. Went to the hospital with a light case of anemia but i’m ok now.

          And yes, there will always be people who will oppose my views and the articles I make and attack / offend me but hey, it comes with the job, as that old saying goes.

  2. I’ve seen some videos from the Syrian civil war or whatever you may call it on here. To die in an explosion like this is a mercy killing rather than being beat to death or beheaded. I wonder how many died?

    1. @dadiisuez Very true just like in WWII when they were fighting in Italy “the whole country is a museum”. It’s too bad they can’t all agree to just go out in the desert to fight. Everyone of them want to liberate this or that town. Aleppo will probably change hands a few times. The people there are truly unfortunate as they must suffer through these terrible liberations.

  3. That poor, poor country.

    What are the rebels going to do with that pile of shit if they get it? What would a bunch of retards do with an entire country? They don’t care about anything. It’s actually heartbreaking…

      1. If I didn’t know any better I think you have just read off a normal everyday Islam constitution.

        Hey, our life kinda sucks.. Lets make it a million times worse for ourselves and everyone around us!

        Say what you want about Zionists, at least they don’t hate their own people with fiber of their being. They just care more about themselves, and the money they can make off other countries suffering.

    1. True dre , very sad situation .

      When I watch these dip shits , the impression I often get is that they are all shit scared followers who dare not do or say any different .

      Brainwashed indeed fella .

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