Syria – Two Bloody Corpses Torn to Pieces

Syria - Two Bloody Corpses Torn to Pieces

At this point in time, if your name is anything other than Hillary Clinton and you still think that FSA aka Free Syrian Army, or more appropriately – Fake Syrian Army are the good guys in Syria, then you really deserve a baseball bat in the head cause that’s about the only thing that could still fix your dumb brain. If your name is Hillary Clinton, however, then not even a bat to the head could possibly help you.

This is a typical video from Syria – shaky camera, some unidentified bodies covered in blood and lots of incoherent screaming. All we can assume from the video is that there appear to be two corpses torn to pieces on the floor of some room. Who they are, how they died and whether they’re real is anybody’s guess. The only thing that’s for sure is that every video Syrian rebels released to date was a pile of bullshit. Either stolen footage from elsewhere – having nothing to do with Syria whatsoever, or fake protests, fake wounds and their personal favorite – civilians they executed to have material for propaganda.

Draw your own conclusion. My guess is these terrorists died after their own IED unexpectedly exploded.


These terrorists died in an accidental grenade explosion during a staged protest in Al Rastan. Western media, such as The Telegraph used the video of the explosion to purposefully spread propaganda claiming that the explosion was caused by mortar shell fired by Bashar al Assad’s soldiers. Sunni extremists used the aftermath of the same explosion (video below) as their own propaganda. What a bunch of jokers.

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  1. planning for the death of others will only lead to your own demise. karma exists, folks. in the end everyone will get whats coming to them. guaranteed. Allah planned it this way. he is the ultimate prankster and the joke is on us.

    1. Read the Bible. The bible was written WELL b4 the Karan. the bible predicted the creation of Islam. It said how it would be a “religion” (if you can call it that) of violent barbaric creatures. Love telling you this but there is no allah dude, Islam is a fake religion created for the sole purpose of hurting innocent people. CHRIST, God, is the real thing. Not this fake violent thing you call allah!

      1. Well actually mouse boy, if they died immediately after being blown up then it would have been too quick for the brain to send the pain message out. But since you seem to be going by if they felt anything before they got blown up then clearly your intelligence is questionable when I have to specify what I’m saying for you to actually get it.

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  2. im watching this and i dont feel sorry at all
    those lunatic fanatics are so fucking sick that i can watch them die all day
    blown up,murdered by guns,knifes or any other weapon i dont give a fckn shit actually it makes me happy
    hope they all burn in hell and die painfully 🙂

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  4. Hillary Clinton is such a worthless piece of liberal shit and that whole Benghazi fiasco was just too fucked up for words. I had hoped that everyone would finally see what the true colors of this administration and of its members are… but no, you still have so many zombified fools blindly following their Liberal Assclown Messiah right off the fiscal cliff… smh.
    (For those who aren’t hip to internet shorthand, “smh” stands for “shaking my head” which means you think the aforementioned sentence is something someone should be ashamed of.)

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