Teenager Shot in the Head After Leaving a Party Continues to Twitch

Teenager Shot in the Head After Leaving a Party Continues to Twitch

A teenage boy was shot in the head after leaving a party in the Cabuรงu neighborhood in Nova Iguaรงu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He took what looks like mortal headshot, plus all his blood spilled onto the road around him, yet he continues to twitch and move as if he was still alive.

Surely he could not have been conscious after brain trauma of such epic scale, and total blood loss, yet there is incredible head and arm movement to him. He even appears to breath. Human body is just one marvelous organism. It’s however rather frightening that the body is still capable of putting on such incredible struggle when all the lights should be out.

Most if not all movement is probably caused by involuntary muscle spams. Either way, this is as astounding as it is creepy.

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      1. He looked very alive to me. Movement looked very deliberate. Why didn’t the guys filming help him? I bet the head wound was not what killed him, but the massive blood loss from the ignoramus filming the poor child.

        1. LOL serious? He’s GONE. One sure way to tell is by the positioning of his hands and feet. That is known as decerebrate/decorticate posturing. It’s a sure fire indicator of massive brain damage. These are not deliberate movements. And even if the camera guy was a Neurosurgeon, there’s no helping him. What exactly would you have him do?

          1. So when a UFC fighter that’s showing this same posture after being knocked out, we should, from now on, consider him “Gone” too??? Just wondering. Your the one who knows.

    1. He’s showing decorticate posturing; elbows , wrists and fingers flexed, legs extended and internally rotated with plantar extension (toes pointed down).

      Technically, still alive but with a very poor prognosis as this type of posturing suggests damage to areas including the cerebral hemispheres, the internal capsule, and the thalamus +/- midbrain.

      The fixed lateral (looking left gaze) deviation of the left eye also suggests significant intracranial damage.

      Outcome is likely cardiac arrhythmia and arrest, or respiratory arrest.

        1. The posturing can be seen in the Syrian woman who hangs her self on camera. Can someone search for it and paste it ? Google it. It’s caused by the brain stem suffering extreme trauma and loss of oxygenation.

      1. Like i always say i dont understand this fucken people,looking at a scene like that is almost certain the guy is done but you can always try even if its in vain to save the guy,i once drove by a motorcycle accident this old guy was preety much splattered on the road,you can tell he had a lot of broken bones and was bleeding from his head he was moaning you can tell he was in pain there was some people me including standing around but one guy was kneeling holdinh his hand talking to him telling him to hang on the ambulance was coming, i had to leave dont know if he made it or not but still i didnt see anyone filming it

        I sometimes try to imagine what is like to be in a situation like this, i would rather have someone come and hold my hand,maybe i can still talk and say something like please tell my wife or my mom something….rather than a bunch of fucken assholes filming me.

    2. You know how the muslims and Mexicans chop off heads? As they get to the spine and are whacking away through the spinal cord, the arms always jump up and fingers often twitch. I think it’s an electrical phenomenon, the metal of the blade in the nerve bundles of the spinal cords. Much the same with this dude. There have to be some primal electrical misfires still going on.

    3. There was that famous US guy that lives following half his head being shot off. As this kid was young his brain is more likely going to be able to deal with this. The right side of his brain was shot, but he has (partially coordinated movement in his right side such as one would get following a right sided stroke). The opposite side of the brain controlling the contralateral side of the body (right brain makes left arm move for those that need simple terms). Although unlikely this kid could have survived albeit probably a bit retarted afterwards…

      1. I do however agree that the flexing and spasmodic gestures do signify massive brain trauma but people still survive massive brain trauma. I write music for a rapper that nearly died following being hit by a car, had 2 craniotomies and can still write clever lyrics whilst working in a hospital as a physio. You would never know if you met him. Google Dr Nimble and Viper-J…

    1. he was also struggling with the indifference of people around him. wonder how far they really were from a hospital or did people take their time about calling for help so they could video and otherwise gawk at his predicament

  1. I always find these videos very interesting. Where the victim is twitching or left gasping for air. Makes you wonder what’s going on in their mind or what they’re feeling. I’m gonna get too deep into thought about this now.. May the kid rip.

          1. Fuck that Sublime , you’d ‘fall’ off a tower block if you lived there , yo ass would be squirming on BG for all to see haha … Serious waste of a gorgeous lady

    1. well, as the hrain is dying, the cognitive functions are very primitive, plus because the bullet hitted the front region of his brain which controls a lot of the evolved behaviour, he’s still alive by part of his back region wich is fhe part of the impulse. this little boy is the nearest from a zombie. here in mexico a football player was shot to the head and is still alive his name is salvador caba?as. i dont know how could he manage to keep alive and plus, keep on playing football, maybe he got an excelent treatment but, football players have all the money the want and i dont think this is this little fella’s condition

          1. I know where you are then. Lived in Culiacan, but went down to Mexico City every weekend to party. But that was back before people got kidnapped from bars and clubs.

          2. i see… well im 26 y.o. and i have gone only two times to a bar in my life hahaha im a bit misfited, i prefer to stay home reading or painting or listening to music, or anything else than goin out so… for that reason DF is cool to me haha

  2. I find that so upsetting, he needs to have his mum there to hold his hand as his life slips away. Although, if that was my son the image would be burned in my soul. I think I would probably have to kill myself.

      1. It’s very sad to see a young lad meet this kind of ending .
        In all of these cases , one must remember that there are mothers , fathers , siblings and other family and friends who have lost the person and must now begin the grieving process . Even in the favelas , the victims have someone who loves / loved them .

        1. Ewe, thats why I’m against Capital punsment. There is a law in most of our western countries that ban ‘cruel and unusual’ punishments. What must it be like for a parent, or more so for a child to visit thier child/parent a few hours before thier death to say goodbye. Knowing the exact minute they will be put to death? How on earth is a child going to be able to deal with that? The family are often complety innocent but they will have to suffer for the rest of thier lives.

          1. Yes but the person being put to death more than likely took away someone else’s child/loved one. How could it be right to let the attacker go free? They chose the crime, forcing their family to take the punishment.

          2. @sylvanas .

            Maybe so . I suppose it comes down to the fact that two wrongs don’t make a right . I mean , putting the culprit to death is not going to bring their victim back .

          1. Plus, in a world where you can seldom prove things with 100% accuracy, taking the life of an individual legally may mean murdering an innocent person.

  3. This world is a mess. A kid can’t even go to a party without losing his life! I always believed that a person’s will to live came only from the mind. My belief has changed today. Your very spirit fights as well as your body.i was raised in an unhealthy life. I have witnessed death first hand in several different ways. I have never seen this though. This…leaves me amazed as well as disturbed.

    1. those people were standing by watching, no one kneeled to apply pressure or cover the wound. they presumed he was to die and since none of them were trained in that level of first aid, nothing was done to even attempt saving him. that is what disturbs me, though i’m not surprised by their indifference

      1. got ’em in the states, too: outdoor summer tourist locales are full of cargo shorts, polo shirts and socks with sandals. one summer day when funereal ceremonies of president ronald reagan were held in washington dc, they were run amok with frisbees and super soakers all over the mall. disgraceful to see some of them usher their kids past as if it were another attraction; i half expected to see one holding cotton candy or a balloon

  4. I am dumbfounded. I have seen death twitches and such but this was a lot of movement. And with his face albeit shot wound I wouldn’t have known he was dead.

    And this was the first time I’ve seen a lost ball cap. Flip flops yes.

    This makes u wonder, when I die from whatever I hope I’m not found in some weird very awkward position. Haha I know I won’t care but still. Oh.

      1. After seeing how these people act in these situations , I’ve concluded that empathy for fellow human beings does not exist for them . Weather that’s due to them being immune or a genetic malfunction , I’m not sure . Very sad .

  5. I think I should introduce everyone to decorticate and decerebrate posturing. Explains hundreds of weird moving body videos on BG. I have end emptied previously but this video pushed me to make an account and spread the word

    1. Been tempted***

      In this scenario specifically, a bullet to the back of the head means that blood continues to reach the brainstem before it exits the body.

      The brainstem remains well oxygenated until the total blood volume begins to empty.

      Thus he starts moving well after you would presume he is dead (and indeed he is brain dead)..

      This is decorticate posturing. In other videos, especially hangings, you will see alternations between decerebrate I and decorticate as the brainstem damage progresses.

      1. What do you do for a living? Where are you located? You seem to know what you are talking about and you are using big boy words.

        I work at the Los Angeles Coroners Office (yes the one with a gift shop).

        I’m really thinking I should recruit an intern from here, my last 2 interns have turned out to be weak of stomach and crybabies.

        1. Hi harleyQ! I am a medical student >,<

          Unfortunately I am all the way in London but it would have been really cool to see your office's gift shop- I can't imagine the types of souvenirs they sell ๐Ÿ˜›

          We're lucky enough to begin dissection really early on and you get over everything BUT THE SMELL after a few months.
          nb that's the nasty nasty smell of formaldehyde which we still use here. Not the actual bodies I suppose.

          1. Should of guessed you’d be in the medical field or at least studying in it.

            You ever come to LA and I’ll get you in the doors. It’s easy for me to get medical professionals or students in the back, so bring a transcript or something.

    1. that is absolutely the proper response, @Rathma. problem there is a pervasive atmosphere of poverty and death that devolves people from the level of compassionate human to worker ant and it only gets worse

          1. I would appreciate you more if you could muster a more appropriate retort. I just called you an insignificant whelp, without actually doing so.. Teeheehee

  6. If he does survive, he will be mentally retarded…and blind. On the other hand, it’s Brazil, so they will probably try to fill the head hole with coffee beans or banana peels.

    They say Abraham Lincoln would have lived through his head wound. That is if they didn’t stick their fingers and other things in the hole in his head causing infection. He would have been a vegetable, blind, and unable to breath on his own I believe, but alive.

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      1. Numbers not relevant? Really? You’re really ignorant if you believe that. Going on the offensive no less. You’re real idiot if you belbelieve numbers have of no importance on this plane. A real fucking idiot.

    1. I always assumed they picked that date 9/11 as a twisted joke , a reference to the emergency services number . But what do I know !

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  8. I’m pretty sure he was alive. I’ve seen the occasional twitching and small jerk movements when someone has died, but never that much moving. The movements were also pretty smooth whereas when it’s just muscles spasms, the movements tend to be jerked and quick. And by all the bloodless I would think he was dead, but maybe there wasn’t as much as it seemed. I just wonder what he would be thinking if he was even able to gather his thoughts. That’s horrible though. Dying at such a young age for no apparent reason.

  9. Aww he only looks around 14 thats very sad but hes definitely still alive at this point his chest is clearly moving up and down and hes moving far to much plus at the end his eye opens, I doubt he survived tho his flip flop has left him lol

  10. Hello, this is my first post here after having read the page for years. He seems to have suffered from diencephal damage. The flexing of arms and stretching of legs is typical for heavy damage to the diencephalon. It still is possible to be concious with this condition though he most likely slips in and out of conciousness. The lower brain steam reflexes for protection of airways and breathing are still intact so if nobody will help him he will continue to breath until his circulation breaks down because the blood loss from the head seems to protect him from further brain pressure.

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