Syrian Arab Army Removes Dead Terrorists from Cities and Countryside

Syrian Arab Army Removes Dead Terrorists from Cities and Countryside

Here are two photos from Syria, showing soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army removing the dead terrorist scum from their cities and countryside.

Photo of mercenaries roped to a truck is from Kassab, a town in the rural area of Lakatia in the northern part of the country. The other photo shows the removal of dead terrorists from the city of Latakia, with civilians relieved to be rid of these jihadists.

Props to Best Gore member Syrian_Boy for supplying the photos.

55 thoughts on “Syrian Arab Army Removes Dead Terrorists from Cities and Countryside”

      1. The terrorist scum will never take the coastal cities or Damascus. The eastern interior is a different story, however. It will be a long time before they get rid of those ISIS rats, especially since Iraq isn’t doing shit to help.

  1. How do you know that those are terrorists? Syria is a death trap where people enjoy gore as it happens like that Dad showing his kid the “Live Gore” without knowing that any second they can end up in those vans as well.

    1. Syria is a deathtrap because of the Zionist scum. While I admire your questioning, I feel as though I must state that the only reason Syria is in the state that it is in is because of Israel.

  2. Go SAA! Kill those Zionist-cock sucking fuckers.
    There’s nothing more that I enjoy than a pile of dead jew fucking pieces of shit.
    I can’t wait until Bashar annihilates all of these terrorists. This is the glory of retribution shining upon us.
    Anybody who goes against the current regime is a TERRORIST, they and their cock-sucking western allies are responsible for the deaths of the innocent.
    I hope Bashar castrates anybody who would believe the lies of the Fake Syrian Army.
    I have a Syrian native in one of my college classes, she has family there (obviously) and even states that the “FSA”, is only there for their own sick genocide of all that would oppose the jew.
    My opinion: Stop insulting the Arabs, learn who the true enemy is and let go of the prejudice that the jews have forced into the media. Arabs are not our enemy, our enemy is who the SAA are killing.
    Vival la SAA.

    1. Man kudos for you man! You said the truth!
      Condolezza rice’s new middle east plan is actually a little role for the FSA rats and other zio puppets to play a role in. The new middle east plan is gonna be stopped if Bashar’s army, hizbAllah and iraqi fighters keep sending these rats to hell !

      1. It warms my heart to come into contact with a fellow intellectual.
        I am a white man against tyranny.
        If there is a god, bless Hezbollah, Hamas, and the SAA.
        These are the men the great U.S should be backing.

        1. Makes me happy as arab living in Norway and loving its people :D. Keep your head up my man! I am sure the war will be won by Bashar. PS: dont believe al jazeera’s news. they are lying all the way about how powerfull FSA scums are. πŸ™‚

      1. I read the protocols of zion as your name describes. Man thats some accurate stuff. We will be fighting these evil zionist jews til the last human being of us! If not they will have the whole darn earth for themselves and use us as working sheeps for all eternity! Good choice of name man!

          1. Well some here say I’m a little bit funny but That’s the way I am only here I can be my self without being called “psycho”lol

    1. Ok, I need your help, It was me. Last week, I put the terrorists with the paper and they didn’t pick them up! Trust me when I tell you that two week old dead terrorists become a bit gamey. So do they go with the plastic or with the glass?

  3. Time to get rid of this scum. They don’t deserve to live anyway due to the monstrous acts they commit. They deserve the ‘pits of hell’ as is rightly written.
    Why can’t we give peace a chance. Time to just throw away the weapons and live in peace.

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