Ted Bundy – Documentaries, Victims and Crime Scene Photos

Ted Bundy - Documentaries, Victims and Crime Scene Photos

Born as Theodore Robert Cowell on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont, Ted Bundy – dubbed America’s most notorious serial killer, was the poster boy for the charming mass murderer. Between 1974 and 1978, Ted Bundy kidnapped, tortured, raped, decapitated and dismembered about 30 young women in seven US states.

Ted Bundy chose attractive girls with long hair parted in the middle and being a handsome and charismatic young male himself, he had no troubles gaining their attention. He would often feign an injury (by wearing a fake cast over his hand or using crutches) or act as a police detective with a fake badge. He would maim girls who got tricked with a crowbar, take their bodies deep into the woods and have his way with them.

He would often return to his crime scenes, groom the corpses with make up and as proper necrophile, have sex with their decomposing bodies. Dead girls don’t say no. Ted Bundy knew it.

Ted Bundy Biography

Single mothers are almost always, without an exception single mothers for a reason. There’s big trouble screaming out of every single mother and whomever disregards the fact, is setting themselves up for a big surprise. Woman who spawned Ted Bundy was a single mother who couldn’t even solidly pinpoint the physical father of the boy. Got to be a treat having a single mother for mother.

The dumbest specimen from a herd of sheep are typically chosen to become psychologists. Psychologists who “studied” Ted Bundy have all kinds of answers as to why living without a father and believing his mother Eleanor Louise Cowell was his sister affected the boy so much that he evolved into a serial killer. These same psychologists probably believed all about the acts of valor involving dives to shield girlfriends.

Ted Bundy was brought up in Philadelphia by his grandparents Samuel and Eleanor Cowell who treated him as their son. His whore mother never told him he was a bastard son so he had to find it out, to his own dismay, himself.

In 1950, Ted Bundy’s whore single mother changed her name from Eleanor Louise Cowell to Louise Nelson and moved with her bastard son from Philadelphia to Tacoma in the state of Washington. In Tacoma, Louise met with Johnny Culpepper Bundy, exchanged genital fluids with him and tricked him into marrying her. Ted however never felt close with his new found stepfather.

While attending Woodrow Wilson High School, Ted Bundy was arrested as a minor on a number of occasions on suspicion of burglary and auto theft. As is customary in Washington, these transgressions were expunged from his criminal record when the boy turned 18.

After graduating from high school, Ted Bundy enrolled and dropped out of a number of universities, seemingly unable to finish what he started. After a year at the University of Puget Sound, Ted Bundy transferred to the University of Washington where he fell in love with pinky pair of labia by the name of Stephanie Brooks. Since he could never keep his job to earn any decent money, the full of self Stephanie Brooks dumped Ted Bundy’s ass.

In the fall of 1969, Ted Bundy bumped nasties with previously married Elizabeth Kloepfer, aka Meg Anders, aka Beth Archer, aka Liz Kendall from Ogden, Utah, re-enrolled at the University of Washington as a psychology major and took a job at the Suicide Hotline crisis center is Seattle where he met with biographer Ann Rule who later wrote a book titled “The Stranger Beside Me” about him. Nothing like being suicidal and getting a future serial killer on the line to talk you out of it.

Ted Bundy graduated from the University of Washington in 1972 and joined the re-election campaign of governor Daniel J. Evans. After governor’s re-election, Ted scored a job as an assistant to Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party – Ross Davis. Thanks to recommendations from Ross Davis and Daniel Evans, Bundy was accepted into the University of Utah law schools despite mediocre test scores.

During his 1972 trip to California which he took as part of the Republican Party, Ted Bundy re-connected with previously too full of herself Stephanie Brooks. Because now he had connections with politicians and a well paying job, Stephanie was all of a sudden interested in him and proposed a marriage. Fucking gold diggers everywhere! Ted responded by dumping her ass like her gold digging labia had done to him before. Good fucking riddance.

Shortly after, he started skipping classes at the law school and at the same time, girls started to mysteriously disappear.

Ted Bundy Murders

There are speculations that Ted Bundy may have committed his first murder at the age of 14. He however repeatedly denied his involvement with the death of 8 year old Ann Marie Burr of Tacoma.

His first documented assault would have taken place on January 4, 1974. Ted had allegedly entered the bedroom of 18 year old Joni Lenz whom he bludgeoned with a metal bar from her bed frame and sexually assaulted with a speculum. The woman survived.

Soon after the unexplainable disappearances started to occur at a high rate. In February of 1974, Ted Bundy broke into the room of Lynda Ann Healy whom he beat unconscious and carried away. In March of the same year, 19 year old Donna Gail Manson – student at The Evergreen State College in Olympia became his next victim. Susan Elaine Rancourt disappeared from Ellensburg, south east of Seattle in April. May was the month of the disappearance of the Oregon State University in Corvallis student Roberta Kathleen Parks.

After the disappearance of 22 year old Brenda Carol Ball and Georgeann Hawkins in June, the police was already receiving tips about a brown haired man with a light-brown Volkswagen Beetle. However back in 1974 the cops did not have the technology and DNA sampling we have today and because the killer never left any physical evidence, his tracking was slow and coming.

On July 14, 1974 Ted Bundy made a move on 5 women on a crowded beach at Lake Sammamish State Park in Issaquah. He introduced himself as “Ted” and asked them to help him load his sailboat on his Volkswagen Beetle because his arm was injured. Four refused right away, one refused when she saw there was no sailboat at his Beetle.

Despite having audience on the beach, Ted eventually succeeded in attracting 23 year old Janice Anne Ott who was seen by witnesses to leave in his company. An hour later, 18 year old Denise Naslund left to use the washroom but never returned. The corpses of Janice Anne Ott and Denise Naslund were found in September by a hunter about 2 miles away from the lake. Six months later, parts of skulls of his previous victims were found on Taylor Mountain east of Issaquah.

Murders in Utah

In August 1974, Ted Bundy moved to Salt Lake City where he attended the University of Utah Law School. Being an avid hiker, he raped and strangled an unidentified female hiker he met in the wild in Idaho. In October, he kidnapped 16 year old Nancy Wilcox in Holladay and took her into the woods. Her remains were never found.

17 year old Melissa Smith, daughter of the Midvale police chief was abducted 2 weeks later. Another 17 year old – Laura Ann Aime became his next victim. Both were found by hikers beaten, raped, sodomized, and strangled with nylon stockings.

In November, Ted Bundy eventually messed up big. He approached 18 year old Carol DaRonch disguised as a police officer and tried to handcuff her in his car but after accidentally putting both cuffs on the same hand she was able to slip out of the car and ran away. Carol identified Ted which landed him on trial for attempted kidnapping. He was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Before that happened, to make up for Carol DaRonch’s escape, Ted abducted 17 year old Debra Kent.

In 1975, Bundy shifted his criminal activities to Colorado. 23 year old Caryn Campbell was abducted inside the Wildwood Inn in Snowmass. 26 year old Julie Cunningham was abducted on her way to dinner. 25 year old Denise Oliverson was abducted in April while riding a bicycle.

In May of 1975, Ted Bundy lured 12 year old Lynette Culver into a hotel room where he drowned her and sexually violated her dead body. Murder of Susan Curtis whom Ted Bundy abducted on June 28, 1975 was the last murder Ted confessed to.

Arrest and Escape from Prison

On August 16, 1975, more than a year after abductions and murders of young girls started to occur in Washington, a police officer in Utah pulled over a suspicious Volkswagen Beetle driving at night with its lights out. The trooper searched the car and found a bag with a crowbar, handcuffs, an ice pick (where did you get your idea from, Luka?), ski mask, strips of leather, flash light, garbage bags, and other such items which made him immediately suspicious. He was released on bail.

After this, Ted Bundy tried to clean up the tracks of his murders however the trail he left behind was too obvious to miss at this point. Traces of hair of two of his victims were found in the car, a brochure for the Aspen Colorado Hotel – where another girl was murdered was found in his apartment, he paid for gas with his credit card so that helped to establish where he went and on which day – all in all, despite being that clean cut law student whom nobody would suspect of murder, all leads were pointing at him.

The mishap with Carol DaRonch who escaped him with handcuffs on one hand resulted in his conviction and extradition to Colorado. Thank to his petition to represent himself, he was allowed to study in a library and in July 1977, he jumped off the library’s second story window and got away.

Authorities caught Ted Bundy a week later, but in December, the killer tried again and escaped from his jail cell in Aspen, disappearing in the Colorado blizzard. He made his way to Tallahassee, Florida and just a week into his stay, he was back to approaching young women to abduct.

Florida Murders

On January 15, 1978 Ted Bundy entered the Florida State University’s Chi Omega sorority house where he assaulted 4 girls, killing 2 of them. 21 year old Margaret Bowman was bludgeoned with a piece of firewood and garrotted with a nylon stocking. 20 year old Lisa Levy was beaten unconscious, strangled and sexually assaulted with a hair mist bottle. Kathy Kleiner and Karen Chandler were also badly beaten but survived. Tallahassee detectives determined that all four attackes took place within a 15 minute time frame.

After the sorority house beatings, Ted Bundy broke into a basement apartment a few blocks away where he attacked Cheryl Thomas. This one also survived.

On February 8, 1975 Ted Bundy drove in a stolen van to Jacksonville where he approached 14 year old Leslie Parmenter but left her be after her older brother showed up. The following day, disguised as a cop he kidnapped and killed 12 year old Lake City Junior High School student Kimberly Diane Leach.

On February 12, 1975 after driving a stolen VW Beetle to get out of Tallahassee, Ted Bundy was stopped by Pensacola police officer David Lee and tried to flee. The officer fired a warning shot and pursued the suspect whom he later tackled and arrested.

Trial and Execution

On July 24, 1979 Ted Bundy was found guilty of the sorority murders and sentenced to death by electrocution. Bite marks on Lisa Levy’s nipple, which were so deep her nipple had been nearly bitten off were one of the crucial factors which lead to Bundy’s conviction. Six months after his first death sentence, Ted Bundy was tried in Orlando for the abduction and murder of Kimberly Leach and was sentenced to death again.

While fighting his sentence from behind bars, Ted Bundy married Carole Ann Boone and had a daughter Tina with her. During interviews with FBI profiler Robert Ressler, Bundy spoke about murders hypothetically and always in third person. As his execution date drew nearer, Bundy confessed to more murders and contacted the Green River Task Force to offer personal insights on unsolved cases.

On January 24, 1989 at 7:06 am, Ted Bundy was executed by electric chair. His death was cheered on by as many as 500 people who gathered at the prison gate. I only saw a similar bunch of retards who cheered at other man’s death when a flock of sheep extraordinaire gathered round following the joke by Kenyan that some small dicked faggots killed Osama bin Laden.

Ted Bundy Documentaries

Being one of the most notorious serial killers in America, Ted Bundy has been studied by many a smart psychologist trying to understand what they fundamentally can’t. This handsome, charming and cultured man also attracted attention of film makers resulting in a number of documentaries, as well as a movie inspired by his life. Below are videos of three documentary programs dedicated to the phenomenon which was Ted Bundy. Each describes the killer in its own way, even though in the end, they all talk about the same thing.

Ted Bundy Documentary from the Born To Kill series:

Ted Bundy Documentary from the Biography series:

Ted Bundy Documentary from the Deranged series:

And a gallery of crime scene photos showing victims of serial killer Ted Bundy. Unfortunately, only bad quality, low resolution photos have been leaked. Also check out Ted’s last interview he gave before the execution and his autopsy photos:

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  1. One sick fuck that Bundy fellow was. Off topic , but has anybody heard of @ nicole , the last time we saw her she had that nasty burn on her tummy. Hope she did not get a bad water blister infection and is ok !

  2. This case always strikes an interest in me. How could someone like Bundy be so suave and alluring when just under that exterior lied a savage animal? I’ve never seen crime scene photos, but looking at his “work” now makes me wonder how he could hide it so well. I wonder how many other Bundy’s are lurking out there yet to be discovered.

  3. My Mum was 15 when she fell pregnant. The Fleshy Virus that got her pregnant was a 23 year old career criminal who has a penchant for getting young women pregnant.

    My mum was young and stupid. But she is a good woman.

    I thank God that me and my brothers were raised by a single mother because it has made me the person I am today. Independent, free thinking…

    Give me that then have some fucking criminal as a sperm donor father any day of the fucking week.

    1. Well said.

      I was gonna say something about single mother’s. I think it’s important to differentiate between classes here. Single mothers on benefits whom can’t talk properly versus educated women who have been messed around with by a guy are quite different animals.

      I know a lot of single mothers, of both categories. The worst is probably the women with three children by three guys – not a good situation for them. Especially because one of the children is mine, and I’m the only father that actually visits my child! Where the fuck are the other two guys?!? Why wouldn’t you visit/be with your child? The mother just wanted to produce children, and she got what she wanted.

      What a mess..

    2. Did she get an abortion or did she give birth, if so was that child you or your brother?

      You know the beginnings of Australia right? The british empired wanted to colonized the outback so they completely emptied out their prison of all the women and men and dumped them into Australia and said Good luck. In 20- 50 years they build an entire first world nation. Look at Australia today.
      Because they still love their homeland of Great Britain even returned to fight for her during WWI and WWII.

    3. Hawk.

      My Mum has never had an abortion. I am the second of 4 Brothers and 2 Sisters. So I have an older Brother.

      But Mum was 17 when she had me.

      She managed not only to look after us on her own but also found the time to join the Police.

      A pretty impressive feat considering their is “…big trouble screaming out of every single mother…”.

      I accept there are an awful lot of scummy women leeching our tax to pop out more scummy little bastards. But my Mother is certainly NOT one of them. And it angers me greatly to the point of violence when people bring my past in a negative light.

      I have several chips on my broad shoulders but this is by far the deepest.

      The majority of transportees to Australia were people convicted of petty crimes such as Prostitution and petty theft. Hard people, led by intelligent, hard grafting men.

      The perfect recipe for a Nation.

      The idea of Kith and Kin fostered by the core Colonies of the Empire is an idea I would love to rekindle. To restore the pride in Race and Nationhood that has been lost thanks to the Zionists and Liberals.


      True mate. My Mum was a middle class girl who was brought up in an abusive home. She jumped at the first chance of love off of one of the local ‘Hard lads’. The rest is history.

      You are a good man Ken. You do not shirk responsibility.

        1. Cheers Ali dolly.

          I am not one to worry on offending one person’s race or religion.

          But I draw the mark at offending a person’s family, family life or appearance.

          Anyway, I think @Whinemaster has something to hide himself if he has to distract and offend other people in such a manner.

      1. @tom, hawk, and whoever else, i was inky a single mother for the first year of my sons life, i was 16 when i had him. Ive never been on welfare nor has my childs needs ever been neglected… I have been with one man since finding out i was pregnant (the dad has been in prison since like a month since i knew i was with mini FV) and that is hubs ive been with for 5yrs now. So not all single mothers are worthless or whatever… Not all but most lol!!!

    4. @trooper
      i agree with your opinion on single moms….i think there is nothing wrong with being a single parent – and no i am not one….i think the problem lies when you have messed up parents whether it be one or two…who mess up the child from the get go…plus also genetics factors in….so i dont think bundy was messed up because of a single mom, but because his ‘mother’ started off as being his sister…and lord knows what else happened in that household…

      1. My mom was a single parent for 10 years before marrying my father. She was married at 20 and gave birth to my brother and his father left her to sow his oats and she filed for divorce. She raised him all on her own no help from the deadbeat became a teacher met my father and married him. My brother turned out well, hates his real father loves my father as his own my dad adopted him. I think if my mother was not a strong woman, my brother could have gone down a wrong path but she raised him to be the best man he could be. If there were other factors, such as Bundy’s mother issue, then I think my brother could have turned out another way

      1. Sorry to hear about your Missus hlb.

        Drunk drivers are truly the lowest of the fucking low. Sharing the central plinth in hell along with King Troll @Whinemaster.

        @Ms.Voorhees and Ali.

        It all goes to show that whilst being a Single Mother is not ideal. It is often better then staying in a violent or abusive relationship.

        Plus, I like to think that Human Behaviour is a combination of both Born AND Bred. Rather then one over the other.

  4. I watched a movie/documentary about this guy a few years back. Glad they fried his ass. In the movie credits, they said that they could only tie him to some 30 murders, but believed he was responsible for over a hundred. He was one sick mutherf****r. Although I usually appreciate the commentary, I don’t agree that all single mothers are single out of choice, or are bad parents.

    1. yea,,, i find it fascinating,, the one no one ever talks about is from movie the changling with angina jolie..that one is one of the most heinous and most over looked,,the crimes were so gruesome they changed the name of the town..

    1. @mouse,
      if your fast asleep in your bed and some maniac climbs trhough your window and whacks you over the head bashing your brains in before you even wak up your not really given the choice to turn them down or not.

  5. I have to disagree with: “There?s big trouble screaming out of every single mother and whomever disregards the fact, is setting themselves up for a big surprise.”

    Single mother of a 5y-o, not on welfare, not causing drama, not hateful towards men, but I do hate when people (esp men) judge us because other single moms are bitter.

    1. Thank you txxx!!! Couldnt have said it bette myself, its all the nigs with 20 kids by 50 men smokIng their welfare money in crack walking into the welfare office in their gucci clothes with their nails and hurr did while their kids are walkin around in corn-row poofs from neglect and having diapers that sag to their knees drenched in piss since 2o clock yesterday!! That actually goes for them whiteys too lol only they dont smoke crack, they use meth!!

    1. i agree ,bundy was a good man ,a solid citizen ,intelligent and courteous , but he got burned by an evil woman who broke his heart ,and every man who truly has had his heart broke wants to kill the bitch who fucked him over !! so if said woman hadnt have messed with teddys mind none of this would have happened . so evil woman creates evil ted who kills women . its called karma . woman created bundy and he just did what evry man would like to which is smash the skull of the cunt woman who has broke his heart

      1. Hold on, who are we talking about here, his mother? Where was his father? She did what everyone did back then when the social mores of the time did not allow unwed mothers to have children, she was a victim herself. The girlfiriend at college? He was the one that misred the situation and thought it was more than it was. Evil women? by that logic his mother should have gone out killing men because Ted’s father didn’t stand by her when she got pregnant and her father was violent and abusive.

      2. big fuckin deal you had your heart broken. do you know how much heart ache women go through? its a part of life. you expect to live your whole life and not experience a broken heart? you pick your shit back up and move the fuck on. you have no clue what women would like to do to the men that have walked out. you just prove how weak men are compared to women.

  6. This is a prime reason why I don’t have kids and I’ve always wondered why people automatically assume it’s a good thing when they hear about someone being pregnant. How do they know the kid won’t be the next Ted Bundy or whatever?

  7. you just have to love vermont, we have bundy, dahmer visited here, it is rumored gg allen died here. got to love it. not to mention the state is full of ghosts and indian curses and such. we even think we have a lake monster. never a dull moment!

      1. there are a few of us but i am the only one who is not afraid of being on a watch list. and i am new to the interwebing because i used to hate computers, still do but this kinda stuff makes it ok.you come to btown much?

  8. Ted was a genuine sadist and I understand him completely since I used to be one too,only have much better control over myself and am deeply empathetic person at the same time(paradox?not really),so I stopped with hurting living creatures(birds-sparrows,liked to shoot?em,and since was taught the sparrows are pests am actually doing the good thing!),especially after became Buddhist.
    Dang,I?m a serial- sparrow killer,with blood on my hands of who knows how many innocent small birds…
    Will G-d ever forgive me?Oh,wait…I?m a Buddhist…

  9. “Ted Bundy was stopped by Pensacola police officer”

    I don’t know if I should be glad, or sad, about this. I feel pride for my hometown anytime something cool happens here, but our local law enforcement putting an end to ol’ Ted’s fun? Meh, at least P’cola is part of the story.

  10. nice work Bestgore. Serial killers are fascinating, the more deprived they are in their work the more interesting they become. When docos or corpse photos are available thats er, ike a ‘bonus’. Anyway J Dahmers story is freaky too

  11. It seems he is just a normal guy- seeing the reaction of these people behind fence cheering when somebody is being killed. Also just think about war… almost every ”good” soldier is out to kill somebody. After war again people are cheering, if he killed 100 people. PAM! some medals, national HERO. Please just think about your humanity before hopping on this persecution train. We don’t have to be killers as Ted indicated.

  12. Bundy was born at a time when birth control was a rare availability and no doubt had to have the husband’s consent, yes husband, not boyfriend, brother or father. Abortion was illegal and there was little help for a woman, unmarried or not, pregnant. Who raises their kid to be a Ted Bundy? ALL you shitholes that point blame to the woman, look at the so-called man responsible. Women are usually the victims. She’s damn if she keeps the child or gives it up for adoption. Shut the fuck up!

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