Teenage Girl’s Badly Decomposed Remains

Teenage Girl's Badly Decomposed Remains

The body of sixteen year old Jennifer Santos Matos was formally recognized Monday, May 30, 2016 after being discovered in Caravelas; Brazil. The girl was found like this, badly decomposed, and naked somewhere amid the greenery near a cemetery in Rancho Alegre.

Supposedly she lived on a street, Portugal, in the Valdete Village neighborhood of Porto Seguro. Relatives made no formal statements regarding why the girl was in the area where this happened, though, were said to have been shocked once they learned of her death.

The state of already quite well progressed decomposition makes it hard for autopsy results to determine whether or not she was the victim of sexual violence.

Police Chief Charlton Fraga, head of civil police there, declared that due to the machete markings on head of the girl’s bodily remains there was no doubt she was a murder victim.

Further photographic examinations of the badly decomposed remains can be seen in the gallery below.

74 thoughts on “Teenage Girl’s Badly Decomposed Remains”

      1. Sure, she had three eyes before all three disappeared through decomposition.

        Since she died near a cementary, guess where she will be buried at once an investigation of what really happened to her to end up as this?

    1. Looks like she’s been burned her hands tied to the back and head bashed in mayb someone raped her and killed her…poor girl what a way to die and be left there that sad…hope whoever did this burns slowly and painful in the deepest part of hell

    2. Has anyone not noticed the bullithole in her forehead and exit wound to the side of the head. This girl was shot execution style. The machete wound suggests gang related. The real question was the machete wound first or the gunshot wound? I think there is much more than meets the eye with this girl.

      1. At 16 Years Of Age, She is not underage in most Countries, but Mark did not film-it or send-it so he’s not responsible. People, especially Girls lie about their age all the time, so who’s to know that she’s even 16?? She could be 25 for all we know, cause in pick #4 she does Not look like a 16 year-old to me,, No??
        Sad nonetheless,,, poor girl. 🙁

  1. I wonder if the anguished expression is real anguish or the face contorted like that during the decomposition? Also has me wondering if the discoloration on the lower torso and legs is due to burning?

    1. To be honest she most likely died screaming. Real horror movie stuff. However there is a real phenomenon called the rictus grin (dont quote me) where the mouth actually gives a corpse an appearance of smiling or laughing. Read about it in a forensic science book. Its where the facial muscles retract during decomposition pulling back the lips. But not where the mouth is fully open like that.

  2. Gonna crop and oil paint these types of faces. Should be good. Will post…if that’s allowed. I’m sure there are sickos on here who would appreciate well’executed’ artwork. I’ve seen some…I think mine can compete.

  3. a waste of life some ass whipe probly raped and killed the poor kid its sad but life in brazil. there is nothing worse than a dead human we look like creatures that look alien like as we decompose and the stench of rotting flesh stirs the mind and fouls the air. poor kid to young but life throws many curves.

  4. that is disgusting. i was having delicious homemade pizza with tasty south asian chili sauce and after i saw that pic i almost puked. i have been put off my pizza which i was looking forward to having.

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