Syrian Freedom Fighters Slain in Shaar Gas Field Massacre

Syrian Freedom Fighters Slain in Shaar Gas Field Massacre

Remember the video showing the aftermath of a huge battle in the Shaar gas field that left 115 Syrian soldiers brutally massacred by ISIL? Well, our friend Syrian_Boy has provided a small set of photos here which he says were taken on the road to reclaim the gas field from ISIL. One man had his head completely split, looks like it was done with a machete. Another man had been shot full of huge holes and while some look prepared for combat, others look more casual. I can’t even imagine the stink of the place afterwards. All the spilled blood and emptied bodily fluids while the former Fleshy Viruses slowly stiffen and dry in the sun.

I have no further information on how the battle to retake the Shaar gas field is going thus far but Syrian_Boy seems optimistic:

you can now rest in peace all of my comrades in arms

Thanks a lot Syrian_Boy. Continue the fight.

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    1. I’ve read some accounts from the American West and how many times bad guys were skinned and boots, belts, book bindings, etc. was made out of their tanned hides. So faces peeled and tanned would make great Halloween masks!

          1. The once powerfull kingdom that conquered the seas and colonised many lands, just to be turned into nothingness thanks to the corruption and austerity programs imposed by the jewish European Union, land of the poor – Portugal.

    1. @stagedoor jonny, Think it could have been a sword?
      It looks like he was a prisoner, because one end of the green strap looking thing is tied to his wrist, the orange one looks like it’s tied around his neck. So maybe, he was taken prisoner then executed?

      Stay safe Syrian_Boy, and thank you for your contributions to the site!

      1. Hey @it was me, yeah I reckon you hit the nail on the head either the prisoner theory, looks like he was captive and marched along to where he was killed like a dog on a lead.
        As for his head, I just can’t think of anything else that could cut it that clean, it looks like it was done in one blow, maybe a machete but you’d need to be an artist with it to do this. I bet it was a sight to behold that strike. Or else I’ve got it all wrong and it’s the type of thing where you think “but of course!” when you find out the truth. I wonder did the guy have a few fleeting seconds of consciousness after they did it?

  1. The dude with the split head died in such a bad ass way. I’ve never seen death look so cool before, might as well throw it some black shades, a cig and leather jacket. I can picture the grim reaper giving this dude a bro hug in the after life being all like, “Did you see how you died man? Sick as fuck. You took a machete blast straight to the face!” Hahaha

    1. Nope, no way.
      Look at the clean straight incision line through the forehead, also the bottom part of the cleaved sagged away with gravity and dripped bits/blood onto the arm underneath.
      None of this could result from a sniper rifle impact.

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