Thai Gangster Shot to Death

Thai Gangster Shot to Death

At around 1pm on January 2, 2013 residents of Ban Tako Don Muang district in Ratchaburi, Thailand had their attention attracted by two cars screeching down the road. Soon they heard two gun shots after which a white Toyota SUV flew at high speed through one person’s front yard and landed overturned on a side of the road.

Inside the Toyota was a corpse of 32 year old Thai gangster and known contract killer with a gunshot in the head. You can tell that he wasn’t doing too bad killing people by all the gold he decorated himself with. Funny thing is that this was likely a case of a killer for hire murdered by a killer for hire.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I’d like to find a ranch on the Texas border, set up camp, shoot a few dirty Mexicans with a load of pot, take the bags and skip town back to the mountains of upstate NY.
    Take from the cartels, give to myself, everybody’s happy.

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