Syrian Soldier Mustafa Shaddoud Lays Down Rifle to Talk with Rebels

Syrian Soldier Mustafa Shaddoud Lays Down Rifle to Talk with Rebels

An inspirational video from war battered Syria shows a Syrian soldier named Mustafa Shaddoud laying down his weapon to talk with the rebels on friendly terms. The Syrian war has been going on for way too long. Soldiers on both sides saw their friends die by the hand of the opposing force. Understandably, there is a lot of hatred toward each other.

To put down one’s weapon as a display of non hostility, and walk toward the enemy encampment armed with nothing but the will to talk was an act of heroism. It is comparably commendable that the rebels did not turn it into an opportunity to snatch an easy prisoner to torture.

Both sides hold grudges, so to utterly risk one’s life for the sake of a dialogue was huge. There are bigger politics behind the life of each of these foot soldiers, but the sole attempt to see themselves as brothers once more was heroic. Mad props to great Mustafa Shaddoud.

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    1. And yet its peace in gaza that the apocolypse waits on! According to some. And yes at any moment he could be killed. But hes there on his own mission of peace. Fuck that russian guy this guy has fucking balls. Or his army is out of options. Lol

    1. When all logical solutions have been exhausted and proved to be false; the illogicol however improbable is inevitably true. – sherlock holmes.

      So many here say that the people we see are beyond redemption and we should just destroy them all. Nuke the lot and be done with it. But the people in homes and streets schools and markets have no desire to be slaughtered out of hand. Most of the civillian population doest even know about western culture. And what they do know is the same oppressive murdurouse propoganda that our media feeds us about them. Families provide for each other they feel and express love for each other they survive everyday best they know how. What makes people great is what they choose to learn from experiences. After all that has happened moustafa can lay down his weapon and try for peace. We live in a world that glorifies war.
      The only gloriouse war is the one we realized we didnt have to be fighting. It is my sincerest hope that all involved and all here take his example. It is not we the people who wish to fight wars but they who need us to. Hatered is not the opposite of love it is love that is confused and jaded. Indifference is true hatred. To view this world with no attachment or emotion. To see this and not weep for humanity….

  1. It’s curious when you see that most of the users here are really sane in their minds. We love gore but we would never kill a fly. I hope this world will someday leave us without gore to watch…that day we will be a better mankind

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE seeing eyeball stabbings, live burnings, sloppy beheadings, and I really miss the cartel stuff and Mark.
      But this is different and refreshing.
      I’m almost positive everyone here feels the same.

    1. I see your point. You see the enemy. You neutralize the enemy. But, what these men did was MORE brave than putting a bullet into another human. They both took risks, they both asked questions to help EACH OTHER. What this just demonstrated was an example of the World still somewhat having a chance to come together and resolve issues without violence.

      1. ‘War is war’ Wars are most often started by governments, most of the time I doubt the soldiers really hate each other, they are just carrying out orders. Look at the ceasefires in Gallipoli for example, the Turks and the Anzacs helped each other bury their fellow comrades.

  2. Humanity at its best. This is what happens when you don’t take into consideration of religion or race. We are all human beings. A pleasure to see that at least some of these guys show humanity unlike most of the blind killing machine as most of them are.

        1. Yes me three. All it takes is Boat to go calm the locals down. B orat can diffuse any tense situation. What they probably did is send the closest thing to Borat there is over to calm them down. With a face like Borat with Groucho Marx mustache it can bring peace to this planet.

    1. Their dialogue is limited to three phrases. Maybe not even three. That latest beheading vid was different though, like the guy was at the barbers with the same relaxed pre chat. Some of them are becoming very daily-business about it all.

    2. I’m sorry I fucked up totally. I posted before watching the vid and meant ISIS. These FSA guys are having an altogether more (tentative) chit chat. Judging by their ‘Yes but all the other shit your army does…’ comments he’s not going to have much currency beyond a nice local group hug at most.

  3. Maybe fake..maybe not. Watch Video on YouTube and read what other People know about this art of Propaganda.
    Its not bad to belive in the “good” about the human beeing.. But no war never end with this, so Long all System-slaves do wat hers goverment told hers.

  4. Did they look into each others eyes and ponder, but for a few differences set out in black and white on a page, we are the same ?.
    These guys ought to be united in a fight against those who manipulate, against the evil string pullers who set these men against each other. Maybe this is what suddenly dawned on the chap as he stood amongst the rubble. ” What the hell am?I doing “.
    Or, did I just watch a nice little piece of manipulation ?
    On the fence with this one.

  5. Winning the hearts and minds of the people, another shining example of the Jew controlled American military.
    American military power to be used this way has no justifiable reason.
    Ordering this military action by the disgusting war criminal nigger Jew whore Barack Obama is a disgrace.

  6. This is a wonderful, inspiring video!!

    Yes, some may think that it is a propaganda video. But I always ask myself first…

    …who would be to gain from this?

    I mean, how many times has our corrupt media spread propaganda? They simply bring out the worst in society, when society attempts to help each other…

    …so we already know, who’s to gain from here

    Whatever story one wants to believe about the rebels, ISIS or Syria…

    The United States, always ends up making friends, with our friend’s enemies, through proxy wars. We are friends to the rebels against the Syrian army. However we, the United States, believe that it is in the best interest of Syria/Assad, that we bomb the living Christ out of ISIS…

    What makes this video inspiring, is the fact that the Syrian army and the rebels, are communicating together.

    One may think, that the rebels indeed, are part of Syria, and have been there all along, fighting against social injustices, THAT HAS KILLED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF CIVILIANS FROM BOTH SIDES!!


    …and I highly disagree with this “wholeheartedly.”

    But let’s take a look at this from a few angles…

    The rebels and the Syrian army are fighting against each other, and this is a fact. Both parties involved are Syrians, having some big time social differences…

    …then why the United States involvement, unless the U.S. wants something over there?

    …on the other hand

    If the rebels are funded by the United States for a specific purpose, then there would be a reason to produce the fifth branch of our government…

    …ISIS, with our filthy media being the fourth

    So, let’s do a “mental flowchart,” shall we?

    If some of the rebels and Syrian army are coming together in a sign of peace…

    …THEN WHO’S I.S.I.S?

    Who would need them, if the United States had nothing to gain over Syria?

    …from the standpoint of ISIS anyway

    You simply cannot have it both ways..

    …and that’s why I totally support this video

    I think the gentleman who walked towards his opposition, may have thought this one through…


    Another perspective…

    Stay the fuck out of this United States, this is OUR business…

    We already have ISIS as our moderator, because they are in the best interest of both parties here…



    …remember when I said, that you can’t have it both ways here?

    You can’t!!

  7. I would have blasted him.
    He joined Assad’s army.
    Any of you American vets are my enemies as well, you served our traitors gladly. You are nothing but serpents

  8. I am Arabic ( originally Palestinian Christian ) , not that it matters, but goddamn it, Arab Muslims have always been like that, they never wanna live in peace with anyone. Those morons should’ve fought together against the invaders and ISIS, not with them to destroy their great culture and nation . Syria used to be beautiful, Arabs have great potential, we could be doctors and help the world instead of destroying it, but somewhere along the lines, we forgot who we are and started placing country and religion over humanity. We are quick to judge someone that thinks different, Judge them by what they wear and what they do. If only we had common sense, with our oil and potential to be the best there is, we could’ve worked together as Arab nations, and stopped Israel from becoming a nation, could’ve stopped the Zionists from taking over the middle east and we would’ve never left our nation. Greed is why we are here folks, most of us have the will to live, help others and become great, we just lost our way. Religion isn’t to blame anymore, we need to wake up, and look at each other as human beings, that’s how humanity starts. Its only gonna get worse and worse, specially with kids growing up without education, ISIS is gonna be their only option.

    1. Good to hear someone like yourself actually speaking of taking some responsibility for the mess that’s been created.
      You are right @bannoura, if you people were united, you could go far.
      I wish people like yourself all the best.

  9. BIG balls on this guy.
    I think his lot were just on the brink of being fucked up badly, probably out of ammo/retreat cut off etc. and he went for the ultimate last throw of the dice, go out and talk about how they’re all just brothers and such shit.

    LOL. Thinking under pressure, better than just mouthing snackbar repeatedly and hoping for the best.

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