Syrian Rebel Fatally Shot on the Battlefield, His Mates React All Kinds of Strange

Syrian Rebel Fatally Shot on the Battlefield, His Mates React All Kinds of Strange

Video from a battlefield near a village of Bureij in Syria shows a group of rebels reacting all kinds of strange to one of their mates getting fatally shot. Obviously, where these guys are, the bullets that fly overhead are real. They don’t spend evenings by watching telly after a nice hot shower.

On a battlefield, you go through hell and back on a daily basis. Within a small unit, you probably develop bonds that may be difficult to comprehend by those who have not been in the same 24/7 life or death situations. With that in mind, maybe their reactions were not all that strange after all.

I could swear that at around 2:08, the shot gunner lightly twitches, as if he was taking his last breath.

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  1. I’m thinking the guy in the weird looking camo was the slain mans relative, maybe younger brother. It’s possible they all came from the same small village and he was the first soldier that was killed from their unit. Just guessing.

          1. @gunkgirl, @1:36 the deep voiced guy says “get up! Get away from here. Give me it! I dont want to hear another word from your mouth!”

            @itwasme If it was his brother I’d think the leader would let him grieve. Im thinking they are also from the same village and where pretty close.

    1. Probably a K Mart blue light special. All of them pretty much have non military gear on. Oh, now I know where I’ve seen that camo gear before. Mexico and central America wear shit like that, but from southern Mexico on down, there’s a lot of forest which might be better suited for that kind of camo

          1. @bestservedcold, wooo! Beware! I work for Mossad! Hear me and obey! Seriously though if i hear another person say im a Zionist im gonna call my IDF buddies to airstrike the Gaza strip!

  2. Oh dear, he was obviously liked. Maybe he was the falafel maker? Now they will all go hungry!!

    And isn’t camouflage meant to be inconspicuous? That bright Orange jacket is somewhat missing the point. 🙂

  3. Being former military stationed at camp leatherneck, I can attest to say you do develop a close bond. Its sad looking back at all the wasted lives on both sides, dying for a greater cause wich is now developed over oil and territory greed, so yes I can feel that one guy’s pain over losing a comrade.

    1. It’s always been about the petro dollar, profits and protecting the ugly step child when it comes to our middle east policy…you can send your thank you card to AIPAC….military men are just dumb, stupid animals used as pawns for foreign policy…Henry Kissinger…..

    1. You can tell your Allah to kiss my ass then if he’s a true God. Well Allah cant even understand english that is why Muslims are are hating westerners because their phony god Allah knows only Arabic

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  4. Great shootin’ Syrian_Boy! Kindly ask esteemed Syrian_General Zahreddine to release his beautiful falcon. There are two fresh neigh indestructible eyes for it to eat!

    And no fellow SOB’s, releasing the falcon is not a sex thing! 😉

  5. An unworthy rebel who serves the A.C.E. is dead is a miracle. Assad and his Syrian Alawite army will continue to eradicate all groups who serve the Western Capitalist empires are the new Fascists and when all of Syria falls in Assad’s hands, Assad will march to Washington to finish the emperor and his cronies who created terrorism including the AIS. I’m with you president Bashar-Al-Assad 🙂

    1. It would be a great day if they took out Barry Soetoro! Oops, I forgot to refer to him by his muslim name, Barack Hussein Obama.

      If they could also take out Biden, Reid, and Pelosi, what a glorious day it would be! I can only dream …

  6. he’s a fallen brother- in- arms, not a blood brother. and perhaps even his friend from same village…

    when he gets emotional one soldier orders him to snap out of it, go and go back to his trench positon and dont do anything stupid because of his grief

  7. I hate all of them, don’t get me wrong, but think about it, if you were in their shoes, living in the same situation, you could possibly end up fighting beside them. They don’t know any better, those men were little boys before they held a rifle and started fighting. They have feelings and emotions like all of us, they just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, its easy for us to just sit here sipping our iced tea and judge them. Its a cruel world controlled by a handful, they gained that control with the deaths of billions . Its survival of the fittest, i just hope we could all understand each other at one point.

  8. scenes like this slice of life will always be the lot of islamic jihadists. the triumvirate of abrahamic religions will never permit superiority and thus mindless warfare amongst the juxtaposition carries on whilst humanity itself suffers the worst over any cause

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