Thai Soldiers Taken Out by IED While Fighting Muslim Extremists on South Thailand / Malaysia Border

Thai Soldiers Taken Out by IED While Fighting Muslim Extremists on South Thailand/Malaysia Border

Cell phone video captures a live conflict between the Thai army and Malaysian Muslim extremists after an IED went off on the border of South Thailand and Malaysia. The extremists in this area are known for their road side terrorism, planting IED’s and often times attacking civilians just for being in the wrong area at the wrong time. Hit particularly hard is the Yala District on the border, which has been covered extensively by we here at Best Gore in the past.

Damage is extensive to the vehicles and with the huge hole in the road, I’m surprised not more were killed or seriously injured. These guys are lucky (for the most part). Survivors don’t have much time for reprieve as the attack goes live and they set off hunting the terrorists. I don’t know if the guy filming is a civilian and I still can’t decide if they are stupid or just crazy. Either way, they got it on tape, so no complaints here. Got to love journalism, in all it’s forms. Remember that shit. Every one of you has that power right in your hand.

and Mad props to Best Gore member, Shutterdre, for the hookup.

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  1. I like how the one guy is just sitting in the raod knelt down not even bothering to find a defensive position or move the last two wounded to a more protected spot to await evac. As for the guy filming I agree he is either nuts or has a hug set of nuts…

          1. @am0ur Fuck a bunch of concrete lmao.

            I’ll be so glad to get back into IT work and out of the concrete business…on the bright side, my b-day is tomorrow 🙂 i’ll officially be 30!

          2. Well happy early birthday lol I’ll be sure to get you tomorrow too… Tomorrow you can share in my denial over being 30 ;)…. Its different if your pouring everyday for work I’m just replacing a few ramps at the shop so I don’t mind it once in awhile.

          3. Thank ya!

            Yea, I don’t feel like I should be 30, that’s for damn sure. It makes me think of the lyrics from Pink Floyds song “Time”….The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older.
            Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

            I can be kind of a pessimist lol

          4. @DOS good song and its true on many factors, but until the day my body refuses to allow it I’m still going to keep doing the things I love to do 🙂

          5. @am0ur I like the way you think! Since my son was born, I’ve definitely had a slightly different outlook on life. Crazy how a little human can affect you lol.

          6. @DOS it is I’ve been tempered down a lot compared to how I used to be since I had my daughter 4 years ago, that’s something I would not change.

    1. You must understand its appeal at least, the working class in pretty much every country are treated like shit and overtaxed whilst the rich few are revered.

      Along comes Islam that promises equality for everyone regardless of social/economic status and quite a few people find it rather enticing and who can blame them.

      Therein lies the truth, we are creatures of hope and those who take it away are our enemies whilst those who give it back to us are our friends.

      A quote is therefore due;

      ?Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man?.

      -Friedrich Nietzsche

      The sellers of dreams therefore tend to be the worst of all evils because they tell you exactly what you want to hear in order to survive.

    2. look at Switzerland, the Anti-immigration SVP won the Swiss election and the same counts for all the Scandinavian countries.
      People are starting to use there heads but we still got a LONG way to go…
      If Italy and Greece shut there borders and Germany votes for the right winged parties next elections than and only than there could come an end to this sand nigger plague

  2. So………..muslim extremists again eh?
    And yet here on BG suggesting the Pisslamic religion is a bad ‘un results in a predictable negative response.
    Still, I’m gonna say it loud and proud, I wish I could get rid of EVERY fucking muslim from England. Yes Mooen Ali too, he’s shit.

    1. while it has been proven that ISIS have a cell operating in Southern Thai/Malaysia, these are not ISIS mercenaries of the Middle East. This particular brand are the real deal and have been killing people for their beliefs before ISIS made it cool. Also note that ISIS goes out of their way to record and make a production of themselves every time they do anything. to get that “we are ISIS, look at us!” message to and instill Islamophobia in as many Westerners as possible.

      These guys do not do that. they simply kill all who cross their borders and do not follow their rules.

      1. Appreciate the reply @obli.
        For me, Muslims in general are not off the hook even if in part, the ISIS vids are probably part of a Zionist sponsored propaganda and ulterior motives.
        BG has a good record of exposing this all so keep it up.

        1. no worries. you’re entitled to your feelings. Muslims are a problem, but they are not the problem.

          are there muslim extremists? absolutely, there are. but i do not lump ISIS into the same category as they do not represent true islam. they are bought and paid for mercenaries of the west to push the islamophobic agenda so that western sheep will fully support any greedy move their respective governments make in the middle east.

          the ones we see operating in Yala and other Malay and Thai areas are true jihadist muslims who believe everyone who is not muslim must be killed. Christianity has exploded over there in recent decades and it’s caused many, many bloody conflicts.

          another thing to note: we have seen every colour under the sun standing under the ISIS flag. this would be forbidden in a true Islamic jihad. if you aren’t from there and aren’t as hard core as they are, you are dead. converting wont save you. ISIS lets anybody in and doesn’t even attempt to hide it.

  3. This video had the look of a cheap low quality film made by a bunch of film students dressed up in military uniforms.

    It was 5 minutes too long and boring. Sorry. Was not impressed.

    Yes, I liked looking at the crater on the floor – idiot cameraman kept filming it as if it was gory(i’ve heard of gory holes, but this is ridiculous)- and the guy that had been blown away was also an interesting eye candy.

    But for most of the time, they were walking around as if there were on a movie set and they spoke with effeminate voices.

    This video could win some type of award, like a Razzie

    I can’t believe that no vulva was pounded in the making of this film!

  4. Sorry if this has all been put to bed but what was all that about a few posts ago?

    Newbies piping up on valued members of the BG family! And showing no respect whatsoever. Frankly that’s a fucking joke and I won’t be standing for it if I see it. Good job I missed it really!

    I’m good with all the new faces round here but that was just beyond what I class as acceptable. Have some fucking respect or piss off, simple.

    That’s my rant over…

    1. oh, you mean Jayymi (with two y’s so you know she’s serious) ? Yeah, she became a tried and true member of the BHBB (butt hurt bitch brigade) because Broke made a joke and she went off on him. then went further off when established members defended him and not her. She’s since changed her name to “Everlong” …must be in honour of my dick.

      this is not ync or any other frat boy, douche bag gore/reality site. if you come out of lurking…you will have to earn your fucking stripes. that’s just the way it is. how many douchebags have bitten the dust lately just because they took our rules as some kind of fucking challenge? Best Gore has a familial core. it used to be really strong. and i aim to reestablish that old feeling once again.

      1. @Obli
        Well said Obs, That is exactly what is needed when joining a new group of close friends. Respect is definitely earned and not given out like a free token at a fairground. I hate to see that kind of stuff when the people being abused by these assholes have been nothing but a rock to me at my times of need (Including yourself).

        There is nothing wrong with accepting new people into this site and I know that they are welcomed with open arms but to turn on our friends like that is a step too fucking far! I’ve been distant myself over the past few months due to personal reasons and demons but I’ve always felt to be a part of the family since I made my first post almost 4 years ago under the alias ‘Judged’.

        And might I say to you personally mate, you have been fantastic since your first article was published. I think I did mine not long after but I just couldn’t keep to the schedule after going to prison.

        Long live BG!


    2. @Judge, I’ll say thanks here, because it was aimed at me (mostly) and Broke too. We better leave it behind though (like you said) because bitching on BG annoys people, and I got sound advice to not worry about online stuff like that, but again, thanks. 🙂

        1. @Judge, we may not have got off on the right foot, but I can see you are respected by many good people on BG, so you have my respect too. 😉 Plus I always read your comments and they’re always spot on.

    3. @Judge feel better now sugar 😉 I’m actually glad I missed it to I was not in the best of moods that day and I don’t like it when someone acts like a sheltered, privileged, snob and expects everyone to kiss ass to. But I also don’t like to get worked up if I can’t end what I say with a fist to be the punctuation.

      1. @Am0ur

        Haha, me neither but I normally can’t help myself. You have probably seen pages and pages of me arguing with idiots on here when really I just should of moved on. It’s a character flaw some would say? But I’d say fuck you to those people and end up in an argument LOL the irony…

  5. Are they deaf or just plain stupid? They must love the sound of car horns, for fuck sakes… And what the fuck are they shooting for? Supressive fire doesnt do shit if the enemy is retreating or in the defensive, i bet they dont even see the fucking targets.

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