Ten Civilians and One Soldier Die in the Latest Shootout in Mexico

Ten Civilians and One Soldier Die in the Latest Shootout in Mexico

Mexico has a new president. Like his predecessor Felipe Calderon, Enrique Peña Nieto promised his voters to reduce the drug cartels related violence. While he does not officially take over until December 1, 2012 I’ve just read on a Mexican website that victims of today’s shootout which left ten civilians (one of them woman) and one soldier dead are already clocked in as the first victims of Narco related violence under the new administration.

Red Noticias website reported that the authorities confiscated ten assault rifles – five AK-47s and five R-15s, plus two 3.80 handguns. The victims of the shootout were taken to the forensic institute in Iguala.

Everywhere I look I see attractive specials for vacations in Mexico but there just ain’t no damn way I’m going 😀

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36 thoughts on “Ten Civilians and One Soldier Die in the Latest Shootout in Mexico”

  1. “Enrique Pe?a Nieto promised his voters to reduce the drug cartels related violence.”

    Politicians and their limp campaign promises. I wish that just once a politician would come out, and say, “Elect me, and candy will rain from the sky, your favorite alcohol will flow from all of the faucets in your house, and any ol’ hopeless wishful thinking you’ve ever had about the quality of your life in this country will magically come true.”

    I’m sure this guy knows how good the drug biz is for his country…and mine. Lotta folks out here need their fix. Not me, of course, but I’m sure some of you…do… 🙂

    1. That’s why we need legalization, so we can purchase from regional licensed dealers (or grow our own). That should all but guarantee a deflation of the narco violence at our borders. I said “should”, but they’ll probably find some other illegal shit to traffic and continue to fight over territory anyway. The Mexicans favorite sport isn’t “futbol” or even baseball anymore -it’s “King of the Hill”.

  2. Those are not work boots most of those were trash. Here we refer to them as Botas de militares or military boots. Low level cartel members wear cheap ones that resemble work boots. We’re taking out the trash we got 50 now 40 has been given a timeframe to comply with our demands or he will be hung from a road sign
    Viva Los Caballeros Templarios
    El Soldado

  3. Fuck I’m going there for a holiday now, book me in.
    I’ll take the plaza, I’ll chop some heads, ill have a burrito, nail some caronas and fuck off home to post it on best fuckin gore. Heat it up you lazy wetbax

  4. pena nieto is not with the zetas!..zetas have no money to pay off the military nor the federales how the fuck are they gonna pay off the president..PRI has always been on sinaloas side..people that work with pena nieto say he receives calls from chapo every now and then..chapo has the money and money brings power..no need to buy the military chapo has his own army ..

  5. This is whats flooding over my boarder??! Canadians are lucky that the only border jump they have are poor Americans looking for a bit of socialist healthcare.

    If they Law and governmental power ever broke down you can guarenteed that this shit will be happening all over LA

  6. I left stopped commenting on the blog del narco, because there were a bunch of fagguts that called themselves narcos, and were saying that they belonged to this cartel or that one. Now they’re starting to come here.

    About the video, i don’t think narco-fukers deserve to be recognized or to be buried alone in a plot. I believe they deserve to be killed, and buried in mass graves, doesn’t have to be in that order though. Hard to say whether those were indeed narcos or if they were just civilians in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  7. Enrique Pe?a Nieto, our so-called elected president is the stupidest politician in Mexico’s political history, at least the other corrupted presidents we’ve had were a bit educated, it’s embarrasing how foreing media exposed the corruption during the election and he still won…….viva la mexico lmao!!

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