Thai Shot Dead While Riding Motorbike, Brain Leaks on Road

Thai Shot Dead While Riding Motorbike, Brain Leaks on Road

A Thai was riding his motorbike home after praying at his local Mosque in Yala District, on the Southern Thai/ Malaysian border when he was shot with a shotgun after being ambushed on the road.

Authorities recovered two casings from The Scene! but as of yet, have no suspects in custody or even identified. Kind of a Brazil-style murder going on here. Dare I guess that the culprit was…two men on a motorcycle?!

20 m. C. The shooting until the death. The incident occurred on the street in a poor village. M 3. Mayo is at the scene. Found dead in a T-shirt red wear sarongs know later, Mr. Ma Gregory Undeterred, aged 34 wounded were hit by munitions shotgun in the head and trunk closer together, find motorcycles Brand Suzuki registration click. Pattani’s 759 number and found two shell casings before the accident that killed the motorcycle rider to leave the mosque to pray. Then the scene the deceased was riding a motorcycle trip back home. But on the way to the scene were ambushed by an unknown number of criminals the use of firearms, shotguns, shot to death and then fled.

On a side note: Listen up, guys. It’s no secret by now that we suffered a major blow with ProChan betraying us and deleting our videos. We are still trying to get to the bottom of this. No doubt many of you saw my little rant about the subject and I just want to stress; Do not send death threats or hate mail to ProChan. We have given you the means to contact them by email but spamming them with threats is not going to help us in any way. I said my piece on site because I know I get riled up but that is not the kind of stuff to send to them. If you need to rant, do it here. Contact ProChan, let them know what you think, but please try to keep it professional. We do not need anymore potential legal hassles due to these pussies and their lawyers taking something a member says and twisting it and using it to hurt us further.

And ProChan. Understand me. You have not beaten us. You think you’re funny, but we will only come back stronger. This is not the first time we’ve been fucked and this sure as hell won’t be the last. We have broken no laws by operating. Done nothing to warrant this.

Funny thing is, ProChan, people who hate us might actually side with us now. They’re out there thinking, “I don’t agree with Best Gore, but what ProChan did to them was sleazy as hell. So, I’m gonna side with Best Gore just for that.” Just on that principle alone. So think about that shit. Think about the other people who have channels on ProChan. They see what you did to us. Now they aren’t so sure about you either. “Wow, they fucked Best Gore out of the blue for no reason. What’s to make me think they won’t do the same to my channel?” That’s the kind of questions people are gonna be asking now. Believe me, you done fucked up.

Our name is Legion and our Legion grows.

Obli out.

55 thoughts on “Thai Shot Dead While Riding Motorbike, Brain Leaks on Road”

  1. Looks like bestgore has gone into other phase after Marks forced guilty plea. We should remember that day and let us put it as bestgore’s special day.

    @obli nice Thai post though I was expecting a bloat picture from you. For the time you’ve been the author here, you have showed us what we deserve to see, I mean reality. Keep the flame burning.

        1. @Mr.Nightmare, I too, sent an email to ProChan & I seriously doubt we’re going to get any kind of response..on another note Obli, call me a dumb blonde or whatever but can you explain WHY ProChan has done this? I mean what do they say when you talk to them? Have they given you a reason?

          1. I contacted as soon as it happened, with the account that was among the first to sign up and promote their service. No response. Then I contacted them again a day leter. Still no response. Pretty pathetic handling on their part.

    1. Speaking of kidding…you haven’t been doing much of that lately…fuck’n miss your awesome humor bro….if you got a job or something keeping you away from us…quit it…Mc Donalds has free WI-FI and as long as you go outside to sleep you can sit there as long as you want….on line…with us.

  2. he shouldnt have stop his bike, he shouldnt have took an cal12 in the head. funny that the case is just behind him lol

    btw i prefer BG than prochan. simply becaue in BG you have the videos, pics, but also some explication about wtf have happen.

    in prochan you just have videos, its like :

    “look at this ! i dont know what you look at this but just look at this”

    in BG is more like :

    “look at this ! this is this and that happen here to this guy etc…”

    its like fucking tv news, thats what i like in BG, not only the gore, but also the infos about it

  3. Im not a techy by any means, so I can’t help in that regard, however Id gladly help with some of the financial drawback, if need be. Dunno what all this shit will entail, just putting it out there. You have my email, just send me the info. This stunt burns me to the core man. Ive taken so much from this site, I’d gladly return the favor in ANYWAY possible.

    1. I’m with you on that, blay. I’m pretty sure a huge number of us here are employed and if we give even like, $20 each, a hundred people can make it two grand. I’m third world poor and shit but if these guys say the word, I’ll definitely find some money to help them out.

      I also agree with Obli. Even if Prochan did wrong to us, it shouldn’t suggest that we send them hostile emails or such. If anything, we should know better and keep it diplomatic. It will only serve the community in a bad way and wouldn’t help resolve the issue at hand. I’m pretty sure we’re much better than that.

  4. Reality—I would rather know what may or may not happen, & prepare as best I could, than to be completely oblivious as to what may or may not happen, than be blind-sided if & when something does in fact happen.. You can’t fight someone/something, when you know nothing about who & what you are fighting against! Government’s wants, & tries to make us all ignorant about what is really going on in this F***ed up world

  5. We All/Everyone, should be made aware of all that is going on in the world; good, & bad!! This is ‘Real Life’; Real Shit going on; we need to be informed re: All of the BullShit going on today, &, see it with our ‘own’ eyes; only then will the majority of people really believe all of it. These poor saps who want media censored, will be the victim’s of their own ignorance/political ‘correctness’!! I want to be aware, &, thanks to BG, I am aware a lot more than I was..Just my thoughts 🙂 xo

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