Thai Black Metal Singer Stabbed by Satanist

Looks Like He was Taken by Surprise From Behind

Self proclaimed Satanist Prakarn Harnphanbusakorn, deranged fan of Thai Black Metal band Surrender of Divinity visited the home of vocalist, Samong Traisattha on the night of 8 January 2014 on the pretence of screen printing t-shirts. You know you aren’t doing well if you are in Thailand and need to screen print your own shirts.

According to the distraught widow of Samong, after Prakarn arrived at their house she left the room to put her child to bed. Upon returning she found her husband stabbed to death and laying in a pool of his own blood. By this time the alleged killer was long gone.

Given this is Thailand, that should have been the end of it. The police obviously turned up, took some pictures, did some pointers and probably stole his Jackson bass. But given they are Thai police the likelihood of them catching the perpetrator was very low. Unless he did something stupid, like, post it on Facebook.

On Friday 10 January 2014 the Facebook account called Maleficent Meditation posted images of Samong dead in his house with a claim of responsibility. A manifesto of sorts declared he was a Satanist and wanted to die, but also wanted to take anyone who tarnishes Satanism with him. Apparently Samong wasn’t Satanic enough. He boasted that he ignored Samong’s pleas for mercy, stabbing him 30 times. He also went on to say that he was not a fan of Surrender of Divinity, so didn’t want any comparisons to Mark Chapman’s stalking of John Lennon. Too bad, pal. You’ve earned the title Deranged Fan.

Prakarn has been identified as the owned of the Facebook page. He is still on the run, but given he is an attention whore he is unlikely to take advantage of Thai Police incompetence and stay in hiding.

I’ve never heard Thai Black Metal, but it got me thinking, if you play ting tong ping pong backwards, is it really going to sound any more menacing?

Props to members Slay3r and duuster who both gave the heads up about the story.

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  1. well satanism do come before almost every know Jesus based religion so.. to say he is crasy compared to some of the other Jesus who say that he is the only savor is kind of a fail to say the least… don’t get me wrong this is fucked up

    (not to mention I don’t have a religion at all[don’t align my self with any] i sit on the fence when it come to religion too many nut jobs out there preaching there head off to make a $)

  2. hmmmm…a Thai Satanist eh? Is this even possible??? I always imagine Satanists as being larger than life, tall and imposing…that just doesn’t go with Thai…..although I bet he makes a wicked pad thai

      1. hey mikey…its good to see ya

        thanks about the pic….
        I haven’t been exactly the happiest of all campers for some time now….cant seem to work my shit out…its like the effin gong show 24/7..
        ..ahh well………
        thanks for asking…its sweet of you x

  3. I highly doubt theres really anyone in a band who is all about satanism. I once read an interview of Helmuth from Belphegor and he said that hes really not about satanism. Its all a gimmick. But it is some damn good music. Who pre-ordered Behemoth’s “The Satanist”? Only 22 more days! Whos going to see them on the metal alliance tour with 1349? Ill be seeing them in SF.

        1. @fiend
          fucking hell to the YEAH my sweet motherfucker 😉
          ScHoLaR’s got police grade prison foot cuffs so you and i dont get separated at behemoth when we get shitfaced and crowd surf
          *we leave cuffs ON taking turns to piss and OFF if you or i our tummy feels it needs to shit during the behemoth’s show

          Booger’s revving like a motherfucker *he thinks @Fiend is more specialierr than HELL 😉

          thank you sweetness..gonna dedicate a

          1. @Fiend
            you tore that bass beat a new fucking arse, my sweet drum throne motherfucker 😉

            hahaa. fuck that director for cutting to the nerd kids too right when your PearL were getting banged out to shit down their throats

            *fucking youtube wouldnt let me comment cause of some naughtiness i unleased on soccer mom midgets

  4. Oh my…my my my what to say about this Satan worshipping suss?..f
    first off what a fucking idiot..i just killed a musician……let’s post it on Satanist dresses like some hipsterfag……man these Thai people need to stop!!!….Taiwanese black metal??…praying to hayzus??..fucking a man…the fucks going on these days man?..

  5. He doesn’t want Satanism tarnished, so he stabs a man 30 times then brags about it on Facebook. Yes, because that makes Satanism all shiny and polished. Anton LeVay would be proud. I can see this dude in high school sitting alone in the lunch room practicing drawing upside down pentagrams because he was bullied. After all, if you’re too cowardly to take up for yourself what better way to get a reputation of being someone others are afraid to mess with? Oh and let’s not forget that he wants to die. If he truly wanted to die, he would be dead. But he’s alive and running from the police, another example of cowardice.

  6. Thai satanist? something is just not right for an asian to be a satanist or a self proclaimed satanist simply because asians are not that physically intimidating and majority of asian guys are too small and skinny, to sum it up asians aren’t scary looking at all. I’m not saying that you have to be intimidating and fierce looking to be satanic but man if you want the job then you have to dress for that job! btw i’m an asian 🙂

  7. I was in a death metal band in highschool because I loved all those girls with purple hair and metal shit all over their face….I always noticed the fattest smelliest kids loved that black metal shit

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