Tajikistan Migrant Worker Stabs Two Men Over Car Dispute in St. Petersburg, Russia

Tajikistan Migrant Worker Stabs Two Men Over Car Dispute in St. Petersburg, Russia

Tajikistan Migrant Worker Stabs Two Men Over Car Dispute in St. Petersburg, Russia

On November 20, in Krasnogvardeysky district of St. Petersburg, Russia, you can see local residents at meeting for a man to buy his car. The company “DokAvto” [Auto] located on Industrial Avenue deals with registration of contracts of sale of vehicles, as well as insurance policies for cars.

At the office, you can see the young men standing at the reception desk talking to a woman specialist with seller of car behind them. Zedarzhan, 53, migrant worker from Tajikistan, Central Asia, suddenly from behind attacks the two men after some kind of conflict at the time of the transaction of sale with purchase of the car [Severe Case of Sellers Remorse].

First, 31-year-old is stabbed in the stomach area with knife -managed to escape from the spot- he was admitted to hospital in a state of moderate severity. The native of Tajikistan then grabbed 32-year-old friend and would not let go. He kept stabbing until the man died at the scene.

At the time of the crime at the desk in the office, the woman employee was hiding, fearing for their lives. The migrant was detained at the scene by police. A criminal case is underway for “murder” and “attempted murder.”

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    1. @doshikai, can’t blame the ladies, it’s just different gene architecture design.

      In actual hand to hand combat or sparring, bared hand or weaponised, usually it took about 20 sec to take out one, and you continue the motion for the next one. Good fighters can take out 12 in under 2 minutes….try Gurkhas.

      There are plenty of chairs in that office, why that guy just stand there and get killed? Guess he used too much foul-mouth as weapon.

  1. You never want to run into Father Time in a waiting room. I know it’s easier said than done, but he should have grabbed the arm holding the knife, and headbutted the old bastard. If that doesn’t work, jump behind the counter and use the chick as a human shield.

          1. @Hoping for Nemesis it’s that fight or flight thing. Either one gives you a chance. I can’t help but think that of man was strong as an ox. And, I agree. He seemed trained in combat.

  2. what was she doing staying under the desk all thst time like that,that area has to have hallway to back and clearly she could hear they were wrapped up in battle and wouldn’t the counter slams get you the heck out

    seems too she was trying to hit button to unlock door, why was she beating on it like that? is it a buzzer that only releases door couple seconds?

    all this time she could be the hero? fearless woman sacrificing herself feverishly jamming that button in hopes of offering our victim, however remote, a chance to escape

    was it just slightly after video cut off
    she unbottoned her blouse.released her ponytail , secured her wrist to chained pen and laid herself out across counter in unprecedented and super selfless sexy secretary sacrifice?

    or could it be she is still awaiting a reply from person she seemingly texted to dial 911

  3. She could have thrown something at the guy. A lot of heavy and pointy stuff to throw! Heels, pens, chair, PC monitor, PC tower.. At least toss stuff over so the other guy can defend himself. Absolutely useless. Probably didn’t want to ruin her overpriced manicure.

          1. Yes it would but, it’s hard enough to get a woman to make a sammich let alone a 3 course meal.

            Great! NOW I’m hungry…thanks. 🙁

            Could you make me breakfast, please? 😉

  4. At 00:12 that fucker run barehanded after a guy with a knife. That’s why he died. What a moron. Next time choose your opponents wisely. I would have jumped over the counter to the lil bitch, use the desk and everything at hand as a protective shield, saved myself and the lil bitch and then fucked her afterwards at home. She wouldn’t mind. Hero time

  5. I’m sure that panic button is designed to signal alarm and shut the door permanently until outside aid comes. So its good at catching people, bad at saving lives as we see clearly demonstrated here. We’ve all learned a golden lesson here today. If shit goes down, do not press the button, you do not lock yourself in with a bear. Also allows you to become a potential hostage. The entire design is so fucking stupid.

  6. This Old Dude did not even break a sweat while attacking these younger dudes. I Would Not Doubt if he was A Retired Spetsnaz these fuckers are tough as nails right up to their death. And Unlike The American NAVY- SEALS, Are More Like NAVY-WALRUS as Opposed To These Real-Men & Tough Russian-Motherfuckers, that The Americans Shake, & Piss In Their Own Boot When Just Mentioning Spetsnaz, lol. SO VIVA-RUSSIA FREE FROM JEWISH-SCUM,VIVA VLADIMIR PUTIN 🙂


    1. Man after watching-it 3 more times i cannot believe the strength Behind those deep knife blows that the kid is taking and the adrenaline just keeps him going for quite some time like wow man, the old man is on a Fucking Mission so much so that I Myself, Would *NEVER* Piss In His Corn-Flakes man!

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  7. what faggots, a Fucking uncle tried something like that to me in 2011, and I nearly Killed him with my Bare hands, if there was no intervention from a member of the public, to calm me down and save his life, from me inflicting more blows to his Fucking bleeding head.

  8. Tbh if the woman had of jumped in she would of got stabbed too…the dude done well to keep getting up after being stabbed so many times but the first dude that got stabbed could of stayed and helped his mate…hes the real pussy ass bitch in my mind not the woman

  9. there were chairs there he could have kept him at arms length but hindsight is a great thing, he could have kept the seat part to protect his chest or push the fucker back and keep him pinned while kicking the cunt, his ‘friend’ what a shit thing to do still now hes paying for it with guilt, and the woman she needs her ass done thoroughly for completely fucking up

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