Tattooed Thai Gunned Down in Surat Thani Province, Thailand

Tattooed Thai Gunned Down in Surat Thani Province, Thailand

If hairy man nipple gets your motor humming, have I got the post for you. A Tattooed Thai was found in Surat Thani Province, Thailand with multiple gunshot wounds to his head and upper body. He also has a gash in his side. I don’t have any further info on the murder victim or possible killer(s), but we get a nice picture of multiple pointers, so it’s all good.

Notified Toyota page shooting Koh Samui branch M 1 Tambol Taling Ngam Amphur Koh Samui Surat Thani province.

Charitable Foundation song. Koh Samui Send Samui estate Mobile 2 52 52 With a rescue member. Observe the Sabbath points. Check out found. 1 killed/men list. There are many wounds.

* Slow Aperture 1 d as milk. Above the right milk 1 hole Under the armpit right 1 hole (out) 1 hole on the back of the head. Left temporal Aperture 2 The right hand rear aperture 3 Tai Kang 1 hole + slow tear wound at the brand-new, khamam. Length: 6-7 cm + tear wound on the lips.

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      1. @obli I think its that, and it has a spiritual effect called ”sak yant”. One monk specialized on Sak Yant will put a cloth of some substance and move it over the tattoo and it will make the bearer of the tattoo see visions and stuff. I have read about it and seen videos about it also. Pretty much acts like black magic. Source: /watch?v=J6K7hmNYmbU

    1. I was just about to comment on the “milk” description too @ewestomper! Perhaps that’s the translation for their word for “breast”? Men do have breaststroke and I don’t mean moobs, I mean their chest area is also called a breast. Some men have more “breast” than others, those are called moobs or man-boobs in my circle lol

      1. And in my circle too @I G I. I’d say the only situation where the ” moob ” would be a good thing, would be for a transgender … man changing to woman, no need to splash out on a boob job !! 😀

  1. I like his tattoo. Wow, I don’t get to say THAT very often. Most people’s tats just look like silly cartoon bullshit that they get put on and end up looking like conformist morons who want to fit in. But for all I know, that shit could just be his culture’s version of like Americans getting lame garbage like skulls and roses and butterflies… 🙄

    1. I’ve often thought of getting a tattoo, but I’m such an indecisive person, I’d probably regret it 10 minutes after.

      Plus like what you said FD, it’s seems more common place to have one rather than not these days! Your much more “unique” without tattoos!

      1. “Your much more ?unique? without tattoos!”

        Exactly. I know more people with tattoos than without these days. They’re not unique, or rebellious, anymore. They’re not a form of self-expression. They’re uniform. Expected. When people show me their ink, I always think “That’s about the (insert number here) version of that particular picture I’ve seen this year…” But whatever. It’s THEIR body, as they say. I think they make women look trashy and they make men look like immature thugs. I’m glad I don’t have any and I never will.

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            Now that’s some intense training your talking about bro. I just couldn’t do it. My mind is too active to allow me!

            I’d be lucky to stomach a sandwich while the Paralympics are on lol.

          2. That’s real badass, Obli, I admit, but I don’t think I’d ever consider doing that. I’m not into that level of badass training, as The Judge mentioned. 😀

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  2. I wonder if this Thai was s gangster. Perhaps his murder is pay back (karma biting his ass) for murdering foreign tourists. Maybe many of the Thai murders and accidents are the result of bad karma?

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