Texas DPS Trooper Randall Vetter Shooting Video

Texas DPS Trooper Randall Vetter Shooting Video

On August 3, 2000 trooper Randall Wade Vetter of Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) pulled a car over because the driver was not wearing a seatbelt. It was a routine traffic stop, however the driver – 72 year old Melvin Edison Hale of Kyle got off his vehicle carrying a rifle and opened fire at the trooper killing him on the spot.

At time of the shooting, trooper Randall Vetter was 28 year old and it was his 6th year as a Texas Highway Patrol officer. One of the bullets Melvin Edison Hale fired hit Randall Vetter in the head. The trooper was taken to a hospital but died 4 days later.

After the shooting, Melvin Edison Hale used the patrol car’s radio to report that he had just shot the officer. After that, he attempted to flee the scene but was halted after other police cars arrived having been alerted by an off duty officer who witnessed the shooting.

Previous to the shooting, Melvin Edison Hale threatened that he would shoot any officer who would try to ticket him for not wearing a seatbelt. He was arrested and charged with murder. Trooper had an 8 month old son when shot. Dashcam video of the shooting is below:

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85 thoughts on “Texas DPS Trooper Randall Vetter Shooting Video”

    1. What the mother fucking fuck fuck was this all about?!?! What a confusing video! Why did they just let that asshole walk around the whole time? If this would have been here in New York that fucker would have been HORIZONTAL soon as the first patrol car arrived!

        1. It’s a stereotype we don’t mind, when I met some cousins in Denver for the first time they asked me where was I from I told em Texas and they said no wonder you talked funny…I never knew nor thought I had a Texan accent not quite as retarted sounding as the old man from the video but I say things like “yall” they went on to ask me if I lived on a ranch or if I had a horse or if I owned a gun and that’s when I started to see how people perceive Texans, but we are a proud people us Texans and we love our way of life and love our state dearly we wouldn’t wanna be from any where else but here we take great pride that we were our own country once (remember the Alamo…and when Ozzy pissed on it to, that’s was rad lol), but we also love our country just as much, and from the bottom of our hearts we apologize for George W Bush, he’s not even really from here, sorry about that douche bag

  1. im all for law enfocement rockin the AR-15 right out of the car this shit has to stop if i was pulled over and an officer came up to my window with a 870 ready for combat. that would be a smart man in my book. nothing is ever “routine” and people that freak out when they see a gun its not gonna kill you for looking at it.

    1. your right, some people think they just ‘go-off’ by themselves! they get all frightened, even if you tell them its not loaded etc (but don’t point it at me or anyone anyway!) without fail they’ll say “oh, it’s heavier than I expected”!

  2. I don’t get why the cops didn’t take him out when he came back to the scene carrying the gun. He had already shot a cop and was still armed. Thought that was reason enough to blow him away. Instead, they let the crazy bastard live so my tax dollars (I live in TX) can pay for his food and shelter.

    My neighbor is a DPS trooper. Nice enough guy. family man, a lot like the dude that got his brain splattered in this video.

      1. Trust you? You would’ve rather been dead and you only did how much 3 years in juvy? are fucking serious…wow, you really must be a sissified “cityboy” 3 years is a cake walk especially in “Junior Jail” you know that the majority of Texas prisons don’t even have air conditions I bet your Hell on earth “Juby” did, I’m also betting you didn’t have to deal with murderers, rapists, thieves, race riots, fucked up C.O’s and prison gangs

      2. Prison is much worse. I was never there but my dad was for 13 years. He saw some wicked shit and had wicked shit done to him. Prisoners ask questions AFTER they fuck you up, not before. My brother was there too, before he past away. He said he was scared shitless but had to act tough so people wouldn’t fuck with him.

  3. when i seen this video i just had to comment on it..
    well one thing to note (DON’T ALLOW A CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER) to roam around with a loaded gun in his hands for about 3 minutes he even opens his door on his car getting ready to get back in and take off,

    2sd thing to note is (TAKE THE MOTHERFUCKER) down who is carrying a loaded rifle round among COPS,

    3rd thing to note in the video you can clearly see the CRAZY (MOTHERFUCKER) who shot the COP come back into view of the dashcam and wonder around like that with a loaded rifle even opening his door on his car and then wonder around to the right side of the screen at one point he even points the gun at another COP the 2sd COP who arrived shortly after and after the 2 Patrol of COPS show up the big dude off to the left of the screen talking to the guy holding the (FUCKING GUN) why on earth didn’t the first COP take this old (MOTHERFUCKER DOWN TO CHINA TOWN) drop him like a bad habbit but NOOOO!!!!! she leaves that old bastard wondering around like an OLD DILDO on a swivel and then at some point around a full 5 minutes they finally catch on who shot the COP in the head with the rifle. seriously are the COPS in texas stupid or something? watch the video closely these are some dumbass COPS..

    1. I thought the same thing. What kind of training did this cop have. I thought you don’t ever let someone you pull over get out the car. When the guy did, it seems he had plenty of time to take cover behind his door and pull out his pistol. My only conclusion, is stupid cop closed his door when he got out so that means he had no cover and if he went for his pistol, the guy would shoot. I’m sorry to say, but this cop killed himself. another thought is maybe he was too fat to react, which proves my point that over weight people should not be cops. You don’t accept king kong bundy into the military do you?

      1. yea i agree..not a good sound. i think it was the shooter who was on the radio calling for help??strange man! looked like my grandfather..except taller and the hat would be baseball cap.and he was really to skinny to be my grandfather. he,s dead anyway so it’s not him. rip.. i miss you papa!:(

    1. @Mouse its 8pm here in South West of Western Australia, I’ve noticed though that the new posts appear during the day for me 🙂 like there was about 5-6 new ones earlier on in the day, now theres more!

  4. OK, that dick head died in jail at age 81. I also learned that law enforcement uses this video as what NOT to do when confronted with an armed person who just shot a cop, i.e., they should’ve taken him out when he wouldn’t put the weapon down. Those cops fucked up every which way. The shot cop, Vetter, might’ve been saved if they had got to him sooner instead of dicking around with the killer. Believe it or not, there is also an obit online for the killer that allows for leaving a memory and lighting candles, etc. Got a good laugh on that one.

  5. I don’t condone what this old man did to that cop but maybe he was just fed up with cops fucking with him, the majority of DPS and Texas cops in general are fucking assholes and wanna be cowboys. Who knows maybe if they weren’t such dick heads people wouldn’t foster such hate and anger for them, cops become cops knowing they could die any day maybe they should act like it and be nicer to people and always be on guard for people they might have fucked over, its true they encounter scumbags and crazy fucks and this is why they act the way they do but the majority if people are normal people and should be treated with respect, if they cant handle it cause its to much pressure get the fuck out of the force then, this is why their are police beatings and wrongful shootings that end with pointless deaths. A lot cops only join to be badasses, carry guns, and to have power over people, people give them instant respect because they wear a uniforms and have the power to arrest. The fact is most of them were losers or bullied in high school and now as cops they can hide behind their badges and inflict the harassment on others the way it was once inflicted on them In essence the bullied bitch becomes the biggest bully on the block…an asshole dickhead cop. Most of them are cowards, drunks, druggies, drug dealers, and woman beaters being on the force gives these, corrupt pieces of shit immunity, who knows maybe this is just in my neck woods, maybe its all the drugs and money that flow thru my area that have turned our cops into crooks, maybe its the rotten few that have spoiled the whole bunch for me, but I do respect what they do and I show them the same respect as long as they show it back. I’m sure there are good cops out there, but as far as I’m concerned most of them are no good and they know it, they’re not fucking super heroes they’re people just like us, badges don’t make them better than anyone tho they tend to belive it does. I’ve made my choice to live as an outlaw of society and in this life I live their is no need for police or laws, I live by my own set rules, I hand out my own judgement, it surely cuts thru all the bureaucracy bull shit that the police and courts wallow in. Do I hate cops yes its pretty obvious, do I need them no do they need me yes, us “bad people” make them look good if it weren’t for us “law breakers”(not my laws) they wouldn’t have a fucking job

    1. Hell yeah and proud of it…I love this state especially Austin the capitol of Texas and music capitol of the world, the citys motto is “keep Austin weird” and it is in a real cool way. If any one ever comes to Texas fuck Houston, fuck Dallas, fuck San Antonio…go to Austin its one coolest cities in the U.S. where else can you wake up and hear music playing thru streets morning thru night, its a big city but easy to get around in, there’s hot college girls everywhere, badass bars in downtown 6th street, SxSw is a bunch of concerts playing diffrent venues all over downtown with some of the coolest up and coming bands playing very cool, layback city where else can you see real cowboys with ten gallon hats, punkrockers with massive hair spikes, cool hipsters and college preps all drinking and partying in the same place, Austin

  6. Get pulled over for a simple seat belt violation…a fine of anything from $50-200….shoot and kill officer rather than pay the simple fine, go to jail for the rest of your dinosaur days….makes sense….Texans are so fucking stupid.
    Seriously, what was that old fossil thinking? Now, not that I care about Texans or how many get killed, but this officer really did not need to die, the old fart should’ve just got the ticket, paid the fine and died in his home to be found months later, decomposed into his favorite chair..THAT would’ve made a more interesting post on here.

  7. If I was the officer when the suspect raised his gun, after telling him to drop it, I would have lit him up. Sadly the officer probably hadn’t killed anyone before and didn’t want to unless he got shot at. I don’t care if they call nightsticks nigger beaters as long as they only use them when appropriate. Fuck police brutality but if someone raises a rifle to you shoot him.

  8. Damn why didn’t they waste that old piece of shit?? The first cop on the scene came out and was all cool probably trying to talk to the old man because he was white but had that been a negro he would’ve shot him on site even if he was just a good samaritan stopping to aid the fallen officer, motherfucker 72 years old acting like he owns the world that’s why the cop died because he saw the old man as harmless I bet he wont make that mistake again… wait make that he wont make that mistake again…fuck old gun totting people…Silver Alert my ass I’m running them Off the road before they shoot me…..

    1. I like your pic..Is that a Cane Corso? The head looks like one. Doesn’t look the right shape for a Presa Canario, and not mutated enough to be a “American Bully,” at least not a “successful” one. And if it’s supposed to be a Pit Bull of some sort, it’s not pure.

  9. Texas is the most fucked up state ever. I feel really bad for the officer. His breathing is the worst part after he was shot. There’s too many of these morons with guns there and they have the hillbilly attitude that’s the worst.

  10. If that fucking hillbilly tried this in California, where I live, he would have had at least 10 holes in him from gunfire before the first cop even bothered to park his cruiser correctly. He definitely wouldn’t be alive to tell about it. What the fuck? It has to do with the stupidity of the supposed interpretation of the second amendment to the constitution, which wasn’t written for this kind of stupidity.

  11. Hmmm The Texan police department must be getting soft…I would have expected them to shoot the old cunt on sight if they saw him toting a gun (a fucking great big rifle – not a hand gun – so they MUST have seen it!) I mean, there is a video on here of the cops (not necessarily Texan) shooting so fucker for waving a big stick around.

    Come on ferfuxache, show some consistency in your policing or take the bang-bang toys of them!

  12. This Video Makes me so so Upset–when he starts breathing really fast–and then into the death Rattle roll–you can hear him take his last deep death rattle –I am sure the pictures of his wife and 8month old–and his life passed before him….Then the guy with the rifle- doesn’t allow them to get close to the officer to get medical attention– They should have shot him point blank!

  13. I’m sorry but cops are so dumb and these one are even more retarded. There are ways to bring a suspect down without killing him. Shoot the fucking hand that is holding the gun and jump on the fucker, while other cops shoot him with rounds of bean bags. OR have one cop ready to shoot his hands that holding the gun while another is ready to tase him. What the fuck are they waiting for, another cop to get killed? I’ve seen cop shooting someone dead for just raising his hands. This guy already killed a cop and is waving the gun like no tomorrow. What a bunch of morons!

  14. Over a seatbelt ticket? I know it aint fun to be old or nothin but if he’s gonna decide to end a 28yr old man’s life just to feel better about being an old dried-up piece of shit then I say this old fuck needs to be severely tortured for weeks or even months until he’s begging for fuckin death. Goddamn!

  15. They shoulda riddled that crusty old motherfucker’s skull. He’d already shot one officer. They shoulda ordered him to put the gun down once, and if he didn’t, then they should let him have it. For all they know, the officer was still alive. Their first priority should have been to neutralize the threat as soon as possible so they can get to the cop in time to, hopefully, save his life.

  16. This entire video is a non stop illustration of the perfect cluster fuck. Starting with the traffic stop and ending with this crazy old fuck living to tell the tale. I cannot believe the responding officers waited as long as they did to give assistance to their fallen brother office. The minute the first command to drop the weapon was ignored deadly force was justified and should have been used. Where I’m from in Oregon we have crazy fuckers with guns and they perish on occasion.

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