Syrian Man Stabs German with Samurai Sword

Syrian Man Stabs German with Samurai Sword featured img
Syrian Man Stabs German with Samurai Sword featured img
Syrian Man Stabs German with Samurai Sword featured img

A Stuttgart man was stabbed to death by his roommate in the middle of a residential street after an argument. Apparently the 28-year-old suspect and the 36-year-old victim had lived together for about a year before the slaying took place on Wednesday, July 31st, this year.

The suspect is believed to be from Syria, living in Germany since 2015 with a residence permit. However the identity is not yet definitive, the suspect claims that he is two years older and has Jordanian citizenship at the time of the arrest.

The two videos taken from different angles show a man standing over another, stabbing him with a samurai sword, as the neighborhood residents scream in terror, not exactly being sure on what to do. One woman, perhaps the victims better half, only half now, can be seen exchanging some words with him, but quickly runs, possibly being threatened to become the next victim.

After one more good hack at the man, the sword wielding Syrian flees down the street with the weapon. Leaving his former roommate bleeding to death. The victims 11-year-old daughter, who witnessed the violent crime, ran away in shock. Despite immediate medical attention, the man died at the scene.

According to police, the man has a history of criminal activity, being charged with theft and domestic violence back in 2018.

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  1. Another fucking brown muzzie bastard making the rest of us educated, peaceful brown motherfuckers look bad. See this is why I hate everyone and even myself. Its people like him who make life in the west harder for anyone like me who might look similar to him. I hate them!!! Feel like slashing their necks one by one, or choking them with barbed wire, and stabbing them with a pick axe over and over until they are nothing more than a puddle of bloody mush!

  2. Poor guy, his little daughter had to saw that, very sad, there are good and bad in every race I guess, look at all the terrorist mass murders in America, so many disqusting, brainless, small dick, racist shittards Trump worshipers killing way more people than these refugees, but like I said, good and bad in every race, we’re not as different as some people here seem to beleave, they’ll probably be the next mass shooters and say the immigrants are the law breakers,as they murder more innocent people, because their to stupid to look up real facts and statistic, and beleave fox and Trump propaganda

  3. Governments/Authorities/Citizens who let these kinds of people into the country in the first place are traitors and should be held responsible and accountable for their actions.

    Europe was a great place to live in before they started letting all these psychopaths into the country. Now there is daily bomb explosions, rapes, murders, frauds, drugs and other kinds of violent behavior.

    When are people going to wake up and say enough is enough?

    Tip: Every time you hear or see something in the newspaper, television or radio or see/hear something IRL record everything you can to sample proof/evidence, save all the links to articles, radio talks and television recordings for 1 year. Sort them out in categories depended on what they are about and then name each thing 1 2 3 4 and so on with date and time stamp. Then come back and say it’s nothing seriously that we have to deal with. This is for everyone who’s being ignorant and think there isn’t any problems that we need to solve.

    It’s a great shame when you wake up and realize that your country isn’t safe to live in anymore! You should be able to have your front door open without being afraid of being robbed or even worse. You shouldn’t need to walk with someone outside afraid of being robbed, beaten, raped or worse. Good people don’t commit these kinds of things because they are enough intelligent to understand that this is disgusting and a sin for however is religious.

    A smart person DO understand WHY their own country is horrible meanwhile there are good countries. Good countries exist because of how they treat each other, their culture, their traditions, their education and law system and common sense and a heart on the right place. Whoever don’t want to respect and adapt into the country they move into must leave immediately and go back home to wherever they came from.

  4. THIS could have been prevented! If Merkel and the other SPD asslickers would get an backround check on their Criminal records and act upon that insteand of inviting everyone in without a second look. I’ve seen so much shit going down there.. even withnessed a murder while calling police. it seems like they just dont care anymore

  5. I live in stuttgart and the dead guy was his neighbor not his roommate. The killer was in prison only for a short period of time but he was send to a mental hospital because he is suicidal and has severe psychosis, the doktors are trying to help him now.

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