Terror, Blood and Death of Christians – Early Years of Boko Haram

Terror, Blood and Death of Christians - Early Years of Boko Haram

If you still aren’t sure about Boko Haram and the terror they are responsible for spreading, you might be interested in this short documentary by the Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans covering the extreme violence of the early years of the Boko Haram group. Masquerading as extreme Muslims, attacking Christians. Being Christian in Nigeria is practically a death sentence as Boko Haram have stormed Christian churches on such holy days as Christmas and slaughtered hundreds. Christians are hunted down and are forced to convert under penalty of death. Boko Haram are also credited with bringing car bombings and suicide bombings to Nigeria.

The video covers years 2010 to 2012 but to this day in Nigeria, no one is safe.

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          1. Haha love how people feel bestgore is there own special private place on the interneChristians, Muslims, Jews who cares who’s killing who all the same to me

          1. Well see first of all I have to stop you when it comes to J or any of the other head honchos…I don’t believe in them.
            It is ok if you do, you can even believe yours is the best. 😉

    1. you’re sick, really are, i don’t understand how someone can have that much arrogance and ignorance in their heart. Prophecies in the bible about this since the coming of Jesus Christ, people like you unless you have peace in your heart have no place in the kingdom of God.

      I don’t know where you from , and i don’t care, you can be an Atheist, a moderate Muslim, or whatever you choose to be, but those same satanic Muslims are coming for you. the scrip tors are not here to be laughed at. I hope you find peace .

      1. The bible breeds just as much hate as the Quran. Your God is a sadistic, demented, petty, arrogant, self-absorbed, homophobic, mysogynistic, homicidal, genocidal, infanticidal control freak. Ironically, the Devil is considerably nicer and more accepting, yet he’s the one being cast as the bad guy.

  1. Western education is forbidden and yet they use guns, video cameras, spread their messages via social networking on a computer and drive around in cars. They?re a bit silly really aren?t they

    What happens when their car breaks down or their computers malfunction, do they fix them?, I assume since western education is forbidden that they do not.

    Then there is the fact that they are supposedly working with ISIS, a group that uses western education via computers, modern medicine, mechanical weaponry and motorised vehicles, and yet they have no problem in working with ISIS who make use of such western education?.

    The complete idiocy of their ideology aside, it seems that if Boko Haram are following ISIS they must agree with the past and present actions of ISIS and that being so they must wish to destabilise and weaken the only non western allied middle eastern countries around(Syria, Iran ect) whilst leaving alone the western allied middle eastern countries(Saudi Arabia, Israel etc) which sort of goes against their entire political/religious stance really.

    It?s hard to tell what our media?s purpose is in constantly informing us about Boko Harlam since nobody gives a shit about Africa, not even Africans, and so I assume it must about acquiring cheaper minerals some how.

    Anyhow, it will be worth keeping a look out for any future behaviour from them so that we can get a better understanding of their purpose.

    1. Book Haram is political, I must say. The United States predicted that Nigeria will break apart by 2015. They already knew elections will hold this year. How else to make their prediction come true than to use destructive ideologies like Book Haram. Even the French are a big part of it. I dunno what they stand to gain.
      Of course Africans give a fuck about Africa. It’s just unfortunate that the mainstream media has really tainted Africa’s image, and our leaders are as useless as an expired poison(no pun intended).

      1. I fully agree with you! ISIS don’t won’t want nothing to do with western influence but In reality they truly use high tech HD Video camras, Phones, Twitter LapTops etc… But they against that..???

    1. @NaijaNinja
      Just ignore them.
      I ain’t black but I’m disgusted when people make N-gs joke even when the victim is black. That’s just plain wrong.

      Who am I to tell you what to do? You have the right to say whatever you want,
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      So I hope there’s no hard feeling, bro,
      don’t take it personally.

      1. Dont worry about it, i recognise my freedom of speech as offensive to some members. They shouldnt take it too much at heart to be honest, like i said before, i love poking people like that. 😆

        Joking about other races or ethnicities is more healthy than medias or “social justice warriors” want to make anyone believe. Although it might be offensive, its a matter of freedom of expression, it relieves stress. Everybody, independently from race, religion, ethnicity, etc, should give it a try. 🙂

        1. @kopf
          Yeah, I totally feel you.
          Your’e a funny guy and easy going, ain’t got no problem with you.
          But sometimes when there’s a black member around and the insults get too out of hand I might poke my nose in sometimes. 🙂

          1. BTW @kopf
            How do you manage to reply so fast?
            I mean do you get a E-mail notice every time someone replies to your comment, or do one has to stick around BG and check their posted comment manually? You gotta teach me bro, I’m an internet dummy and I’m tired of checking the same page over and over again!! Thanks!!

          2. I try to keep it under control though… not too exagerating on my “dose” of that, i leave the higher doses of “bashing” against trolls. 😆

            And i didnt knew you had replied recenlty, i just happened to be checking the page again almost at the same time as you. 🙂 I wish there was a way to check if someone had replied to our comments other than RSS feeds…

          3. That would certainly be an improvement if the site had a comment tracker for everytime someone posted a comment on your comment. But looking at it, i think it also needs other more important basic functionalities like editing our own comments, deleting them, or to put hyperlinks on the text for example… Right now, we just have to cope with what we have. 😐

          1. Best Gore its like a second home to me, so as a respect for the site owners, i try to avoid as much conflict as possible, and try to reach a “diplomatic” level of satisfaction between my ideology and theirs…

            …like the good socyopath that i am… 😆

    1. What enlightenment would you have bestowed apon us if you managed to achieve your personal accolade of being first commenter? Something thought prevoking? Something enriching? Or would it be something on the lines of “first comment”?

    1. Without a shadow of doubt, these kind of actions have been taking place, in the name of religion, since year dot. The crusades, the power struggle between Catholicism and Protestantism in England under Henry VIII, culminating in the Reformation.
      Religious belief has always wreaked havoc. Fanaticism has, and always will be present, as long as religion exists.

      1. @ewestomper, I agree with you, however the definition of religion has changed beyond recognition; just about anything can be a “religion” from polygamy sects to people starting churches claiming to “hear” God. People sre “joining” religions under duress, not because they want to. That’s how the religions claim to be successful. Religion had become the new terrorists.

      2. @ewe i completely agree, violence has always occurred in the name of religion, no matter what that religion is. That is because religion, whether Christianity or Muslim are inherently violent ways of life. People in the “civilised” Western parts of the world who follow Christianity generaly do so with rose tinted glasses as far as their great book is concerned. They have been slowly indoctrinated over the years to ignore all the violent, nasty bits of it to the point of every Christian calling it a religion of peace. The same could be said of the majority of Muslims now. Unfortunately because their religion is so far behind there are still some Muslims who still follow the Quran to the letter. They havn’t been indoctrinated yet by the “peacefull” West’s way of thinking to just brush all the bad parts under the carpet. The only version, if you will, that Christianity has that follows the Bible to the letter as much as they can under our authorities is The Westboro Baptist Church. They are vilified by nearly everyone but as far as I see they are just following the Bible how it is said. Unfortunately you cannot ban religions altogether when the majority of people have been picking and choosing the good parts for quite some time now and won’t hurt anyone over the bad bits. The only other option is to control the others that don’t wear those pink rose shades.

    2. ALL religion has done far more harm than good to humanity, That said, the Crusades were defensive wars against muslim aggression…And almost 1000 years later, they STILL will not stop until ANYONE who doesn’t think EXACTLY like them dies…Period! Wake the fuck up and get your facts straight…Asshole!

  2. Minerals For Electronics, . . Boko Haram* “Dindu Nuffin” FKN. Kill Em ALL’.

    in other newz , wisc. cop killz 1 mo’ “unarmed” 19yr. old ebony skinned “good boy”.

    new chant* for the day ; “Black Guyz` Splatter” ~;-)

  3. What more can I say? Bestgore got it wrong this time. First, being a Christian in Nigeria is not a death sentence. Second, there are 36 states in Nigeria and Book Haram only operates in less than 3, Borno State being their base because that is where their first leader started the movement.
    Book Haram operates in 2 North-Eastern Nigeria States and every other part of the country is safe for both Muslims and Chrstians. You might be correct when you said the coming election will be critical because of the insecrity issues in Book Haram affected states, but that doesnt mean the whole country is in shambles.

    How do I know this? I am a Nigerian, a christian with a Muslim father and Christian mother. And I live in Lagos, Nigeria. Make your research well BG.

      1. Tell me, what is your source of information on this issue? Moreover, you don’t leave here in Nigeria, and Boko Haram is not spreading a bit. The video you posted is about North East Nigeria, not the whole country.

        1. You’re right, im no authority on Nigeria but they are spreading. What i know is that their MO is the same as their brothers ISIS. If you think they are gonna stay put, you are in for rude awakening. Even down to fade out execution videos. They just recently beheaded two “spies” in such a fashion.

    1. Even if their terror does not take over the country as a whole, knowing that they exist and occupy parts of your country is enough to be concerned about.

      Also, Boko Haram is spreading. They have captured parts of Sudan, if my memory serves me right.

        1. Wait a minute. You just got done telling me that im full of shit, now youre telling her youre scared of boko haram advancing. You also identified yourself as christian but went on to say religion is bullshit. It’d be nice if you got your story straight, dude.

          1. @Obli, I noticed that too and hate to see you waste your time attempting to inform/educate someone only to see them self-expose their own blatantly inconsistent bullshit!

          2. He’s right, Obli. I am also Nigerian, and there is no indication that they are spreading beyond the states that they already inhabit. However, there is the THREAT of them spreading. And that’s what’s scary.

    1. You mean the “Americanism” that invented the many technologies, like the one you’re using right now?
      YES, the technology you enjoy is PART of the capitalism you despise! Stop being a cherry-picking fucking hypocrite!

  4. As NaijaNinja said, Obli got it wrong. Boko Haram is severely restricted to the heavily Muslim north, and they have been killing their own people FAR more than they have been killing Christians. There is some fear that they may spread to the south, but it is highly unlikely when you consider that Southerners are chickenshit Christians.

  5. God bless the mid-east sand niggers and the African jungle niggers for gradually adopting HD cameras, but for Pete’s sake!, their videos are way too over produced! Less Hollywood & more documentary style, folks!

  6. You silly Christians, trying to play the undeserving victim. This is called karma. It’s for the Inquisition, the Crusades, the various witch trials all over America and Europe, manifest destiny, which resulted in the massacre of the Native Americans, and countless other atrocities you guys have committed.

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