Syrian Man Torn Up After Airstrike

Syrian Man Torn Up After Airstrike

I am of the firm belief that gore should be a part of your daily diet. So open up, here come the airplane.

Info I got along with this brutal imagery describes this as a Syrian..well, previously, Syrian man who was taken out during a recent airstrike. Ripped apart but he manages a pointer. Also we have the brain resting nicely next to it’s former housing. Looks like he went pretty quick.

Mad props to Best Gore member, Amer the adventurerz, for the carnage.

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      1. Good to see those tax dollars at work.
        Eviscerating all these roaches.
        Incinerating all these roaches.
        Either they fight Isis or they die.
        I’m tired of Syrians whining.
        If people help them Paris happens.
        They should stop running and start gunning.
        Paris tried to help those refugees.
        And those shootings were the thanks they got.
        I feel no sympathy for Syrians.

        1. Congratulations ! Media fucked your little brain just like teen hardcore porn.
          You fucks still can’t see the truth of all these terrorist attacks? How they are trying to manipulate you to support or hate exactly what they want.
          Did you ever ask your self why ISIS never attacked israel? Why they got developed equipements and weapons?.
          Stop being medias bitch and dont be easly manipulated , people come here to bestgore to see the truth , from neutral people. If we want to here shit like this we would turn on the TV

          1. Gay and teen porn fucked your mind up.
            And you are just a straight up bitch.
            You could go ahead and read that.
            If you don’t like that then fuck you.
            I believe what the fuck I want.
            I wipe my ass with your flag bitch.
            You are likely a refugee.
            Pissed that we don’t care about you.
            Or the fact that y’all get blown up.
            While I am watching tv.
            Well fuck you morrocan boy.

        2. I’m right there with you trust me! Fuuck thise Syrians, even after all the carnage in Paris France is still willing to take 30,000 of those bastards. And all they get is bombed again! Enough is enough, the western world is sick of these winning cry baby sand niggers acting like animals. They need to freaking behave already. I say bomb the shit out of them until there’s nothing left but fine dust!!!!!! And if that don’t work, NUKE’EM!

    1. Apparently my town was in international news recently because the mayor said something about not letting in Syrian refugees/putting them in internment camps. My libtard sheep parents were pretty disgusted with him, but I didn’t have the heart to start an argument about why he had a good point.

      Looking at videos like this, it’s hard not to feel so sorry for these people and want to let them in so they can escape all this violence, but if you’ve seen “with open gates” then you know it’s not worth it. Letting in refugees is better in theory than it is in practice.

      My opinion is that America should stay out of foreign conflicts as much as possible, but if you really want to help Syrians, I think it’s better to help them improve their own country than to let them in America and Europe.

  1. Looks like he ate the bomb and the explosion fucked up his torso and escaped where his arms used to be attached. At least it didn’t fuck up his face. And he can still do hand modelling, specifically if they do a Syrian version of E.T, his hand can be used as the one on the dvd cover that touches E.T’s hand. But even this looks beyond ET’s healing finger of goodness.

        1. Damn, that would make a great bloody wave. You should conceptualize ISIS’s future videos.

          What about this : gathering people near a high cliff edge, then slowly walk towards them shooting flame throwers fire arc. You burn or you jump. I wonder if anyone would choose to not jump and simply die burning.

  2. Kinda Imagine all them fuckers standing around can relate to the disappointment that all the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men must have felt when they realized Humpty Dumpty was irrevocably fucked.

  3. Now here is a Syrian Goblin all wrapped up , skinned out manifolds and he fucking churned it up real good to have him sheathed this good from another impending doom so he thought but not really ………….
    That airstrike or what ever that struck this goblet in to a newly morphed creature would’ve been a grandest grand hit if it was part of a Hollywood flick .
    Just the head is all there to see …………….neck down he looks to be a giant boiled up potato slowly but surely peeling off to death .

  4. Bombing their countries and then wondering why they’re in your backyard fucking with you, SMH. People in the future will then be wondering why the middle east is fucked up forgetting that maybe, just maybe the answer lies closer to home. To be honest, I kind of wish these refugees and migrants continue to cause chaos because if you continue to mess with someone expect some retaliation.

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