Thai Man Shot in the Head While Sitting in Truck

Thai Man Shot in the Head While Sitting in Truck

From Yala District, Southern Thailand. A man was found shot to death in the cab of his truck. Not a whole lot more in the way of info. But it comes with a pretty funny translation:

25th May.. Scene of firearms. The death toll in the accident number two funeral scene on the road in. The new – Three separate from the police station about 300 meters to the scene found the car Jeep Suzuki Caribbean black stick. license plate Main plug into the eaves along the front and rear glass broken by the bullet marks were not aware of. And a man’s body was found two bullets into the body condition was critical. Blood smeared spread throughout the cabin. Away from the dead, about 300 meters away found bullet casings war unidentified. The fall of one Name the two people killed was Mr. Hamdi table Lubo driver on No. 50. 4. Lidon. Muang Yala and Mr. Jonah sitting beside the driver in the eye responsible for 33/1 hours. 5. Sub. Lidon. Muang. Yala both workers cut timber. Before the accident, two people traveling in the vehicle. The driver reversed up to be a separate village. A pickup truck or the driver does not know the make and color into halves in opposite directions, the car died. The guns were oscillating in a set. Then pick up the drum was driving towards the market away. The car was shot at Mr. Hamdi was driving the car that was trying to hold several rounds of ammunition into the body. The car was plugged into the main street and the eaves two people died before the villagers and the North. He will arrive.

Ending on kind of an ominous note: “He will arrive”. Who? Could it be… dare I even speak his name? *whispers* Hook 31…

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      1. Meat grinder… BWAHAHAHA! Too funny and you beat me to it. I was going to say that it reminded me of the olive and pimento loaf you get at the grocery store deli.
        Also notice the old man and woman sitting in the background? Arms crossed, relaxed. They are acting as if nothing is new….. in these parts.

    1. Welcome @PsychoSocio to the reality and the horrific nature of death in it’s many colours without prejudice. You have your own domain page here where you can post and edit your own preferences and add friends. Add me as a friend please, I’m pretty much new myself.

  1. YES! Hook 31 will return! 😆 RIP Mr. Hamdi table Lubo and Jeep Suzuki Caribbean black stick…

    “The car was shot at Mr. Hamdi was driving the car that was trying to hold several rounds of ammunition into the body.” – That looks like a brutal death, being shot by a car holding several ammunitions… I wont be joking about “I CALL SHOTGUN!” when entering the front passenger’s seat ever again… 😆

          1. No babies, just big boobed women playing with their nipples and squirting breast milk.
            At least I assume so…not that I actually look at those kind of videos.

  2. I’m confused about this pic, is that a entry would or exit wound? My guess is entry since there is so much blood splatterd everywhere in the vehicle. Wonder what sort of gun it was that did him in.

  3. I felt I got shot to my testicles reading out that cringeful funny funny translation ……….but no no no no !!!!!
    is that a message super transcribed from the alien world that came in for the earthlings to read and feel constipated for a year or so .
    I think everyone’s feeling fucked about the narrative .Atleast those pictures are enough to figure out what went wrong .
    Thank you very much !

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