Taliban Truck Bomb with 9 Tonnes of Explosives Hits ZOG Army Base in Wardak

Taliban Truck Bomb with 9 Tonnes of Explosives Hits ZOG Army Base in Wardak

This, I think is the sickest suicide bombing video ever caught on tape. Just wait for the shockwave to see what I’m talking about.

On September 11, 2011 – the 10th anniversary of Israeli terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, a Taliban suicide bomber drove a truck loaded with 9,000 kg of explosives into a ZOG army base named Sayed Abad in Wardak province, Afghanistan. Being an army base, the outpost was enforced with massive walls however it could only provide so much protection against 9 tonnes of explosive power.

Five ANA troops – which are ZOG hired Afghani mercenaries – died in the explosion. Miraculously, no US soldiers were killed in the attack, although 77 were reported wounded. Whether they were really wounded or used the attack as an excuse to get a few days off for more undisturbed butt action with one another is anyone’s guess.

Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and uploaded the video of the explosion on a pro Taliban forum. Filmed by one of their own, the video shows the truck driving up slowly toward the outpost, making a left turn and exploding with so much force, the shockwave blasted out windows on the building from where the video was filmed.

Maximum props to the Afghani freedom fighters for being able to strike against the invader even after years of terror. Unlike the oppressor, they do not have fighter jets, laser guided missiles or satellite reconnaissance systems, yet what they lack in firepower they make up for in bravery. With nearly 100,000 US troops still murdering, raping and pillaging the Afghanis and their villages to ensure the control of the highly lucrative, $65 Billion a year heroin trafficking business remains in the hands of the Zionists, the Taliban’s quest for freedom from the terrorist ZOG is far from over.

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    2. typical snackbar solo male vocalist with heavy echo/reverb effect on the vocals. I admire the music only because I study music theory but I hate it because I have good taste in music.

      1. @baked, my comment was ironic, but if you really want to hear a real amazing snackbar song ( and without joking this time), search on googlevideos: “Tank Hunter: One Man vs Military Tanks”, I love the background sound, there are chorus and it’s very catchy, everybody commented about that song on the video comments

      1. I think it means mental mind numbing. Cease to think sort of thing. Kind of like how certain priests of eastern religions say “Umm, Umm, Umm,” etc as they put themselves into a trance.

        Constantly repeating anything simple over and over (you could say “tick tock” or “jack off”) sufficiently frequent when wanting to put your higher mental processes into ‘neutral’ would probably do the trick too.

      2. Indeed r.i.p. to Jeff.

        Also never forget the USS Liberty. Thats what the fucking kike cocksuckers really feel towards the fools who even unknowingly advance the zionest agenda.
        Like Zappa said “I am the slime from the video.”..destined to rule and regulate you”

  1. Awesome explosion! Me don’t think that was “Tim McVey” style fertilizer & diesel used there either, but high grade stuff. Should be plenty of that to be had there.

    Hey Juicy, if you are out there lurking around, this an OUTSTANDING depiction of a shockwave I was telling out about in another post! Notice that momentary white flash jumping out of the explosion a moment after it is let off (@0:43 into the video). That is good ole shockwave jumping out from its source!

    At that point it is traveling at a supersonic velocity, crushing the air around it with high pressure that causes the ambient moisture to momentarily condense into a very, very brief fog. Hence, it is white. The energy wave is still near supersonic when it reaches the towel head’s video post, as the moment the glass is knocked out, the secondary blast sound is heard.

    The primary sound is heard at the beginning of the explosion because the sound generated by the initial detonation gets a head start on the overall energy being released builds up to full potential, which carries a much larger sound of its own.

    Assuming the shock wave still traveling near the speed of sound, the distance from the epicenter to the towel head’s video spot is estimated to be 1800-2200 feet away. Fucking impressive to be able to blow windows out at that distance!

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        Interesting animals that are individually dumb, but are collectively smart. I know this, as have raised quite a few. and have studied them though their direct behavior.

    1. @Gunk, nope not you girl, it,s the truck. The fuckin thing was so overloaded i thought it was going to flip over turning that corner. That would have been funny though. Imagine the Snack-barking these fuckers would be doing loosing that load short of their target.lol 🙂

  2. I know but all that weighty explosion power just to kill 5people ,seems like a waste ! maybe it would have been easier to creep up grand theft auto san andreas style and throw 20/30 grenades in different angles around the base. damn nearly 10 years since san andreas was released .time flys huh

  3. Damn!
    I’ve always had a hard time imagining how vehicle bombings were so effective. It seems, at first, like it couldn’t make a big enough blast.

    I see here the error of my thinking.

    1. yeah even the windows of that car broke, and think the cameraman still has a buzz in his ears lol, if you talk to him now, its “what?” shouldnt be hard to find this dude, go CIA catch the puppy,… ooohhh they failed

  4. Epic bomb alright, they must have used all their brain power to make it, and had none left when it came to deciding where to blow it up. 5 people killed. 9000kg bomb. Idiots. Thats like firing a machine gun into a crowd and the only injury is someone gets a headache. They may as well have written a strongly worded letter

  5. What a waste of some good hard to get explosives! They have banned all import of ammonium nitrate into Afgan as well as the sales of it. But I love the music and that amazing fucking shock wave!!! I am a convicted bomber myself, thanks to fucking rats that talked too much! Its too bad that I couldn’t of got a video of him needing a plumber after he sprang 36 leaks in the chest and back! He fell on a tooth brush I swear!!

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