Teenager Stabbed to Death by Husband – Knife’s Blade Left in Her Neck

Teenager Stabbed to Death by Husband - Knife's Blade Left in Her Neck

So yesterday March 8th was international woman’s day. A day when all the ladies get together to socialize and run away from the oppression of this awful man’s world, watch some striptease (it involves men but what the fuck), cheat on their husbands/boyfriends and get wild in general (not that this is the case with every woman, obviously).

Now, this left me thinking. So, women need one day each year to celebrate the fact they’re women, but what are they the rest of the year? Aren’t they, uh, women? Why don’t men get a “man’s day”, to celebrate their manhood? Oh, I forgot, that’s chauvinistic in nature and incredibly oppressive and offensive. I see this in the same light as latino-pride, black-pride, native-pride, with all their special dates as well, but is there a “white-pride” day? Well, of course not, again, that is just flat-out racist.

I try my best to comprehend all of this hypocrisy but I can’t, I can’t because there is no logical explanation. Shouldn’t we only feel proud of our virtues/past and present achievements as human beings rather than something we had no choice over? I am proud of a lot of things I have done throughout my life, and yeah I have done some stupid shit but haven’t we all.. I learned though. As should everyone, or history is bound to repeat itself.

A woman’s day is every single day of the year, for the rest of their lives. No reason to celebrate a mere coincidence, having a vagina instead of a penis. And tits. Because those are the only things that differentiate women from men. The “international woman’s day” makes as much as sense as an “international dwarfs day” or “international redheaded people day” or “international big dick day”. Capitalism does appreciate it though. A lot of money is made on these “special” occasions. Feminism, with it’s clear insidious agenda, poisoned society which now undermines sexual dimorphism, negating it for the fact it is and draws standards we feel compelled to live up to or face becoming outcasts. So we neglect who we truly are in order to fulfill what we perceive to be society’s wishes for us. The majority of people don’t want to be excluded, they want to fit it, even at the cost of changing their own personality, something nobody should do. If people can’t accept you for who you are then being around them isn’t a good idea in the first place.

Like for example this case. 15 year old Erivelta da Silva Carvalho was stabbed to death by her husband in Cupira – Pernambuco, Brazil. They had been drinking and one thing led to another and all the sudden he killed her. Very wrong, no doubt. But this is the type of shit feminists love to grab and shove in men’s faces, like women aren’t capable of committing murder as well. First of all, being married by age 15 with a guy (don’t know his exact age) who is clearly much older? I don’t know their background but that is irresponsible. So it doesn’t make sense to make rushed conclusions about this case because we simply don’t know how their relationship was nor the motives behind the murder. What if it was in self-defense? What if she beat him? Ah, that is something that is never mentioned. Yes, men suffer domestic abuse too. You just don’t hear about it because a vast majority stays silent and are embarrassed to admit it. Secondly, does society know why a lot of men adopt violent behaviors? Because, and excluding cases of mental illness, throughout their whole lives they contain their emotions, because that is what society expects of men. To suppress their feelings and “toughen up” – “be a man” – “stop crying, only girls do that you wuss!” – “boat is sinking? Women and children, jump to the life boat! Men, good luck”.
Until one day all that compressed agony is unleashed.

So the next time the question “why are men so cold” or “why are a lot of men taciturn?” comes to surface, maybe the answer is clearer.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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    1. there is fucking white pride like the kkk and nazis they are as prideful and ignorant as it gets. days you say? white people got the 4th of july, st patricks day etc don’t try to exclude white people in being better than that every race have there pros and cons

      1. I’m proud asf to be white and don’t want ANY association with kkk or Nazis, 4th of July is for the WHOLE COUNTRY no matter what race, and st patties day is for IRISH, and (maybe you don’t know this) but not all white ppl are Irish, so…0.o

  1. I don’t condone the violence but women have a way of getting under a man’s skin to the point where it drives them temporarily insane. If balls were made to be broken they would be made out of glass.

          1. Oh yeah and the occasional obsessed stalker ex girlfriend..yeesh..sometimes I just wish I could let the cat keep my tongue..but I LOVE the ladies too much… 馃檨

          2. as I’ve told everyone in my family…. FUCK MARRIAGE, DATING, AND RELATION SHIPS TOO MUCH FUCKING DRAMA….

            I say that every time they fucking ask me if I got a girlfriend…
            women drama 24/7/365
            same with some guys I know though I don’t even bother even listening because thats all i hear is NAG NAG NAG… BITCH BITCH BITCH….

          3. Rsking + fucking 50 for you my friend..I don’t do the relationshit either..FUCK THAT..lemme just see those titties and ass giiiiiiirl!!!…lolz…

          4. Lmao..I hear that ALL the fucking time Z…unfortunately for me I am too much like the fellas and all I’ll ever get off friendship because I’m too alpha bitch to submit to a man…..BUT I make killer sammiches though!!… 馃檪

    1. Males are great for pushing buttons and getting under women’s skins as well. It isn’t just one gender. I’ve also found that men are the worst when it comes to gossip, too. Always an asshole around to broadcast a woman’s personal life but its a different story when men do the same damn thing.

      Around here women are put through the court system for assaulting males as well. Also, the males are favored in these sorts of abuse, women get harsher sentences in domestic violence than men do. Around here its definitely about catering to males.

      Not all males are abusers, only a small few. They are the ones who make the news.

      The state law here is that if you leave a mark on your partner, male or female, you go to jail. If there are marks from violence on both of them go to jail and face abuse charges.

      Women have it no better than men here.

      1. Oh how i wish it could be the same here, in Europe. I’m a girl, and yes, there’s shit in both gender. I hate it when people make generalities, good men, good woman / bad men, bad women too…Some will just never understand. Equality doesn’t exist, and oh, I don’t want it…Everything is fine like this. Now I’m too much for most men, which is good, because I don’t want a relationship thing, it sucks. Well, enough said…

  2. Lmao..is that what I was supposed to be doing yesterday Portuguese?!?!..damn I miss all the fucking fun!!…in all seriousness though males bring domestically abused happens more often then not..maybe in a drunk rage she attacked him..or the other way around..meh I didn’t get a knife in my neck so it’s not really my concern…great post like usual Portuguese..thanks!!

      1. A twat isn’t on a pedestal. Its that women do a lot and get no appreciation. The male will whine and snivel until he gets a blow job but what does he do around he house? Sweep, dust, toilet? Probably not. But most women do this every day without even an acknowledgement. Its just expected that men will dump household responsibilities because they are too fucking lazy to clean up after themselves. So she gets stuck with it, and then he’d whine for a blow job that night after she’s spent 12 hours at work and cleaning the house. So, when males start carrying their weight at home is when there would be more sex. This is because she won’t have to waste her time cleaning up after someone because he got it done. There’s a thought. Sharing daily chores leaves available time for some good, raunchy sex with the partner. But before then, I consider male slobs being a huge reason why women won’t do as he wants.

          1. Haha, thanks! I guess we all miss the beat from time to time. It was just brought to my attention by @1girl1cup that I say “uber” now. Gonna have to take a long hard look at myself!

      1. I certainly wouldn’t be in the queue to do it. There’s no great place to get stabbed, but the neck is such a brutal place to stab, it smacks of blind rage and violence. Like you really have to be uber-pissed to aim there. The odds of surviving it are pretty fucking slim.

          1. No, I wrote it. My phone likes to assume it knows what I wanna write, the predictive phrasing is becoming a bit irritating now. Every comment I write here I have to proof read if I don’t want a load of shitty punctuation and wrong words. I’ve actually never accessed Bestgore on a computer now I think of it.

  3. I just think it’s silly that we have to have days that basically celebrate which body parts we were born with. Stupid… I just try to ignore that kind of stuff, because when I talk to people out on the street and in my daily life in general I never hear people talking about stuff like Women’s Day. So it makes me wonder if every day people actually care about this kind of stuff or if it’s just some agenda being pushed by a small group of people with the means to put it out there on the rest of us. To victimize our innocent minds with their bullshit. To distract us from the real problems of the world.

    I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman. I just care about people being decent human beings. Keep your body parts, and the attitude that’s influenced by them, to YOURSELVES!!! You sick bastards!!! We’re human beings!!! We should be above this kind of gender-centric ape behavior!!!

    1. its jew media bullshit. driving the feminists on . what do they hope to achieve ? if men are toppled then what? they will only murder and rape more. women arent meant to dominate its just not natures way thats why your small and have a weird body shape built for rearing babys. oh unless youre a black widow spider then the lady is the boss then lol

    2. All the minorities and women are being given prominence in the media by the Jews in order to undermine white males. Because the Jewish male sees the white male as his only competitor for political power, so the Jew man does everything he can to attack the white man, as well as manipulating and encouraging non whites and white females to hate white males. It’s the Jewish war against the white man. The white man needs to declare war on the Jewish man.

  4. If racism exists then it must exist in all races, if law based protection against racism exists then it must also exist for all races.

    If sexism exists then it must exist in both genders, if law based protection against sexism exists then it must also exist for both genders.

    The above is a simple, logical conclusion based upon the notion that we live in a fair and equal society, sadly however we do not.

    In truth all races except indigenous white people receive preferential treatment in Europe and North America/Canada and the thinking behind this madness is that white people are the majority demographic in these countries and therefore do not require support or representation.

    The above disregards two important facts, first is that no country is equal in terms of wealth and/or opportunity distribution and despite what the government say chance of birth still very much dictates your worth, this means that there are far more poor indigenous white people in white countries than any other race due to demographic size difference and these poor indigenous white people receive no support or opportunity to better themselves due to the preferential treatment rules.

    The second fact is an obvious one, why shouldn’t indigenous people have the most opportunity in their own countries?, why is it racist to stand up for the rights of the indigenous people?, Japan do it, China does it, Russia does it.

    It’s the same with sexism, women still receive preferential treatment even though women are more than equal now, it’s the same with feminism and the list goes on.

    My conclusion, Europe and North America/Canada suffer greatly from a cancer that is slowly eating it’s way through their organs and this cancer is called IMFS, indigenous male fright Syndrome.

    Indigenous people now tread on egg shells, “I don’t have any non white friends, won’t people think that I am racist”, “I have too many white workers in my company, won’t people think that my company and I are racist”.

    The above creates an anti white culture, particularly anti white male, as people and companies make choices based upon IMFS, however the real losers are the poor people because they do not possess a private education or a rich daddy and friends in the right places and so without the opportunity to better themselves they are left to rot.

    What causes IMFS and how does it spread?, it is a man made disease caused by political correctness gone mad and is spread by the media and the government and the reason for this is that it all equates to the bigger picture of wealth going upwards towards the top and away from the indigenous but poorer majority.

    The future is one of slave labour and it will be the indigenous poor that are the future slaves for they possess no rights or opportunity and will be forced to work for their social support payments.

    Indigenous people should be supporting each other no matter the country in question and the fact that in Europe/America/Canada they have actually turned against each other shows just how messed up it all is.

    The only way to cure this illness is to start supporting each other again and buying mostly indigenous made products from indigenous owned companies and employing the indigenous population, this will create the necessary market conditions to boost economic strength whilst creating indigenous consumers who support and further increase that economic strength via their purchasing power.

    Change in real terms is relatively simple but on a psychological level it will be difficult to convince the ostriches among us to remove their heads from the sand.

    1. Yes except there’s the faggotry. Hard to reproduce when women go lez, men go gay and / or wait till they’re old and what not and all this is being foisted upon society ( mostly white ) but others as all The rage and the way to go. And no I don’t hate gays but it’s like black pride and all that shit PD was saying . We get it, your gay and free to be gay now stop forcing my kids to think its acceptable to them just cause it is for you.

    2. Empty, you and I have to personally meet one day. If you ever come to Portugal (the Algarve especially), tell me and i’ll buy you a coffee or tea. We would have a very interesting conversation.

      Realitycheck, I don’t think homosexuality is a choice, in my honest opinion. Scientific evidence points in the direction that it is a neurological change that occurs when the fetus is being formed. A baby boy is born but the area of his brain supposed to feel attraction for the opposite sex in order to incite procreation is altered, thus feeling attraction for the same sex. It’s associated to an hormonal imbalance. The same with girls who are homosexual.

      If it was a choice I seriously doubt anyone would be gay in Iran, considering you’ll get hanged for that. Yet many are, and are hanged. It’s like telling a straight person “stop liking people of the opposite sex or you’ll get hanged”. Some would comply, others just can’t, and they shouldn’t, it’s just the way they are and I admire people who challenge authority and most of all, who are not afraid to be who they are, even at the cost of their lives. I respect that.

      I don’t think they force others to be gay, although a lot of homosexuals tend to show off on purpose in order to attract attention.

      Gay pride is another ludicrous event. Again, they themselves admit its not a choice, yet feel proud over something they had no say in. Being hypocritical there.

      1. I agree with realitycheck07 in the sense that homosexuals should be free to live how they want but, as a minority demographic, they should not be able to dictate change to the rest of society such as gay adoption or gay marriage laws and the fact that they can is once again down to preferential treatment.

        I strongly stand against gay adoption and gay tax payer funded IVF treatment on the grounds that it is damaging to society on the whole, what chance have the children got to have a normal life with that start and that damage may cause the children to become damaged adults and therefore bad for society.

        @P Dude, I would have thought that Portugal, particularly the Algarve, would have had enough of British people coming over there, ahem, McCanns, cough, cough.

          1. Yes, I’ve read the police reports and looked at all the evidence and as a man of logic I arrive at the same conclusion as yourself.

            Did you know that they used the charitable donations collected for the search fund to pay off their mortgage and rumour has it that they were freemasons as well.

            I bet the Algarve tourist industry took a lot of damage and made a lot of Portuguese unemployed after that incident.

          2. Gon莽alo Amaral exposed all the proof in his book that was removed from stores temporarily. He won the case eventually and the book went back to being sold. He was the lead forensic investigator and told the dogs smelled the scent of a cadaver in the McCann’s car and there were tiny blood drops on their rented apartment.

            The Scotland Yard quickly obfuscated this information.

            I live very near to Praia da Luz where it all happened. I went there the day it happened and saw the McCanns right in front of me. They looked like manipulative cunts from that very first day.

            They even went to the pope… No other “kidnapping” case ever got this kind media coverage in the world.

            A lot of people lost their jobs in Praia da Luz, it even affected the tourism industry here in Lagos, since Praia da Luz belongs to Lagos’s municipality.

            But things are picking up now. We are still safer than many parts of the UK, now riddled with immigrant violence.

            Mind you mate, Portugal is among the 15th safest nations on earth. They let that incident almost destroy our only market and source of revenue. What pisses me the most is that the guilty ones haven’t yet faced justice.

          3. The way the Brits discredited the Portuguese investigation was a total travesty of justice . I smelled a rat too . It begs the question though , what hold did the McCann’s have over the powers that be ? , because the way this whole scenario went was way out of the norm . Children have gone missing abroad before … Ben Needham for one . The McCann case and the media hype and fanfare is , for some reason , way OTT .

    3. The white man is being undermined on purpose by the Jewish man. The only way to fix our countries is to kick the Jews out of the banks, government, and media. Actually, just kick them all out of the country. Problem solved.

      A lot of baby boys are being born gay because all of the processed food contains soy which contains estrogen which feminizes the brain in the womb during development. Who owns the food corporations? That’s right, Jews again.

    4. Very well put empty . I buck the trend though on one point . Cos I really don’t give a shit what people think of me . I will never tread on egg shells for anybody , especially a bunch of leftist retards . I know my personal values are true and just . No one will ever persuade me to think differently .

      1. Amen to that! Communication can be a bitch and MUST be exercised by both sides in order for it to work. It’s unfortunate that it ended with a blade in the young girls neck though… such a finalized last word. Nothing is that important to never see the light of day again imo. Nothing.

  5. We as human beings tend to inadvertently follow trends in order to please others. It’s part of our nature since we are social creatures. The very reason we prospered as a species is because of this “safety in numbers” concept we adopted a long time ago.

    Unwittingly we must develop social skills in order to remain in the group we belong to and keep it cohesive. Thus wanting to please others, even if we have to degrade ourselves in the process. I personally don’t do that, and that is why i’m not a social person. I don’t fit in the norm but neither do a lot of people that follow this website. That is what makes us unique as well.

    Most would assume I am an unhappy person for not having friends, but far from it, most people have dual personalities, becoming false and putting a certain facade in front of some while being the complete opposite in front of others.

    This need to socialize to remain in social groups is what leads most individuals to develop these predispositions. It’s not something inherent to human nature, we are not born to be false with each other, and we see this in very young children, but as time moves on we construct these traits to meet society’s expectations of perfection. So being “alone” in a world of ‘fakery’ is not all that bad, in fact, the positives outweigh the negatives. A person who spends most of it’s time by itself has more time to explore the wonders of this world and to learn more about it. Instead of dedicating time to others, dedicate time for yourself and towards your happiness. Happiness doesn’t necessarily have to be associated to human relationships, it can take many forms.

    The most frustrating aspect of all of this is that I see little effort by the masses to change their conduct towards each other and showing respect for one another. Most people simply could care less, and so we continuously keep working as slaves, perpetuating our misery in the name of capital, manufacturing the products the rich sell back to us while keeping most of the profits and without breaking a sweat, buying things we don’t need, with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.
    How low have we come. I just hope humanity can pick itself together and realize how fucked up we’ve become before no cure can be found for our ailments.

    1. @P Dude,

      Vagina, think about vagina.

      All men want to be attractive to women and that is why we keep clean and that is why we dress nice, it’s a biological imperative wrapped up in a very modern way.

      Trends allow for a man to fit in and therefore, as stated, protects them against attack and creates a friendlier appearance towards potential partners, women of course are the same and the process they go through is very similar.

      Now, the idea of friends is an interesting concept because it not only affords physical protection against potential threats but it allows the mind to adjust to external reality whereas if a person spends too much time alone they start to internalise all manner of thought and reality then becomes twisted because the person only uses themselves as a focus point for argument rather than cross referencing, which can only be done externally.

      To simplify the above, you become completely detached from reality due to self absorption, just like politicians and the very rich.

      Friendship then is a way to stay sane too as well as protect from threat, even those who have no physical friends tend to build online friendships with other like minded people and much for the same reason, to reach out to others in an attempt to stay sane, they may say that they reach out in order to reaffirm their own ideals but that in it’s self is a pointless action and they know it, they reach out in order to make contact with others for the sake and benefit of contact with others, even if that contact bares no fruit.

      My conclusion, interaction keeps us moving forward when otherwise we would fall into the trap of the internal reality, ego overload, and only those who understand the world, all the pain, misery and happiness, all the creation and wars can change the world for the better.

      The insane rule the world at the moment and therefore we must understand and work with each other via interaction in order to create a sane world.

      1. What is the definition of friendship? Can it be characterized by two or more people who form a certain group who get together in person, socialize, exchange ideas, stay distracted, drink tea with, or does it go beyond that?
        Could two or more people who debate on certain issues like you and I are doing be considered friendship, or just an interaction between two people who talk on occasion? If we talked more often, would that be considered a friendship then?

        The line between friendship and mere “contacts” is very blurry, so it becomes difficult to distinguish from one another.

        Like aforementioned, we prospered as a species because we formed groups and were able to deter predators from hunting us. We wouldn’t be here if we, like leopards, for example, were solitary creatures.

        However, times have moved on and we really don’t need others in order to survive. We did when we were hunter/gatherers and even a bit after that, but not today in my opinion. A person can very well have a job, talk to co-workers, pay his/her bills, have some other off-work activities and not have any friends, at least not in the socially accepted terminology of the word. And many are perfectly sane and happy.

        Now, whether or not most would consider that kind of a lifestyle unbearable is debatable, but I know people that live like that and they don’t seem unhappy. I genuinely believe that unhealthy friendships can do far more damage than having none at all.

        Again, this depends on people’s interpretations.

        A movie depicting this very well, and based on a true story, is called Into the Wild. Something I recommend everyone to see. Or read the book about it, also very intriguing.

        By the way mate, I see far more insanity within social groups than in solitary individuals, and I’m one of them. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

        1. @P Dude,

          I classify any positive interaction to be an act of friendship because even I understand that the notion of friendship or indeed love is way over stated.

          A positive interaction is a mutually beneficial one and not many of us could truly survive on our own, without bartering for goods or finding a place to stay for the night, which requires mutually beneficial action, we would have to go back to the days of hunting and gathering to survive and the disabled and old would perish under such an environment therefore we use each other in a mutually beneficial way to survive.

          The problems arise when people try to create one way beneficial arrangements, such as in the society that we live in now and that is why I say that friendship is a positive thing, it creates mutually beneficial arrangements.

          The situations mentioned, regarding negative consequences of interaction is a simple one to fix, if the interaction is not mutually beneficial it is not friendship and therefore not needed and should be avoided, however it must be added that a negative to one person may not be interpreted the same way as another, telling somebody to cut back on the booze can be both a negative or positive interaction.

          I guess friendship is like finding a lover in that you can go through quite a few people before you meet somebody that you truly click with.

          My conclusion, if somebody truly enjoys their own company and prefers to be alone then of course that is the correct action to take but if somebody wants to live alone as a consequence of previous negative encounters with people then they shouldn’t rule out people all together because that would be letting emotion destroy their future prospects and I speak from experience as I have both lived alone and interacted with others regularly and at the end of the alone path there is nothing, just emptiness and the memory of observing others from afar whilst the years go by, to exist but never to live.

        2. Portugese Dude. Sometimes i feel i want you to be my second father
          But does lonely life really makes you happy inside or only thing what keeps you believing like that is, because you understand things better, your different outcast. can see through fake and are real person. Its like sacrificing yourself. Because your that strong character who can take it? and because of that you dont belong in this world
          The more older you get, the more easier is to you accept this?
          Do you believe in this what i said.
          If this is true how you can deal with that anger and pain.

      2. I agree empty soul. I believe we are social beings created to have a relationship with our maker primarily, then others in a selfless manner. Obviously this isn’t always or usually the case but it is nevertheless, inherent to our being.

    2. Correct, people have “friends” usually when that “friend” can gain something from the relationship(a place to stay, help with something, etc.). Once that personal gain is gone, there’s usually no longer a “friendship”. After all, we’re all just flesh, bone, and some of us even have brains :-), which are simply trying to survive. I personally can’t stand most people and rarely think highly of someone, even family.

      1. that’s more my relationship with women most my life. they only come around when they need something or when it’s convenient for them to be with me. after that i don’t fucking exist…
        hell. even just coworkers. and one of them ended up fucking me over in the worst way.

        1. I have to say Ob’s that men are always offering to do shit for women. You break up with a boyfriend and all their friends start turning up on your doorstep asking if you need help with anything. I always say a polite thank you or else you feel obligated to them, and they know it, their just trying to get close you.

    3. Never been more true to what you have stated here @PD. Just what I had been trying to express all the while but I cant seem to find the words to put together in sentences. I have been trying to shun fakery all my life and living with dual personality just to fit in the society where mostly anyone who is quite shallow (if I may say, im not too bright either), that follows superficiality in materialism in trying to prove superiority in themselves to other whereas I think they are just trying to satisfy their own egos that was so called imbued by society standards. It could be very very tiring doing this on a daily basis. I concur with your opinion that people such as us do have few friends, which I think that we choose selective friends or people to spend time with. Frankly, there is nothing wrong with this thinking. Just individualistic. And the pros, I am a calmer person that listens to my conscience that comprises a set of moral values, which are, compassion and kindness.

  6. I always just looped Woman’s Day in with the other oddball made-up shit like National Grapefruit Day and Groundhog Day. Whoo I’m female as opposed to what? Male or hermaphrodite? I swear these holidays are made up by bored office people with nothing else better to do.

    1. fuck all that! Halloween is the only real holiday worth celebrating. its also older than all of this other bullshit except maybe christmas which is just a christian reimagining of the pagan Saturnalia and the winter solstice festival. :mrgreen:
      hate to break it to you christians, but christmas is a fucking fraud made up to compete with Saturnalia. look it up. theres actually much evidence to suggest that jesus was born in august.but believe what you like. just like some believe in the violent sayings of an opium-addicted child-fucker but i digress….

          1. Thx, I appreciate that ladywicked666, but ther is a lot of funnierpeopleon here, and with better ideas, there is alot of cool Motherfuckers on here, including yourself

    1. I guess you missed this part “A woman鈥檚 day is every single day of the year, for the rest of their lives.”

      This, people, is what happens when you don’t read the full article or make rapid assumptions without thinking twice.

      I didn’t make a rant about women, I criticized a day that was merely created for profit purposes and to raise to a pedestal level a gender that is just as equal as the other. I made a criticism about society and it’s hypocrisy.

  7. I love Women, but most are all brainwashed in western societies, from an early age they see images of fake plastic dolls w/perfect skin,boobs,hair&warpaint-(makeup). add t.v. and magazine images plus peer pressure, it’s no big suprise they have become just like whores by 14. everday they dress up and play the part of an actress with a script to follow all fantasy-make believe. so when lies come out of their mouth to men or other women, it is they’re only reality. and therefore `truth` to their twisted minds.
    so dont get mad if a man treats you like a whore. cuz like charlie sheen it is way cheaper that way! he does not pay for the `sex` he pays them to get the fuck out & go away in the morning.

  8. As i said here before,im close to being 30 years old i lived most of my life in Portugal but i also lived about 10 years in the Usa “from about 11 to 20” so some childhood,awkward teenage and early adulthood years.

    There are some differences but i dont want to bore anyone with them,but one thing i can tell you is that here,anytime i want sex,all i need is a little bit of money, prostitutes are everywhere i open up a newspapaper there are adds all over the place and you think yeah but they are probably a bunch of crack whores or something like that,wrong…there are some beautifull girls,most of them imported fromColombia,Brazil,Ukraine etc, here is an example,this website…has plenty where you can choose from,you can spend time with them for around 30 to 50 euros.
    http://www.desejos.net http://desejos.net/grporto11.htm

    From the experience i had in the Usa,there was things also but it wasnt this easy,so what is my point? My point is that..this system..this type of thing here,here and for example in the Netherlands,France etc functions very well…men and women get along better,men are not so desperate and pussy whipped,but then you have other examples like Thailand and whatever where we all know how it ussualy goes down

  9. For All The LADIES that do not act like whores there is a song by jamey johnson That should be in a mandatory instruction manual for dealing with
    your MAN..!

    titled `dog in the yard` on the album `the guitar song

    and if you still can’t get or keep a MAN, get a dog n xtra batteries for the vibrator.
    `woof woof arrhhoooooo`!

  10. Another Song for everyone here @B.G. to enjoy is `she left me for Jesus` By Hayes Carl (trouble Im Mind) Arguably The Best Country Song ever written`! …
    at least read th lyrics*
    guaranteed to make you smile

  11. Where I worked, I got sick and tired of ‘Black pride day’ so I complained why can’t we have a ‘White pride day’ and I got shut down so fast, I nearly lost my breath. I swear the boss’s thought I was wearing a sheet.

    1. What does it tell you about female privilege when Women’s Day gets trumped up international prime time coverage, while Men’s Day barely gets mentioned, if it does, it’s only mentioned on the sidelines so much so that most people are not even aware there is such thing as Men’s Day? It’s a great showcase of societal misandry.

    2. International men’s day is not really international because it is only celebrated in certain countries, unlike international woman’s day. For example my country doesnt recognize international mens day. Its more of a “national” celebration thats hardly ever mentioned and is only celebrated by a minuscule part of men. It arose after countless criticism of international women’s day’s hypocrisy, but since its not widely recognized, its not truly international.

  12. @grammar Not-ZEE November 19th Intl.Mans’s Day,….? gotta bee a HUMP day no? seig heil` ocho dias
    befour tourkee- day! maik shoor
    two request zwei B.J.’s
    und ein wundabah shtupping
    from der frau:->lein beef/ore
    stuff-n da gobbel lurr. !

    Moi, spell checque vent `KAPUT`!

  13. that’s not a nice way to go. You can see she fought like crazy. There is a wound under her ear and shallow stab next to the knife. There’s also a mark on her cleavage that looks like that may have been part of a previous attack. Shit, just because

  14. Judging by her look, i think her husband had a mildly to moderate reaction. I actually think this came out the best possible way.

    You are an ugly woman, in a shitty country, married probably at age 12. At least now you are dead.

    Also, don’t let me see your ugly face haunting me. I’m gonna shoot you right in the eye (a thing your husband didn’t have the creativity to do) with my squirt gun filled with holy water.

    1. Ahahah if only that was possible. A lot of women don’t want to hear other opinions, they want to hear their own opinions in deeper voices.

      But for those who do care to listen to other points of view then that inniciative shouldn’t be reserved to just one day of the year but all of them. There has to be reciprocate respect and communication. Those, whether men or women, that cannot respect those simple concepts are not worthy of anybody’s time.

  15. Wow, so some church or celebrant has no problem with marrying off 15 year olds girls now??( This fucked up shit is usually an Islamic thing where daddy gets paid lots of virgins when he dies for giving his virgin away to some pedophile.) I wonder how she convinced her dad that she was going to leave home and marry a violent drunkard that is at least twice her age I’m sure he was well impressed with choice decision !! But then again, you do know everything when you are 15!

  16. That’s brutal.. Really brutal. Hope he carries a maddening guilt for the rest of his existence.

    And as for women’s day.. Lamest day ever created. So to celebrate that, I went around giving girls a tampon saying ‘happy women’s day’

    Then laughed at anyone who said ‘hwd’ to me and responded with the manliest tone I could muster up and say thanks.

  17. There is an International Men’s Day, which falls on the 19th of November. It was created as a response to International Women’s Day.

    Much like IWD, hardly anyone cares about IMD, as it is created to maintain an agenda rather then embed itself into mainstream culture. Doesn’t help that IMD falls around a time where more people are giving a damn about Christmas.

    1. I’ll repost what I wrote above.

      International men鈥檚 day is not really international because it is only celebrated in certain countries, unlike international woman鈥檚 day. For example my country doesnt recognize international man’s day. Its more of a 鈥渘ational鈥 celebration thats hardly ever mentioned and is only celebrated by a minuscule part of men. It arose after countless criticism of international woman鈥檚 day鈥檚 hypocrisy, but since its not widely recognized, its not truly international.

      1. I find both holidays to be an extremely useless waste of time either way. There are just fueled by philogyny and philandry and are not going to change everybody’s opinions on gender roles one way or the other.

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