Syrian Man Burned to a Crisp

Syrian Man Burned to a Crisp

There are a few dead Syrians in this video, but the very well done chap is the most remarkable one. It takes a strong fire and quite a bit of time to burn a human body to a crisp. Ask any person who works as a crematory operator where they use high powered, digitally controlled incinerators to get an idea. Holocaust storytellers would have you believe otherwise, but that’s how we know they’re making that shit up.

The burned to a crisp guy from this video must have spent over an hour subjected to a very intense fire. As with everything coming out of Syria these days, there’s no knowing what really happened but it must have been one hell of an inferno he was caught in:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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69 thoughts on “Syrian Man Burned to a Crisp”

  1. What a crappy way to go.

    Theoretical question,if anyone here
    stumbled upon someone looking
    like this guy….and he was still
    alive…..would you have the
    decency to put a bullet through
    his brain????????

          1. Ir a bailar contigo..

            I mean drown, even though they say what happens to your body when drowning feels more painful than burning, cause with burning you go into shock..

      1. Lady L: I’d rather drown. The bloating doesn’t bother me. The terror of drowning doesn’t even come close to the minute, or two, of pain you’d get from burning to death. As far as I can imagine what it’d feel like, anyway.

  2. Easiest way to torture someone with little effort is to set them on fire. To bad we didn’t get to see these guys roll around and scream in agony as thats usually a good show. Hopefully these guys weren’t set ablaze for stealing potatoes.

  3. Wrapped in cloth and death’s charred skin
    He laid next to a corpse which may have been kin,
    His brain leaked and expelled from the body that had been
    Just a second ago a specimen quite insane, so the people said “Let’s begin”
    Raising his head and showing us all his last grin.

  4. I dont believe for a second that a corpse in a intense fire would look like that! What it would look like is carred bones there wouldnt be any skin or much remaining tissue on it! As far as the final solution why do you have such a hard time believing it to be true??? I have watched several documentaries and war films that it seems theres just too much saying they did it ! Its like OJ didnt murder his wife but we all know he did! And besisdes theres a lot more to worry about besides worring about whos the crazyist bastard who ever was! More about who the crazyist bastard who IS ! And theres plenty of em’ The Kock brothers, lil kim dictator of korea, Our goverment for the rich! People in general !

  5. talk shite.
    the holocaust was fucking real alright it took that long to burn all the bodies they buried them in mass graves.
    typical of the yanks to scream ” conspiracy ” like little fucking children.
    i was in a car crash with my mate at 130mph and we hit a lamp post in the uk, i was ejected from the car like a fucking exocet missile for about 200 yards, 27 broken bones one ear ripped off, seat belt still wrapped round body, he was unfortunate enough to be trapped, the heat… well that woke him up, the fire was raging when the screaming started, it lasted about 1-2 minutes seemed like a lifetime, it didnt take long for the car to engulf him and burn him to a complete crisp.
    the road had a large sunken melted hole about an inch deep for a few weeks before the roads crew came and dug it up and repaired it.
    the repair mark is still there to this day.
    that was around 1993 when mobile phones called and texted only so no videos or pictures are available, only a distant memory.

  6. So..the Nuremberg trials were just a Hebrew puppet show? The Jews started brainwashing the masses (including the nazis that testified) as early as what? 1940? To buy into the holocaust “lie”?

    There’s a big difference between the huge industrial ovens used in the camps and the small funeral home crematoria. They were absolutely capable of the obliteration of corpses.

    There’s gobs of evidence to support the occurrence of said holocaust.


    1. Holocaust wasn’t invented until decades after the Nuremburg trials. Pennsylvania judge Edward L. Van Roden who investigated allegations that Nazis did not get a fair trial confirmed that they testified with jaws broken, testicles crushed and brain swollen. Baron Paget of Northampton wrote the same in his book titled “Manstein: His Campaign and His Trial”

      Why do you think none of the stories presented at the Nuremburg trials is technical/scientific/logistical possibility? God, I wish the sheep would just get off my site already.

  7. Looks like someone got their hands on some thermobaric weaponry. I know that RPGs can be fitted with thermobaric warheads. There are also grande launchers that are designed for thermobaric warhead usage.

    A typical thermobaric warhead detonates with an overpressure of up to 430 psi (this overpressure alone will kill) and the fuel-air explosive charge can reach temperatures in the range of 4,500 to 5,400 F (2,500 to 3,000 C) thus turning a person into a crispy critter in under five seconds.

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