Syrian Man Shot in the Head by Sunni Terrorists

Syrian Man Shot in the Head by Sunni Terrorists

Sunni terrorists basically shoot at anything that moves. They don’t have to worry about ammo, weapons or money so if a person is not with them, they must be against them and that’s a good enough reason to kill them.

Headshots bleed like crazy and paint patterns they make when the victim is moved about are plain art. Too bad retards with Iphones still don’t get it that humans have horizontally oriented eyes. I knew the world was full of retards, but didn’t quite think it was this bad.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Syrian Man Shot in the Head by Sunni Terrorists”

      1. I am letting BestGore’s community know, that if Obama gets re-elected, within 5 years the US will become a predominantly Muslim country and stuff like this will occur on US turf. Americans, consider yourself warned!

        1. @JewSimon >:( . if Obama gets re-elected he will continue to serve AIPAC and his Zionist Jew masters.

          When Ron Paul Loses, and he will lose. And another dumb quack is elected into office… the revolution will begin.
          REVOLUTION 2012!
          its about time to water the tree of liberty.

          1. LOL Ron Paul is a joke. He’s so weak on everything (except his views on the war, which even I as a veteran agree with him that both wars were unnecessary and that the troops need to come home now). But outside of that, RP’s economic and social ideas are garbage. Obama isn’t the best, but he’s a lot better then Bush and Ron Paul, so whatever.

          2. Obama serve Zionists Jews? If this is true then why the fuck does he still entertain Arab leaders who themselves support terrorism (Clinton is taking two loads to her face right now from those leaders in Saudi Arabia)? I strongly disagree. He is Anti-Jew, Anti-Christian, and puts a facade to allow time for his true scheme to occur: An Arab Spring here in the US.

          3. leave it to a fucking jew to bring thier gutter religion and bullshit politics to bg. they will lead is into ww3 soon enough. they’re as crazy as the mooslims. anyone who doesn’t see it is crazy themselves.

          1. @Simon so you’re saying Jews NEVER ‘cry’ about the so-called Holocaust? Displaying a Nazi flag or anything to do with Hitler is more ‘politically incorrect’ now than it’s EVER been! Anyway I read that Hitler was an animal lover and a vegetarian, so that’s 1 good point. (maybe his only 1?)

        1. (regurading politics) stop wasting the space in this comment coloum about this fictious, man made problems.
          The sooner that, howEVER it goes down, the better off everything as a whole will be…..when the fleshy virus has finially been eliminated once and forall.

          Squabbling over the definite details of which shit-rivet sid what, or which one lieds about like a dead da Silve is a waste of your, and MY time.

          NOT, why I hang out here.
          Death just gives my a firm hope of my anticipated final nothingness.

          Right now, go take your religion, take your politics, take your own FACE and introduce them to a garbage disposal.

  1. He’s drippin’ blood like a keg with a busted tap. If I was a vampire, I’d lay down, and have my vampire buddies hold him over me, so I could drink that blood before it went to waste. We’d be like a bunch of douchebag vampire frat guys, or something…

    All right, Syria. You’re seriously going to have to slow the fuck down with these videos. My creativity can’t keep up with you. You’ve got me talking crazy(ier) than usual now…

  2. I can’t help but envy those who’s human existance is now past-tense.
    As far as whet they had to go through to get their, sapose, in the end, who cares.
    This guy, gor their by means of a quick death…..lucky dude.

    For me, although be it completly impossible due to the obvious reasons, but best case senerio, if this had been me, for MY friends (that I don’t have) would pick up MY corpse, and proceed to piss out the words “BEST GORE” with my running head blood.

    I would enjoy this, if somehow, it could be submitted as MY fansign.

    Oh, how my goals in life have changed over the years.

  3. (what) (there) (suppose) (got) (there) (completly) etc.etc…, if ALL my commnets look like this, then just REALLY need to cop/paste and go use spell check in Hotmail BEFORE posting anything longer than 3 words, it looks like.

    CONVICTED word murderer!

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