Syrian Child Ripped in Half

Syrian Child Ripped in Half

Video is from Deir Ezzor Shaheel in Syria. Child was found in the dirt ripped in half. Turkey continues to smuggle explosives, grenades, mortars and rockets of all kinds into Syria, fueling this Sunni rage and this is the result. Children caught in cross fire end up ripped to pieces.

Video is kind of weird – second half looks the same as the first only without audio:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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51 thoughts on “Syrian Child Ripped in Half”

        1. I know ya do! I couldn’t help but laugh at the naivet? of that comment up there. As if human beings are these one-sided creatures who are supposed to feel a certain way about things in order to be on the right side of their nature instead of being able to embrace all aspects of themselves. For “better”, or “worse”.

          1. lavada lahsun: What would my reaction to this video be? Humor, of course. 🙂 Yay! Dead people! Oh… Oh, I’m sorry. It’s a little girl. I’m sorry…but…I need a moment… (Sniff, sniff…) Do you have a tissue? Hahaha. Ripped up dead little cunt. I don’t give a fuck about her, or her death. Why? Because her death doesn’t affect MY life in any way, shape, or form. Boo-fucking-hoo. Some little bitch over in Syria got ripped in half. You know what? I have to take a dump, and then I’m going to drink some Coors, and watch the first Star Wars movie. That’s my reaction to this video. That I don’t care. Not one bit. How ya like them apples?

  1. War has always been a part of human existence, from the dawn of humanity we have battled and killed each other, animals in nature do the same. We humans are unique however because we will kill for our wallets and our egos, the Arab countries are in turmoil at the moment but then so is the rest of the world, how many people die or kill themselves because of debt or other financial considerations.

    What we have now is a world marred by an out of control capitalist society run by the perverse and greedy, wars around the world, debt, lack of jobs, low wages, education for only those that can afford it, I expect wars to be breaking out in the so called civilised world any time soon.

    Therefore I am not moved by dead Syrian children because I expect it to get a hell of a lot worse yet and the way things are going we will all be fighting for our survival soon enough.

    1. @Empty soul -so, wait until our own young are dying before feeling it? To see images like this and not be moved at all may well guarantee such an end to our own. So much bitter anger in these BG posts -and believe me I’m feeling it, too. But here we are -connecting and learning w/each other. I’m doing what I can to bring people to BG, sending links to David Irving & the like -just to try and make others aware of what’s truly going on in our world. Some turn “sheep” on me & choose to stay focused on that hamster wheel under their feet. Others will come back at me somber and afraid of what they’ve seen, but are brave enough to learn more. Maybe it’s purely fantasy on my part, but: What if They Threw a War, but Nobody Came? What if enough people saw the Agenda & took measures to opt out of it entirely? It’s a big “what if”, but God Damnit -I’m sick of people trying to make war for peace! It’s perhaps only a concept, a theory even -but I feel it in every fiber of my being that We Can Evolve! Not religious, not a hippy or peacenik either. It sounds like “Pen is mightier than the sword” talk, but I know it’s something more. I’m just a little man on his crApple iPhone, feel free ti dismiss me as such. But I will not surrender to either the Agendists nor the War Mongers. I enjoy reading all of BGs commentary posts & will continue to do so, in spite of what criticism may come.

      1. animals are just as vicious don’t give us humans a bad name, lions kill baby cubs if they’re not kin, and plenty more animals I can name that kill just to do it, but I hate when folks try to compare us to “loving” animals as cavemen we learned how to kill by watching animals and just because money is used by us, doesn’t make us any different than the cycle of the animal food chain

  2. No matter how many times i see these little ones all torn up & shit, i still hurt.
    This lil guy should be playing with cars & toys, not dodging bombs. poor little soul, born in that shit-hole so called country. But rest assured my little man, one day, hopefully soon, these fuckers will have to answer for all their evil deeds.

  3. And sadly, its hard to say which fate is worse, that of the child who’s life was ended so tragically, or of the children in a war torn third world country who grow up without the precious innocence that children deserve.

  4. It is sad to see children to be victims of un-fortunate circumstances. However that is just the way the world works. This kid was born in a shit hole country full of idiots who leave grenades and mortars just lying about….

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