Syrian Sniper Kills Two Jihadists with One Shot

Syrian Sniper Kills Two Jihadists with One Shot

A Syrian sniper took out two jihadists with a single shot, and I think a third one was also killed running down to help. This old trick never fails – you make a kill, you zero in on the same spot cause someone may come to pick him up.

The hat flying away after the head shots is pure win.

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    1. The difference between a trained army and a bunch of retards.

      A friend just sent me a case of tp with the face of Mohammed on each sheet, it says “become one with his holiness as he becomes one with your hole”!

  1. I learned all I need to know about dealing with a sniper from watching Full Metal Jacket. That is to say, you’re supposed to run out in the open like a madman firing away like Animal Mother, and GET THE SNIPER! >:)

      1. They say that had he not had such a shitty back problem he probably wouldn’t have died and had his head blown off. Because he had back problems he had a super tight back brace on and when he was shot, had it not been for the brace, the second shot would have probably missed. His body didn’t bend back as much as it should have because the brace kept him in place for the second shot to take off his head.

      1. The newest conspiracy is that they might of been after the Governor if Texas, based of some new info that Oswald had some major issues with him. And that Kennedy was just a mistake?

        Not saying that’s the case at all here, but that conspiracy is just as compelling as all the rest of the JFK ones.

  2. Notice there were no allah akbars after their friends’ heads got popped. Awwww – what’s a matter Johnnie Jihad? Cat got your tongue? Do we only praise god when we are winning or executing people? I thought he was your god all the time? A fair weather god, eh? Oooh – the silence from these usually mouthy terrorist fucks gives me chills. This one is going in my favorites bin.

  3. Gots to love the spaghetti western music. It’s like some freaky ass western movie and you’re waiting for Clint Eastwood to walk into frame with the Dirty Harry gun, killing some Arab fuck and saying Allah Akbar with a toothpick in his mouth. These Arabs get wild and crazier everyday.

  4. This clip is from Danish tv; a muslim making a documentary on the war in syria. He was a “former” drug dealer/gangster, ? went god? : ) I know. Any how this is a 55 min film where 2 guys living in Dk (Wont call that spice of shit Danish but you get the jist) travels to Syria to show how muslim they are, and how much they believe in pointless murder/ ?the inner struggle and betterment of oneself that is Jihad?.
    Not to say that any man hasent got the right to stand up for himself and his country I seriously applaud that , it a revolution. We all went thru one to make us better. Don?t call it all kinds of bullshit – and sertanlt not a Islamic spring for more shit.

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