Teen Found Dead with Deep Slash Wounds on His Head

Teen Found Dead with Deep Slash Wounds on His Head

Brutal murder of a teenage boy happened in Sitio Guaraciaba, a rural area of Altinho, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. 16 year old Aldo Adeilson da Silva, who lived in Brejinho Altinho, was killed by multiple blows of sickle or machete to the head.

According to his relatives, the teen went missing on Sunday, February 2, 2014 and was found the following day by two children who went fishing in the afternoon. The victim’s grandmother, Jo茫o Geraldo, said that the boy was involved in robberies and was also a drug user. Drug users, especially young and careless ones don’t tend to live very long in Brazil.

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    1. Hi Juicy, I am a long time lurker on here but just started to comment 馃檪 I am never going there after what I have seen here on bg.

      I stopped going to Mexico after seeing all the drug cartel stuff on here. Also a lot of Canadian tourists and expats have been mugged and murdered down there as well. Thank goodness for BG and for showing us what really goes on in this world!

      1. Welcome to the commenting side! 馃檪

        SS-I will NEVER ever go to Thailand! I think I’d rather go to Brazil before Thailand but both are on my “no-list”. LOL

        CG- I hear you. I still want to go somewhere. I’ll stick to resorts. LOL. I have no business venturing into neighborhoods that I am unfamiliar with in other countries anyhow..

        Puerto Rico, Punta Canas, and maybe some parts of Mexico aren’t ruled out. I actually need a vacation! 馃檪

        1. Also consider Jamaica, but watch where you go and stick with legitimate transport. My husband and I went to Ocho Rios and it was great! If you aren’t looking for that kind of thing, we also went to Germany and it was beautiful – we even brought home Cuckoo clocks from the Black Forrest. You should definitely go somewhere soon because as we all know we never know what tomorrow will bring!

        2. Thank you, yes Thailand is on the no list for me too. Never wanted to go there anyways. It looks so dirty.

          Hopefully you can go on a nice vacation somewhere safe, soon! I just came back from Honolulu. First time there. It is beautiful.

    2. I have friends that travel a lot, they’ve been to Brazil and Mexico various of times and honestly, I would still go. It really depends what part you are as well, sometimes you’re also just at the wrong place at the wrong time. This is just my opinion though haha, what do I know?

          1. Welcome to the new membets. I was also a lurker for about two weeks,but I popped my BG cherry jusy the other day. Looking forward to commenting,rathet than just browsing. BG is my stress relief from a corporate job and the fsily grind.

          2. Oh. My. God.
            Even though I said ‘welcome’ to you a post or two back, I want to acknowledge you again, for the simple fact that you said you’ve been a lurker for only a couple weeks (as opposedto the last 50 people who have been lurcking for YEARS apparently…)

          3. Haha Mikey- I lurked for like 4 days before I joined! I just jumped right on in! That was December 2012!

            How I found bg was- I was searching you tube for suicides. Anything that would show me something. It wasn’t just suicide that I found but nothing quite quenched my curiosity thirst! Then, out of nowhere I saw someone mentioned THIS site in the comments! I quickly came and damn. It was pretty orgasmic. Not because I get off to gore- cause I actually don’t. But because it showed EVERYTHING! There were pages after pages of unseen material for me. Then I discovered the comments and for a few days, I read them. Started seeing familiar names, etc. Thought the people, content and ask that was cool- and then I joined in. That’s the juice about me! 馃檪

          4. Holy shit Juice, we had practically the same BG experience! I also was looking for vids of suicides of YouTubeand saw BG in the comments!! My only difference is that I came here like 3 times in about 2 years. It wasn’t until the last time that I started reading the comments. There were a few of you that I really enjoyed when you would post and saw that it was a cool little community 馃檪

          5. @ Mikey sorry if I offended you. After being diagnosef with cancerrecently, I have exploted bestgore in order to come to live in a state of reality.For my own sake. I may not have been aroundlong, but I chose to donatebefore evetr considering joining. Hopefully I donn’t offend anyone else during my ordeal.I have been pretty up and down so I apologize I advance.

          6. Offend me?? Don’t be silly! You misunderstood me. I was saying how I liked the fact that you said you were only a lurker for a little bit before signing up 馃檪 It seems like everyone has always been lurking here for years and years before registering. I liked the fact that you came, saw that you liked it, and immediately joined us! I think that’s awesome 馃榾

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            I love the reality of this site. Communicated with a Russian today via email on the IT side Behind the scenes. They are all working hard to bring it like it is! Gotta love ALL contributors. (Now, that was two in one sentence but acronyms don’t count.).

  1. Damn! Machetes are a brutal way to end someone’s life. They scare the shit out of me resulting in the need for a change of underwear. Poor boy he died way before his time probably with a turd in his undies.

  2. That’s the problem with working in the underworld, it can be easy money for a while but the competition tends to be fierce and unlike with other white collar workers where getting head hunted is a good thing in the underworld it tends to take on a more negative connotation.

    1. @Empty . Just to say hi and that I enjoy your comments dude . I’m new to BG as far as membership and don’t always have time to log in , hence my own comments are few and far between . Agree with you there totally . Having said that , I’ve encountered a few Plastic Gangsters in my time who could only dream of being this brutal .

      1. @ewestomper,

        Thanks for the kind words and welcome.

        I don’t get enough time to read all the comments either and mostly just spend a few moments each night after work reading and posting here.

        There are plastic gangsters everywhere, on every corner and in every city and if they were to meet a real gangster they would shit their pants and run.

        Small dogs always tend to bark the loudest.

  3. Holy shit , Freddy Kruger has got shit on the maniac who offed this poor young geez . BTW , Football World Cup is in Beautiful Brazil this year . Fuck , Iove my footy but someone would have to pay me a lot of dough to go watch it in The most violent country on this crazy planet of ours , I’d hate to run into a bunch of Da Silvas wielding fucking machetes or scythes for fucks sake 馃檪

  4. Wow, a dead brazilian killed by a machete whose second name is da silva. What are the odds? This guy never stood a chance. If all the da silvas were organ donors there would be no waiting list for an organ, ever. They are the real life version of the game “lemmings”

  5. If the machete gets buried in the bone on the head isn’t it a bitch w the floppy neck action getting it out? There was a beheading video while back where dude got it stuck and he played hell getting it out of old boys neck. I can imagine having to actually hold the head down w a foot to dislodge the blade

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