Teenage Girl Raped and Murdered in Bahia, Brazil

Teenage Girl Raped and Murdered in Bahia, Brazil

19 year old Luzimare Santos de Souza was found dead with signs of sexual violence in Gandu, state of Bahia, Brazil. According to her uncle Isaías dos Reis Santos, the victim was last seen the evening before the discovery of her corpse when she’d left to catch a bus to go to the Nair Lopes Jenkis College in Wenceslau Guimarães where she studied. The victim stayed with her uncle in Jardim Gandu for three months while attending the college. She was otherwise from the village of Nova Esperança where she lived with her parents.

Although authorities are treating the crime as rape that lead to murder, it doesn’t look to me like actual rape took place. Her bra is somewhat ripped off, but her underwear, although a mess are still in place. The attacker may have intended to rape her, but she probably resisted so he bashed on her and by the time she stopped resisting, she was already dead. For whatever reason, he may not have cared for fucking her dead body. He can count himself lucky he doesn’t live in Canada where women are as good as dead in bed.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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62 thoughts on “Teenage Girl Raped and Murdered in Bahia, Brazil”

  1. Good for her for resisting… He would have killed her anyway, after what would probably have been a fkn nightmare for all three of her holes. Sure, he bashed her good, but she got out of it lucky by dying before he could get it in. Unfortunately, he most likely went out and found another victim, as it seems he didn’t get a nut out of this one, since she died on him, weird how people just fkn die, while your violently sabotaging their skull, damn them. So we will maybe see a similar video later on, in a nearby location, and next time he’s going to make sure he finishes, and bet he’s going to be angry as well, for ruining this attempt. Never know with these girls tho, school by day whore by night? Could be. (Shrugs) strange how her nipple is puckered even in death. Perma-pucker.

          1. I think rigamortis(sp), can cause men to get bones even dead men!? I think! Don’t hold me to it!!

            P.s. beautiful pic! 😀

      1. @BB, what color is the blanket? Fabric? Coziness is key when blanket shopping. Glad I was with you indirectly, for your Walmart excursion. I’ll make sure to bring you on my next Walmart trip. 🙂

    1. Yeah, what a waste! She was probably extremely nice and smart too! She probably had drive and determination, to make something of her life and do good/big things! Smart people are such a dying breed! It’s sad that scumbag perverts rape and kill our smart brothers and sisters! They have a one track mind and it’s all about getting head and getting ahead ! I can’t imagine wanting to have sex with someone who doesn’t want me, in return! Obviously fantasizing about celebrities we can’t have, is one thing! But raping a chick that first even know we exist, and if she did, wouldn’t want anything to do with us? That’s just pathetic! Tragic!

  2. Some of the most beautiful women in the world, come from Brazil, and the Pervs always abduct and rape the girls with flat asses[uh..yuck], and tiny to just above tiny boobs! Her nipples are very unique looking! He must have given her a “purple nurple”!!. No? Lol.. I wonder why they don’t go after hot women? It seems like the less attractive women who don’t have as many options in te dating world, would give these Pervs a chance, without having to die or be raped! It’s a sad and sick little world we live in! She was probably a lovely girl, going to school to make a better life for herself! Sad. I guess a college education doesn’t always get you further along in life! If she hasn’t if been trying to get to school, se may still be with us! What a way to go! I can’t understand how anyone could comment I her “messy” looking ass, being hot? First off, she has No ass. And secondly it looks like she may have messed herself!? And that is NOT hot, in any way, shape or form! It also kind of looks like the perv just wanted to see some boobies!! Then why did he attack someone with practically no tits? No implants? Boring!!!… I’m pretty sure straight men like tits, maybe he liked the androgynous looking chest ? Who knows?! I hope they catch this bastard and let the prisoners run D-Trains on his sorry ass! Yes, his ass would Decinately be sorry after that!!! I think all rapists, should be made into bitches for prisoners! Especially child molesters! Life behind bars, and zero rights to their assholes!! 🙂
    @NoSoup: why do ou think it is that some people like to fuck dead girls? Or dying girls? Is it a sadistic type of thing? Or do you think maybe he just hates women? Bad break up? I can understand hating a specific sex, if they had hurt you enough times! But it’s actually pretty stupid to do so! Not all women are bad! Not all men are bad! However, we obviously all do bad things! I also suggest you copyright the word “perma-pucker”, get it printed in t-shirts and make bank off of it!! Lol!. “I dig perma-pucker”, ” my other girlfriend has “perma-pucker”, and corniest if all “if you ca read this, the “perma-pucker” fell off!”. Haha! Stupid graphic t-shirts! If you signed them with your signature, I’d buy 2 in each color and phease!! Lol. Also,
    @Future Days: I agree about the chupacabra! I think they got sick of hollowing out cattle, so they moved on to, thank you to @NoSoup, “perma-puckered” women!!! Lol

    1. @jdamien, LMFAO! Not sure why someone would want to bang a totally helpless, half dead, or totally dead girl or woman. I read up on necrophelia, but still couldn’t understand what drives people to it. Now, if they’re still resisting, that is seen as an obvious power trip, ultimate control over another human being, in this case it looks as if he lost control too soon and he didn’t get the fight he wanted, and he lost interest, as she was no longer “fun to play with”. Cat and mouse, so to speak. No doubt he will strike again. And about the hot ass thing, I think it’s used in the articles as a form of protective humor for both the writer and readers, takes a little of the sting out, makes a grim situation a little lighter, an amazing talent for a writer to have actually, it’s used here quite often, that type of protective humor. I think it’s what separates BG members, from the rest of society, the ones that screech “omg! How can you look at that!?!? Gross! You’re sick!” We aren’t sick. We’re just capable of seeing this type of truth for what it is. 🙂

      1. Totally agree with you! We all do had the same dry yet not phased type of humor! It’s rare! Too many people are sooo uptight! But I actually meant, the guys that commit these crimes, go for these women who aren’t overly attractive and they kind of leave the stereotypically hot girls alone! I d k if its because they think it’s them doing society a favor? By eliminating “uglies”? LOL! I can see the humor in BG readers commenting I dead tits and ass! I guess I kind of made it seem like I didn’t! But I try I keep the mentality in mind, that if it was me who was murdered/assaulted!, I would like people to mock it and make light of it! As long as I was a good person, and I knew that people knew that, than go ahead and make jokes! I insist! Lol! Just please do not put sugar came or bamboo up my ass, like that poor woman in the other post, who was found with a stalk of cane stuffed up her Arby’s roast beef! Ugh! Just looks awful! And if we are able to come back and haunt/torment those who still live, you best believe I will haunt the piss out of those who molested my dead body! Or murdered me! 🙂 Nothing offends me, so I am sorry if I made it sound otherwise. 🙂


        1. Ohhhh I didn’t see that one… I have to look that up! No, it didn’t seem that way at all, hey if anything offended you, this is the last place on earth you’d be hanging out, I know 😉 I misses the point you were making, about the uglies… I never thought of it, I guess maybe their self esteem issues make it much easier to lure them away, butter them up with compliments, and so forth. Most of the predators prob suffer from low self esteem as well, and may tend to feel more comfortable with an easier target, I would think, until they start to get better and better, then we start to see the beautiful tourists disappear, scuba diving!?!? Most locals of any area seem much smarter, and of course more educated than the curious tourist, so they’re likely to be picked off more quickly lol.

      1. @amnyc, but then you’d have to slice up the puss. Or I guess you could just use the blood already spilled. “C’mon bitch, (stabs victim in stomach) get over here whore, (rubs genitalia onto/in open wound) who’s your daddy!” (As played out in my head, freshly spilled wound blood works just fine as lube, although victim continues to struggle, further enticing the rapist/murderer) END SCENE.

          1. Blood as lube.. Yes! That’s perfect! Until it clots? *pukes*! Unless dead people blood doesn’t clot? I’m guessing it might a little? Haha! Never thought about it! It seems like these girls would learn to carry a knife or a pistol! Seeing as though just living/breathing in brazil or Mexico or Syria, etc., runs the risk of being butchered! It’s probably even worse if you are some petite chick! They should carry guns and smoke these Pervs!

  3. I don’t think the victim was raped , but I’m sure she wouldn’t give it up so he said fuck it and killed her. what a waste. could had put that ass to work. but I think she enjoyed it those hard nips and face expression says stab me harder baby lol

  4. its not like there’s no whores in Brazil. it’s not like there’s a lack of whores fucking ANYWHERE! c’mon motherfuckers….well, the act of being in complete control of someone else’s life can be rather appealing to some.

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