Thai Police Say German Tourist Committed Suicide Over Lost Passport

Thai Police Say German Tourist Committed Suicide Over Lost Passport

LULWAT? Can Thai police get any more obvious with fake reports on foreigners murdered in Pattaya by their gang of thugs?

A few days before his alleged suicide, this German tourists named Christian went to the police to file a lost passport report (you can see the report in one of the photos). Later he died the same way thousands of foreigners die in Pattaya each year – by falling to his death from a highrise – so to brush stupid leftists and investigative journalists off, police determined that loss of passport made him so depressed he decided to commit suicide.

I know to your average brain-bleached leftist this sounds logical, but they are the ones who can’t see the forest for the trees and think Thais are friendly. As a matter of fact, if this German tourist was a Zio brainwashed leftist too, his passport was likely stolen but being a leftist, he assumed he lost it. Leftists are really this dumb, which is why those few that return from Thailand alive continue to spread misinformation about friendly Thais and good time they allegedly had.

The reason being – they’re too dumb to recognize thieves and scammers even if they announced themselves with a fucking billboard above their heads. And if you witnessed them getting scammed and told them – dude, this Thai just ripped you off – they’d jump down your throat and chastise you to no end for being a racist bigot who calls that friendly Thai a scammer. An exchange between me and a dumb leftist in Thailand would typically go something like this:

Dumb Leftist: Dude, I just lost my $1,000 camera. I forgot it on the table in the restaurant where we stopped for lunch. This friendly local came to have a chat with us. He was so friendly and helpful. But I got so caught up talking with him, when we left, I must have left my camera on the table. I returned back as soon as we were outside the door but it was already gone. Waiter said he didn’t see anything.

Me: I think that “friendly local” saw the camera and came to chat with you to lower your guards, draw your attention away from it and have his cronies steal it.

Dumb Leftist: You’re a nazi, homophobic, racist, bigot, sexist, misogynist, anti-semite!

Mr. Christian lived in a 5 storey hotel so his fall wasn’t very long. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Makes you wonder if the reason why he was taken to the hospital was so they could finish him off in case the 5 storey fall did not kill him. Fucking crooks the lot of them. And as vacationers continue being thrown to their deaths day after day in Thailand, leftists continue telling us Thailand is a safe vacation destination.

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45 thoughts on “Thai Police Say German Tourist Committed Suicide Over Lost Passport”

  1. “I’m Emma Watson’s husband, and I’m now in Thailand. I’m now so depressed, I don’t want to live anymore. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…Thank you all my so friendly thais new friends!…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”…Splat.

  2. OK all you Best Gore freaks…..lets all mob to Thailand and cut off every single one of their index POINTING dumb fuk fingers. Please. Its rather annoying. Without getting murdered. Which in Thai means “commiting suicide” apparently.

    1. It’s actually really easy to see why people go. Pattaya itself, is a gorgeously stunning place, and a great seaside resort littered with artwork, amazing looking hotels decorated with fountains and lights and high quality spas. They have a wide range of culture and cuisine that’s pretty great. And a wide array of attractions such as the Alcazar Show, underwater world aquarium, zoos and prettily lit towns full of night life, bars, clubs, lounges etc. Also girls, lots and lots of cute girls, the place is full of strip clubs, seriously, do a quick google image search of pattaya and 90% of the photos are strippers. Pattaya on it’s own is an amazing place, however the law enforcement, gangs and poverty stricken areas around it make it so dangerous. You’re basically taking a gamble with your life if you want to see it all, which is unfortunate, as it’s a place I’d like to see but to me, the sights just aren’t worth dying for.

    1. Thanks for that, interesting read. How convenient, must have slipped their minds. So, if you don’t believe the “official” story, that he killed himself over a lost passport (and who does?) then, wait a minute, it was probably over that long stretch he was looking at in a Thai prison for drugs. Yeah, that must have been why he did it, right?

  3. For people who don’t live in fear Thailand is an amazingly cheap holiday . I have been 3 times . I can honesty say I have never had any trouble with the locals . But I suppose it’s all about knowing where to avoid . Also I have never stayed in a high rise because I’m normaly in a hut on a beech .. In a boy

  4. Nobody spends money to go on vacation to commit suicide. Exception is Switzerland. Which begs the question if you can kill yourself legally, peacefully, with a doctors help next door to your country why travel to that armpit of earth and choose a painful way ?

    You don’t hear about tourists jumping off buildings in a single other country. A lost passport is the most absurd reason for suicide and I can’t believe these people get away with this.

    1. wrong, an young british lady named Olivia Crowther travelled all the way from London to San Francisco just to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge to her death, a few years ago. That’s not what can be called an “impulsive suicide” ! I wonder what was in her mind during the plane travel, knowing what she was planning to do

      1. Well I understand that. It’s like that forest in Japan where people go to commit suicide. Golden Gate Bridge is the most popular bridge to use for a suicide. But some random shitty hostel in Thailand? I could buy one or two but it happens at least every week, that we know about.

    1. Maybe, he may have known, if he played his cards right, he would get killed somehow while he was there.

      He didn’t know how it would happen but was so sure it would, he probably had no return ticket.

      His death may have been “surprise”!

  5. My co-worker and his wife are over in Thailand now and I reminded him to wear flip-flops and don’t cary a wallet. He emailed a few days ago saying they made ok, but haven’t heard from them since.

  6. I’ve learned about Thailand on BG. I always figured it could be dangerous but had no idea how bad. Not that I had any reason or desire to travel there but seems like it is somewhat popular and guess I understood the sex-vacation thing.

    You will not catch me there or in Mexico or Brazil now even if I had wanted to go.

    Friends of mine enjoyed Thailand in the 60s and 70s but were walking around with M16s and other weapons. Lol

  7. Oh Thailand, you still think you can hide the fact that you are the WORST country to go as tourist in. The only reason people don’t freak the fuck out is that most of the guys that go there go to fuck children, so nobody cries for them if they die.

    I would rather go to Iraq for Holiday.

  8. It’s funny because I am in the US military and they send us to Pattya all the time when we go to Thailand to train with the Thai military. We go there for libbo and all you see is everyone trying to make a quick buck. We are supposed to be going back to Thailand too. Hopefully we see nothing like this

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