Thai Husband and Wife Gunned Down in Vehicle, Then Set Ablaze

Thai Husband and Wife Gunned Down in Vehicle, Then Set Ablaze

May 6th. The Bannangsta Province of Yala along the Thai/Malay border. A couple delivering goods to soldiers stationed in the area were ambushed by armed men insurgents, dragged from the cab and shot dead. The killers then set the truck ablaze and fled. They have not been officially identified and that is all the info available at this time.

Notice how heavily armed these responders are. They are not fucking around. This area is filled with seemingly random shootings and bombings going back years. As always, the innocent are caught in between the heroes and the villains.

May 6 incident, shots were fired, killing 2 people on the street Moo 2 Baan Yong. Bacho District. Bannangsta province of Yala on the scene, found a pickup truck on the road, one being fire and folklore. Fire officials have helped to save. And a man and woman found dead Unknown died in the car was Mr. Appropriations diamonds. Kanchana Devi and Mrs. Nopparat Kanchana Devi scene know. While the two deaths, the husband and wife. Driving the pickup from delivering food to soldiers in the area. On arrival at the scene, An unknown number of criminals have used automatic weapons fire until both died. Prior to pouring oil into the car and set on fire. Then fled

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