Teenage Girl Poked and Killed in Himachal Pradesh, India

Teenage Girl Poked and Killed in Himachal Pradesh, India

In Kotkhai, a village in Himachal Pradesh, India, a corpse of a 16 year old girl was found half naked in the woods. According to the post-mortem report, the teen was raped and strangled.

The family reported the girl missing on July 4, 2017, after she failed to return from school as normal. Two days later, her corpse was found in the neighboring Haliala jungle.

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81 thoughts on “Teenage Girl Poked and Killed in Himachal Pradesh, India”

    1. I bet some loser Indian boy tried to propose marriage to her and she said no. This was his “payback”. I like vagina just as much as the next hetero man, but murder is not worth it.

      Just go to an Asian massage parlor. $60 for an hour with a shower+happy ending money. Full service!

    1. The sheer volume of this type of crime and the fact that these people just blend into the crowd makes it near impossible to do unless there is footage and someone can identify the perp…

    2. They really couldn’t give a shit in India. Even if they eventually catch the killer, the legal process is so slow that he will be dead by the time of his sentencing.

      With a population of 1 billion, I think they can spare this one.

      1. Although it is only one murder, just think of all of the future generations upon generations that will not be born due to her murder.

        If she had 5 kids and each of her kids had 5 kids, there would be 30 offspring in just 2 generations [so on and so forth]. There will be potentially 31 people less on the planet [including her] over the next 50 years. The more murders the better, especially of brown skinned people in 3rd world countries.

          1. Good point. But seems like a person could deal with being raped but murdered on the other hand.. It’s pretty fucked either way..

          2. It depends what kind of rape it is. Being drugged and raped is horrible, of course, but often victims don’t remember. A brutal rape where one is beaten and injured and possibly (if a woman) rendered unable to have children – that’s going to be night terrors for the rest of your life. And if you’re married, well it ruins that because you can’t stand for anybody to touch you. It’s pretty life-ruining.

          3. Murder is worse even if rapped brutally there is a chance in the future ….. but if your dead !!!! no chance of any recovery or any future of anything!!!!!!

            Dead is dead and all that can be said is I din du nuffin

    1. That’s why they done it. They sick but gotta have that hot pussy right!!!

      They nasty and evil and are fuck-tards in one boot

      Imagine her muffles, moans being fucked the strangled poor girl ….. I wish I could of saved her!!!

    1. @pearlman Gosh damn! You are one hot mama…! I wish I could examine your pink-pearl…! πŸ˜‰ Is it often examined…? Or, do you like young meat in his absence/presence, or what???
      On a serious note, your “chase” has been great, brought great laughter, and you know exactly what I am talking about. Greatly appreciated…! πŸ˜‰

      1. Mrs. Pearlman, I can see and admire your feminine beauty , you are a classy and very attractive woman.., you can have a very rewarding job as a top paid model. ..but why are you messing around with Lou?? You deserve much better…

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