Taxi Driver Shoots Another After a Road Rage Argument in Russia

Taxi Driver Shoots Another After a Road Rage Argument in Russia

Video from snowy backcountry of Russia shows what looks like a road rage argument between two taxi drivers. You can hear the dispatcher radio communication from inside the taxi with a dashcam which filmed the incident.

The argument quickly escalated and resulted in one of the taxi drivers drawing a knife. After some apparent threats the knife wielding taxi driver retreated, got in his car and was about to drive away but by that time the other taxi driver got into his vehicle, pulled out what looks like a handgun and pumped a few bullets into the departing driver who ended up in a ditch as a result. The shooter then emptied his gun’s magazine into the other driver at point blank.

This looks from the video like a cold bloodied execution, however there are some discrepancies. If you look closely, you may notice that the victim appears to be moving and tries to get out of the ditch after the shooting which should have left him for dead. This is allegedly because the shooter didn’t use an actual gun, but merely a gas gun without bullets. It sounds like it fires rounds, but apparently it only fired pepper spray.

Needless to say, if the victim survived, it’s solely and only because the shooter wasn’t an actual gun snackbarist. The knife wielding attacker stopped being a threat and was about to leave the confrontation when the shooter retaliated. Whether one is a gun snackbarist or not very often determines whether there will be a needless death or not (if the first guy was a snackbarist, there would likewise be a needless death).

I don’t know how reliable to source who claims that the shooter had no bullets in his gun is but I’m reading on Wikipedia that gas guns are “less lethal” which to me means one could still deliver a mortal shot with it. The victim appears to be moving but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he survived the attack. From the date superimposed in the video the incident took place on January 1, 2011 (New Years Day and they’re trying to kill each other). Does anybody have any further info since it’s been almost 2 years?

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73 thoughts on “Taxi Driver Shoots Another After a Road Rage Argument in Russia”

  1. i don’t know about other cuntries but in america if someone is threatening you with a weapon and then leaves and then you follow him and kill him, you are the one going to jail for first degree murder…sames in a home invasion, if the perp robs you and takes so much as one step outside your house and you shoot him dead, you’re guilty of murder…they have to die inside the house, and they have to be armed. if the robber isn’t armed but you are and you kill him..your guilty….

    1. I love the way you’ve typed countries-cuntries. It’s kind of fitting for this site as it insinuates the world is full of cunts. I like it and I think that Im going to spell it like that from now on in my day to day life 😀

    2. not here in Arizona… i had a cop personally tell me to warn them to leave, fire one round into the air, then dump the mag into who ever.he said to remember three words, “i felt threatened”. if its just you and the purp who is gonna know you didnt warn them?

    3. not in New Mexico either.

      Someone wielding a bat can be considered a deadly threat, and you may kill them on your property, inside or not.

      as Matt said, if you feel threatened.

      Personally, I’d happily greet them in my living room at gunpoint, advise they leave and let them go. Call the Police. If he wants to make any sort of aggressive move toward me, or more importantly towards first my gun or second my girlfriend, they will die right there.

      I say gun first because without it, I can not protect my Girlfriend.

    1. I say good riddance to the guy in blue.

      He was the first to draw a weapon. And anybody who draws a weapon first must accept the consequences that a person may retaliate using ANY means.

      The man in white was okay to draw a firearm…


      The man in blue seems as if he was about to drive away, so it was wrong for the man in white to shoot the other man dead.

      They were both in the wrong.

      But one may be forgiven for shooting dead a man who attacked you with a knife.

      I mean… I would. Wouldn’t you?

        1. It was like a comedy sketch at first. Like when you see them on tv where one goes right, one goes left, then they run round a bit more. Although the knife wasn’t funny or the gun bit so I’ll just go away now 😛

  2. I don’y know about the “less lethal”, i.e. “pepper spray bullets” angle even though it may be reported as such on other sites. To me, the guy doing the shooting seemed pretty confident that the guy he shot wasn’t going to recover anytime soon and re-enact the “chase yo ass around the car with a knife” scene as he was walking away. If I’d just used a less lethal device on someone who’d already shown an interest in slotting me, I’d be a little more animated in my departure from said “shooting”. Body shots can leave someone alive and moving as seen in the clip for awhile. Real life isn’t like in the movies where a shot immediately drops/kills a person. They’re quite often able to move about until they bleed out or shock really gets a hold on them.

    I could be way off but; you know, just saying…..

  3. Once upon a time I thought about making a bumper sticker that said “Pass me…I’ll meet you at the stop light!”…but then I realized this would just create more problems. It was a little funny watching a grown man chasing another grown man around a vehicle.

  4. why does everything have to lead to killing another person? i mean we all have arguments, Bad ones as that. But really feel the need to end that persons life just because your not getting your own way, What has this world come too……

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