Thai Has His Head Opened Up with Shotgun Blast

Thai Has His Head Opened Up with Shotgun Blast

A 27 year old Thai was approached by an armed group on what seems to be the pretense of robbing him, but it resulted in the man being shot with with a shot gun, causing damage to his arms and legs as well as the one that sent his brains to the fucking moon. This one features two staples of a Best Gore; the pointer and the nigh indestructable eye. This time, we are treated to a double finger pointer.

Hard to determine exactly what prompted this murder. The translation makes a reference to drugs, so that’s a possibility…but, it also mentions the planet Tattoine, so who the fuck knows…

On March 19 at 0:15 pm. The scene unknown assailant armed groups and the number of shotgun fire Mr. Lee Ae wait drugs at age 27, residing at 119 m. 1. Si Sakhon District. Srisakorn the bullets. He was the head of one of the right lower leg and right arm one shot 1 shot dead at the scene. The incident occurred in an area home. Tatooine in. M 2. Si Sakhon District. Srisakorn of the dead had detected shelling shotgun sizes 12 red number one hits and motorcycle brands Honda Scoop copy vapor white numbers. 1 B 4907 N.t. fell beside the deceased

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    1. Simple answer. So called civilised countries keep things like this hidden from view. But it really isn’t as simple as that.
      Third world nations, by their very definition, are full of chaos. The traffic in Thailand for instance, it is beyond crazy, which leads to a multitude of horrific accidents.
      The middle East. Well, there are umpteen proxy forces running amok with high powered guns in one hand and a smartphone in the other hand, which makes for a true gore fest.

        1. Laws and just general manners usually stop people in “civilized” countries from recording it. As mentioned above, Thailand and the portions of the Middle East and Brazil that are always posted on here are third world. Besides their heavy crime rates, they have different etiquette. For example, most Thais have a very desensitized and nonchalant view on death. It’s why they not only post pictures of corpses online, but also why they pose with and point at corpses all the time, sometimes even smiling/laughing while doing so while not getting in any sort of trouble for doing so.

          1. exactly usually when there is an accident like this in most countries police are on the scene and people are not allowed to gather and take pictures of crime scenes. and police officers will get fired for releasing crime scene photos to the net. and the arabic countries like syria and iraq it’s terrorist groups / soldiers during a civil war posting shit.

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