Thai Red Shirt Protester Minus Brain in the Morgue in Bangkok

Thai Red Shirt Protester Minus Brain in the Morgue in Bangkok

This awesome video from the morgue in Bangkok, Thailand was forwarded to me by Best Gore member Dutch along with this priceless comment:

This is a video of the Thai Red Shirts at the Morgue in BKK last year after the Bangkok Riots. Some decent head shots and the Famous Thai Professionalism of Government works shown throughout the Video.

As someone who’s been to Thailand before, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the “Famous Thai Professionalism” note. Anyway – I wonder whether the first corpse shown in the video is the guy who had his brain shot off in this video.

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13 thoughts on “Thai Red Shirt Protester Minus Brain in the Morgue in Bangkok”

  1. In the Middle East, he’d be in the hospital and the relatives would be screaming for the doctor to put the brain back in and bring him back to life.

    At least the Thais only will take tons of pics with the corpse while giving the thumbs up, probably sodomize it a little, but won’t be so noisy about it.

  2. lol i remember the previous video… i spend hours watching the video on repeat… listening to gun shots, dude got dropped and brain popped out, random thai gibberish… uh oh me so crazy now lol

  3. Why wear the red shirts? You are just asking for a bullet to the head. Why not just wear a neon sign shoot me !!!! Shoot me!!!!!! Wear red under pants if you need to have a uniform. You will still be alive to wear red under pants for another day. RIP

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