Thai Hacked on Road and Dumped in Water

Thai Hacked on Road and Dumped in Water

A random Thai suffered some fearsome defensive wounds, costing him some fingers but ultimately futile as he was killed and dumped into a canal. A rope was also found tied around his neck, whether it was an attempt at strangulation or, more likely, tied the body down in the water, is unknown.

A good deal of blood on the scene and something that had me laughing was the severed finger pointing back at the pointer.

Mr. Ma, who died waiting period Lee Sacred Quest’s 22-year 11/2. C. Se in. 5 in. Baro Gallery. Yaha province of Yala on the scene found a long trail of blood and found a piece of finger was cut. lack of fall

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    1. The pattern is confusing to me….there’s two trails but they’re zig zagging in opposite directions? If I hadn’t read the post I would’ve thought it was tire marks from a motorcycle or something.

        1. Obs, I think that wobbly blood trail is Booz’s little nigga kid learning to balance on his new skateboard, minutes after his legs were cut off to cure his nigga chiggers……..

      1. The victim had multiple gashes on both of his arms and legs, or the wound on his chest. Those different marks can be that he was rolling like a ragdoll on the road with the rope arround his neck, trying to control and get himself free (assuming he was still alive).

  1. Thai disposable douche. He hasn’t been there for very long. Also, as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (R. Lee Ermey) said so brilliantly in Full Metal Jacket:

    “Jesus H. Christ! I think you’ve got a hard on!”

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